EcoFlow portable power stations are at a reduced price for Black Friday (-300 €)

To address today’s energy issues, you can rely on EcoFlow and its revolutionary charging solutions. We explain to you!

As we slowly but surely enter winter, we consume a lot of energy during this time. Don’t risk running dry, EcoFlow’s electric charging stations are there for you. To charge your smartphone, your hybrid car or even your game console, DELTA and DELTA Max are available. On the occasion of Black Friday, the brand offers immediate discounts of up to 300 euros on its official website. This is for sure: it would be a shame not to take advantage of it. Let’s stock together!

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EcoFlow DELTA: the safe bet

Today, EcoFlow DELTA is the ultimate benchmark for portable power stations. It allows you to use all your devices, wherever you are. At any moment. EcoFlow DELTA is a real battery-powered generator that gives you incredible power. Your tech products will be happy! Smartphone, TV or even computer, you can rely on this portable power station. Compared to what is already on the market, the EcoFlow DELTA stands out with its exceptional loading speed. You can go from 0 to 80% in less than an hour.

How to take advantage of it? You see, it’s very simple. You must first charge your EcoFlow DELTA. To do this, simply plug it into a wall outlet or solar panel. With a large 1.2 kWh capacity, you’re ready for hours of backup power. Power of failure ? You don’t even have to worry!

If you have the soul of a handyman (Sunday or not!), know that the EcoFlow DELTA follows you in your garden to use your many DIY tools, up to 1800W. With such power, you can use up to 11 devices simultaneously! With a classic plug, of course, but also via USB. In short, this power station is very complete and above all, it is the most powerful model of this size on the market.

To save electricity with your EcoFlow DELTA, you can go further with the solar panels that can recharge this power station. With EcoFlow panels, you can enjoy a full charge in just four hours. When you’re on the move, you can plug it into your car’s dock to charge it on the go.

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You see, to try EcoFlow DELTA is to adopt it. Emergencies, power outages, unplanned trips, the DELTA station is by your side for all occasions. Currently, on the occasion of Black Friday, this nugget is shown for 1199 euros instead of 1449 euros. And if you want to take advantage and kill two birds with one stone, the kit including EcoFlow DELTA and 160W solar panel drops to 1548 euros instead of 1848 euros.

EcoFlow DELTA Max: maximum strength

If you need more power and want to go further, EcoFlow offers the powerful DELTA Max station. With him, we never laughed anymore. With a 1600 Wh model and a second 2000 Wh, it can reach up to 6 kWh thanks to additional smart batteries. So your home will stay powered in an emergency, no matter the situation. With such a juggernaut, you can literally use large appliances like your refrigerator or clothes dryer.

With the boosted power, you can enjoy fast double charging. You can choose to recharge from 0 to 80% in one hour or get a fast charge up to 3600 W by combining AC charging and the EcoFlow Smart Generator. With EcoFlow, you don’t have to worry about blackouts or power outages. This is always a good thing.

Currently, the EcoFlow DELTA Max (1600 Wh) is shown at 1599 euros instead of 1799 euros while its 2000 Wh version costs 2099 euros instead of 2299 euros. Note that EcoFlow also offers kits with solar panels to save money. The latter benefits from a discount of 250 euros.

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