Hogwarts Legacy: “quite empty”… Are the concerns for the Harry Potter game justified?

Game news Hogwarts Legacy: “quite empty”… Are the concerns for the Harry Potter game justified?

While we’re enjoying a little holiday, Hogwarts Legacy invited itself to the party by offering us 45 minutes of new gameplay. In the program: discovering the customization tool, walking around Hogwarts and introducing the basics of the combat system. A rich and reassuring presentation on some points, but nevertheless raised new concerns…

A presentation of the gameplay while we are doing more

Announced the day before for the next day, this presentation of the game for Hogwarts Legacy: Hogwarts Legacy has been as long as it is rich. We discover the character creation tool, go through the detailed corridors of Hogwarts and learn the basics of magical combat. The whole thing is hosted by Chandler Wood (Community Manager) which welcomed two members of the development team but also James Whitehead, member of the duo of Youtubers XpectoGO. An interesting proposal, because it allows someone who is not part of the team working on the game to discover it with us and ask their own questions. This diagram allows the presentation to gain consistency and interest. So most viewers said they were satisfied with the presentation, both in form and content.

Hogwarts Legacy:

Also, what Avalanche Software offers us is pretty solid. The customization tool proved to be comprehensive and the castle was highly detailed and pleasing to the eye. But above all the combat system is expected in turn and it seems to reassure the doubters. In Hogwarts Legacy, you don’t just spam a key. The latency times, the enemy defense system and the choreography of the fights will push you to switch from one spell to another strategically. If you like it, you can find more details about this point and more in our latest we examine the Hogwarts Legacy.

What is positive about this presentation? Well not really. Because if he succeeds in effectively eliminating some concerns, it is immediately replaced by news for many viewers. Or rather a question in particular: as beautiful, isn’t Hogwarts castle pretty empty for a game?

Beautiful but empty?

If some are amazed to discover the corridors of Hogwarts, others, like GaGzZz, ponders some rather worrisome points. So the Lead Systems Designer of WolfEye Studios (Weird West) and youtuber in his free time released a video titled. FEAR for the HOGWARTS LEGACY… 🧙‍♂️😨”. Later, he shared his concerns about the game, concerns shared by many players including Think and Kaname who reacted to this gameplay showcase on JV’s Youtube channel. No need to beat around the bush for hours: this gameplay presentation reveals a game that is unfortunately quite empty.

Hogwarts Legacy:

We can’t honestly say that Hogwarts exudes the joy of living, on the contrary. NPCs remain relatively static, standing or sitting chatting. There were no dynamic events on the horizon or even activities for his students who still seemed bored in the halls of the sorcery school. During these 45 minutes, no animation is out of the ordinary, except for the appearance of the mischievous Peeves. Does this mean that our behavior will also be boring? Nothing is too uncertain…

Especially since the developers taught us that activities like bavboules and wizard-style chess will not be part of the game. Add to that the fact that there is no quidditch to play and there is very little you can do between classes. So what are we left with? Of those collectibles, Hogwarts secrets, duels, training and quests. And that’s where the shoe pinches… Again, it lacks life. NPCs who deliver quests to us are planted in the middle of a corridor or a courtyard, without even bothering us or giving us a sign. You don’t really want to talk to them, especially since the sequel isn’t dynamic either.

Hogwarts Legacy:

The gameplay during the dialogues unfortunately ruins the immersion. Static faces, camera shots, missing background music… There are enough giggles and unfortunately it doesn’t stop there. The quests introduced during the presentation felt like less exciting Fedex quests and were often introduced in the same way (no dynamic events to report yet).

Add to that the lack of soundscape (discussions, footsteps, etc.) in the corridors or the lack of inventiveness in the quests and other animations and there is something to begin to wonder if Avalanche Software has broad enough shoulders to host such an ambitious project. To tell the truth, the question has been bothering our minds since March of the article Hogwarts Legacy: A magic trick too good to be true?. Later, we return to detail the prize list of the studio Avalanche Software, which has reason to worry because of the titanic ambitions advanced for the Harry Potter title. But in the past, we insisted on the great advantage of this team that certainly has no experience in big AAA but is driven by a true love for the Harry Potter universe.

Hogwarts Legacy:

Is Hogwarts enough on its own?

The least we can say is that this presentation is legitimately cause for concern. And yet, in general, great satisfaction emerges and opinions are overwhelmingly positive, as we have seen. But why? Personally, I’m worried and excited. And if the first feeling does not precede the second, it is for a simple reason: I am a big fan of the Harry Potter universe. And I’m not the only one. Unsurprisingly, Hogwarts Legacy has benefited greatly from the enthusiasm of fans of the saga, even those who are not regular players. This is shown through the difficulty modes, which are clearly designed to allow all types of players to enjoy the experience, but also through the responses of the developers present during the presentation.

Hogwarts Legacy:

During the gameplay showcase, in question “What aspect of the game would you most like the fans to experience?” the answer is the same for all: proper Hogwarts and its surroundings. Exploring the castle and re-reading the books afterwards to have a more personal relationship with these places and this lore, that will add value to the game for the developers. than Hogwarts Legacy.

Hogwarts Legacy:

When Hogwarts Legacy gets scary, it’s when you take away the magical effect of the universe it’s passed down. And at this level, the work as we expected is great, especially in terms of sets. It would be useless if Boston Madsen, artist who mainly shaped the castle of Hogwarts Legacy, was in this presentation. The reconstruction of Hogwarts and its surroundings is as detailed and varied as it is successful, and the studio intends to promote it as the main property of the game. Is that enough to make you forget the rest? It all depends on your expectations.

But note that if, for you, the magic of the Harry Potter universe is not enough to entertain you, you should not be completely pessimistic. We only saw a small part of the game that promises to be full. So it cannot be judged as representative of the entire gaming experience. One can imagine that the main or companion quests are better handled and more dynamic. Furthermore, the presented version is an improved version. If no major changes are made given the few months left by the developers, small improvements or corrections can be made and thus alleviate the bitter impression described above. .. at least we hope so.

Hogwarts Legacy:

And you? What was your opinion after the Hogwarts Legacy game presentation?

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