Four XXL televisions to bring the round ball to the skylight

The whistle blows for the World Cup that will take place from November 20 to December 18. Traditionally the excuse for changing a screen, major sporting events allow manufacturers to put their best ” players” in the field. They need it. Since Covid, television sales have decreased: minus 15% in volume since the beginning of the year. Clarifications: if the French are increasingly equipping themselves during the confinements, the financial concerns of the current period due to inflation and the increase in energy prices legitimately put them in a waiting-and -see behavior.

OLED (but more expensive) for high contrast images; Basic LED LCDs (cheaper), QLED (higher brightness LCDs); and more or less adapted to video games, there is a choice of shelves. As the World Cup approaches, the editorial staff of “20 Minutes” wants to give you some shopping tips, its good plans, by offering you a selection of 4K televisions (3840 x 2160 pixels ) in 48, 55, 65 and 75. inches , to enjoy matches in the XXL version. And beware, the biggest is not necessarily the most expensive. If they are included in this selection, it is because their quality, their performance/price ratio, or even their large image size/price ratio caught our attention.

Panasonic 48LZ1500: a 48-inch screen that is definitely compact but has amazing images

With its 48LZ1500 OLED TV, Panasonic offers a TV whose size (48”, or 121 cm) allows it to adapt to most interiors: living room, bedroom, office. 4K 120 Hz, HDR10 + and Dolby Vision, its colors are calibrated for a translation that is as faithful as possible to cinema films. Along with this, the sports activities also get the differences. In addition, the device is compatible with ALLM (Auto Low Latency Mode) and automatically adapts to video games when a console is connected to it. Bonus for noisy football nights: you can connect up to two Bluetooth headphones! 1,490 euros.

Panasonic’s TX-48LZ1500E OLED TV. -Panasonic

Our opinion: Panasonic has completely mastered the image quality of its televisions and this model stands out. Its compatibility with all formats (HDR10/HDR10 + for Prime Video; Dolby Vision for Netflix; HDR10, Dolby Vision, for Disney+; and HLG for TNT) won us over and made it universal. At the same time, it has a rather muscular sound of 2 x 15 watts, compatible with Dolby Atmos.

Sony XR55A75K: a 55 inch with perfect images that increases the sound

An important reference in the world of televisions, Sony offers the XR55A75K a cutting edge screen for great entertainment. OLED, equipped with Cognitive Processor XR (a chipsets which, thanks to artificial intelligence, optimizes the quality of the image where the eye looks), this 55” (139 cm) can be without a sound bar. Acoustic Surface Audio technology developed by Sony transforms the screen into a loudspeaker by broadcasting high and medium audio signals directly through the screen. On arrival, a power of 4 x 10 watts. 1,690 euros.

Ang XR55A75K OLED TV, gikan sa Sony<br />” width=”648″/><figcaption>Sony’s XR55A75K OLED TV<br />-Sony</figcaption></figure>
<p><strong>Our opinion: </strong>Sony knows music.  And the picture too.  Among the models that offer one of the best price-performance ratios on the market, this Google TV 4K 120 Hz (good for following a smooth round ball on the screen!) is also optimized for those video game, and offers perfect compatibility with the PlayStation 5 . It justifiably imposes itself on our choice by its high overall quality.  Going upmarket, the XR-55A95K, which is QD-OLED, offers a brighter image than its younger brother, which is only OLED.  But it is very expensive: 2,790 euros.</p>
<h2>The One 8807 from Philips, a 65-inch simple LCD, but no compromise</h2>
<p>With its “The One” series, which was launched a few years ago, Philips offers a winning recipe thanks to the excellent production of televisions, without fuss, but which takes advantage of the knowledge of the manufacturer.  Knowledge ahead where is the P5 processor on board The One 8807. Recognized as one of the best on the market, this processor is the guarantee of high flight and more fluid images.  Nice to see for <em>play</em>with its 120 Hz panel and HDMI 2.1 socket, this excellent 65” (165 cm) model with a sound power of 20 Watts is also HDR10 + and Dolby Vision. <em>1,099 euros.</em></p>
<figure role=Ang One 8807 LCD telebisyon, gikan sa Philips.<br />” width=”648″/><figcaption>Philips The One 8807 LCD TV.<br />– PHILIPS/TP VISION</figcaption></figure>
<p><strong>Our opinion:</strong> Although it is only LCD LED (which explains the included price), this television has everything to like.  It should be added to the good condition of the service the Ambilight function that backlights the screen on three sides.  In our eyes, this function is a plus for immersing yourself in the atmosphere of the stadiums, if you put the television in front of a white wall.  Another asset, in our opinion, is the “Game Bar”, an interface dedicated to gaming, which allows easy access to image and sound settings even in the middle of a game.</p>
<h2>75C635 from TCL: a 75-inch with limited performance, but quality given its tight price</h2>
<p>Offering a very large image (75”, ie 1.90 m diagonal) at a tight price, the TCL 75C635 television does not complain about the quality of its 4K panel, which is QLED.  Compatible with HDR10 + and Dolby Atmos, this is a Google TV whose customizable interface offers direct access to the main platforms of <em>streaming</em>.  It is equipped with Onkyo speakers (2 x 15 watts), three HDMI sockets (including one eArc) and two USB sockets (2.0 + 3.0).  Its adjustable feet allow it to accommodate a sound bar. <em>999 euros.</em></p>
<figure role=The 75C635 QLED TV, from TCL.
The 75C635 QLED TV, from TCL. -TCL

Our opinion: The QLED name of this television hides an LCD screen based on Quantum Dots (or quantum dots) that offers a more active colorimetric spectrum. Nothing to do with OLED! Attention, corresponding to the tight price of the device is the native refresh rate of 50 Hz (50 frames per second). If it can optimize its frequency up to 120 Hz for video games, it is not the ideal model gamers sensible. There remains a very large product, certainly not the best at 75 inches, but it allows you to have fun without having to put a consumer credit on your back.

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