the Orion module deployed as planned after a successful rocket liftoff

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08:14 : About 1h30 after the launch of the Artemis mission rocket, a final push from the upper stage should put the Orion capsule on its way to the Moon. He will join in a few days. The module then orbits the Moon without landing there. It must have been around him for about a week. This Artemis 1 mission should last a little over 25 days.

08:01 : #Artemis1 🚀 ✅Shutting down the engine ✅Separating the top floor Everything happened nominally!21/..

08:01 : Eight minutes after takeoff, the main stage separated as planned to fall back into the Pacific Ocean.

07:57 : Just after the takeoff of the giant rocket on the Artemis mission, the two boosters separated for good. So far, everything is going according to plan.

07:54 : Here are pictures of the Artemis mission rocket launch, in the direction of the Moon:


07:49 : The giant Artemis mission rocket has successfully flown to the Moon!

07:48 : The takeoff of the giant rocket of the Artemis mission is an important step, because it should mark the validation of the launcher and the Orion module where the astronauts will have to travel for several years to the Moon. The Artemis mission ultimately aims to install a manned base on the surface of Earth’s natural satellite.

07:42 : Hello, you can follow the takeoff of the giant rocket of the Artemis mission with us directly. Takeoff is scheduled in five minutes!

07:42 : Hello FI A link for live launching? Good day!

07:41 : The planned hold is over, and we’re “going” for the launch! We’re only 10 minutes away from #Artemis I liftoff! TUNE IN NOW:

07:40 : Artemis is about to take off. It is scheduled for 7:47 am Paris time!

07:29 : NASA’s Nail also said that “a rough calculation” of the work remaining indicates a “no earlier than 1:45 am ET” launch, but there is no new T-0 time yet.

07:37 : The takeoff of Artemis should not happen before 7:45 am, Paris time, warns NASA, because of the preparations that are still underway.

06:54 : We are at our planned holding of T-10 minutes. Currently, the upper stage of liquid hydrogen is 78% saturated. The core stage is full – liquid hydrogen and liquid oxygen are 100% full. The ethernet switch was replaced and verified.

06:53 : NASA will issue a new T-0 time “once the launch team is able to determine how much work remains.” opening.

06:52 : The takeoff of the giant rocket of the Artemis mission, this morning from Florida, remains scheduled from 7:04 Paris time, with a possible launch window of two hours. So it can happen until 9:04 am. Preparations for takeoff were interrupted in recent hours by a fuel leak, which was eventually fixed.

06:18 : 6 hours, let’s start with the first news point:

A missile, “Probably Russian made” According to Warsaw, it hit Polish territory six kilometers from the Ukrainian border yesterday, killing two people. “It makes sense that we approach the question with the utmost caution”, reaction this morning the Elysée. “Many countries have the same type of weapons and therefore identifying the type of missile does not necessarily identify the actor that executed it”. Russia has denied any missile fire at Poland.

Fired in Moscow “about” 100 missiles over Ukraine yesterday, hitting some critical energy infrastructure in different regions, and causing at least one death. About 10 million homes in Ukraine are without electricity. Here’s what to remember from the day.

Former Republican President Donald Trump announced his candidacy for the presidential election in 2024. The latter made this announcement to loud applause from activists, who gathered in the reception room of his luxurious Mar-a-Lago residence. -anan, in Florida.

After several postponements, the giant Artemis mission rocket is finally set to take off for the Moon this morning, from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. Follow our live.

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