If you’re cracking up this Wednesday, here are 5 nuggets to choose from 😱

In France, Black Friday lasts almost a whole month. This Wednesday, we found the best offers available for you. Apart from Amazon, many other merchants have already released their special offers for the operation.

Black Friday starts early and dynamically with Amazon, Cdiscount and Darty. This year, the sites started the top offers to facilitate purchases for the French. We’ve compiled a list below with the best deals for Wednesday. You can also go to e-commerce sites to find out all the offers available.

This year, Black Friday starts on November 18 at Amazon and other cyber-merchants such as Fnac and Darty. Without this date, everyone is fully involved in this operation with discounts that are always high. If not, remember that this special operation is held until next Monday, November 28, 2022. After this date, you will no longer be able to find relevant offers before Christmas.

Who will participate in this Black Friday 2022?

Black Friday came to France a few years ago. Even Amazon imported this concept live from the United States to announce this event in France. An immediate success, the operation also contributed to the businessman’s popularity with the general public in France. Since then, he has re-established himself as one of the behemoths of the event to the extent that some believe that the latter only happens on his website.

If Amazon is one of the leaders of Black Friday, it will not be the only one to activate for this operation. Thus, we can also bet on the presence of endless French counterparts, especially Cdiscount, Fnac, Darty or Boulanger. All bets at this time show prices accompanied by reductions that can easily reach -40% or -50%. This Wednesday, there are deals to be had everywhere.

On the other hand, some brands exist in their own right with merchants like Amazon and others. This year, many software publishers have opened discounts on their security solutions, such as Bitdefender and Intego antiviruses. NordVPN and CyberGhost VPN can’t be beat with an excellent discount on their VPN that allows you to travel almost anywhere in the world.

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What are the featured offers?

During Black Friday, high-tech is always a privileged target of Cdiscount, Amazon and others. In fact, it is easy to buy such products on the internet, without trying them. This is why many people take advantage of the month of November to find a phone, computer, audio headset, TV, vacuum cleaner, voice assistant or headphones. In terms of value for money, you can’t ask for better.

In fact, Amazon and others are pulling out all the stops. Black Friday is a great time to do business with big brands. In fact, you will find nuggets, even if they are signed by big names or if they are bestsellers, even if there is no reduction in price. November is the only month of the year where prices can fall to this level.

When it comes to tech, it’s not the only category of products with exclusive and unprecedented prices. Our selection is logically focused on this sector, but you can also find discount prices on sport, health, culture, video games, fashion, decoration, furniture and many other popular themes. If you want to change your washing machine or furnish a new apartment, this is a golden opportunity that happens once a year.

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Doing business during this operation

To make the most of Black Friday, you need to be proactive. In fact, this activity focuses mainly on online flash sales. As the references concerned are very popular or very premium, the number of units for each item remains limited to a relatively low stock. If you see a reference you like, it’s better to go quickly so you don’t miss it.

The best price is shown immediately on Black Friday, there is no subsequent markdown like during sales for example because it is not a destocking operation. If you miss an offer, it will never come back in stock with such a good price at the end of the Amazon event.

During Black Friday, all merchants such as Amazon and others must accept a minimum withdrawal period. Compulsory in France, it allows the public to return their order if they don’t like it. This safety net is everywhere on the net, it gives you the opportunity to return something without payment or proof that the product will be fully returned afterwards.

Amazon is more than any other retailer for Black Friday. Like every year, it extends the withdrawal period, which is usually 30 days, until January 31, 2023. So you have more than 2 months to determine whether the item you ordered suits you or not, which is an advantage. In fact, this heavy e-commerce is fully aware that many users take advantage of this period to make their Christmas gifts, because the activity allows them to save money and start with start During this long period, your loved ones may change their mind after the holiday season.

If you want to do business on Black Friday, here it is:

Find out about Amazon’s offers

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