The 10 Worst Fruits of the Devil!

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The main strength of Woshu Woshu no Mi Devil Fruit is that it allows Tsuru to “wash and dry” people and things like clothes. This shows that its victims cannot defend themselves or move. According to Oda, “Villains who have dried up again have a little pure heart; their evil heart becomes weaker, so it is a dangerous ability against pirates”.
The fact that Doflamingo is afraid of Tsuru speaks volumes about the power of his powers.



Like other Paramecia fruits, the Bisu Bisu no Mi allows the user to conjure a near infinite amount of a single substance: in this case, cookie material. This substance can be manipulated in many ways, with the user being able to mold the cookies into extremely realistic looking and moving human figures, as well as weapons, usually by crushing their cookies into in fine crumbs. whatever he wants. As Cracker shows, the user can even manipulate said humanoid figures from the inside and complete them, for example by adding extra arms. Biscuits are, or can be, as tough as hardtack and, especially when enhanced with Busoshoku Haki, can serve as a very durable armor/shield.
Bisu Bisu no Mi is one of the most defensive Devil Fruits we’ve seen.



This Suna Suna no Mi allows its user to create, control, and transform into multiple sands. Once transformed into their element, the user can allow normal physical attacks and non-sand projectiles to pass through their body to avoid injury or flight by transforming their lower body into a flowing sand jets, which give him a clear defense and mobility advantage during combat or pursuit. Sand also becomes the user’s primary form of attack, manifesting as sand blades and damaging sand storms.
In addition to elemental control, the fruit has the unique ability to absorb liquid, allowing the user to dehydrate anything they come into contact with and even extend this effect to their immediate surroundings, making it which is deserted. . It is one of the few types of Logia fruit that naturally resists its own weakness, becoming stronger in desert areas, where there is almost no water.


Emporio Ivankov

Horu Horu no Mi is a Paramecia-type Devil Fruit that gives its user the ability to create and control special hormones that affect anyone they strike, in any way the user wishes, making him the Human that controls hormones. Emporio Ivankov ate him.
The main strength of this fruit, as shown by Iva, is the production and manipulation of special hormones. These hormones can manipulate various aspects of a person such as gender, body temperature, pigmentation, growth, and even emotional state. Hormones can also be used to increase a person’s fighting ability by healing them and giving them strength. By turning four of their fingers into syringes and stabbing a person, the user can inject these hormones and change the person at the genetic level to become anything they want. This process can also be used by the user himself to help him.


my hobby is my hobby

The main strength of Hobi Hobi no Mi’s power is that it allows the user to turn other people or animals into toys by touching them, while erasing people’s memories of their existence.
The memory-wiping effect is immediate, because even the spectators who directly witnessed the transformation quickly forget the existence of the victims, believing that the toys suddenly appeared. No matter how famous the victim is or how close you are to other people, the victim will be completely forgotten by everyone. Toys can still remember their own identity, but they cannot remember other people who have become toys.
By making a person a toy, the user can create a contract with the victims, obliging them to follow any orders given at that time, against their will. Because the victims are completely forgotten, it is easier to enslave them because no one remembers them and tries to save them.
Another effect of this fruit is to stop the aging process of its user when eating it, thus giving them eternal youth.


Mihawk's baggy cut

The main strength of Bara Bara no Mi, as shown by Baggy, is that the user becomes permanently immune to damage from being cut or hit in any way, vertical, horizontal, or otherwise. Instead of being injured or even killed by such attacks, the user’s body is simply dismembered. In this state, the user is still alive and can control their dismembered body, even if the hit is filled with Haki, the user will just separate and be able to rejoin their parts afterwards, thus it doesn’t matter if it is a normal hit or Haki hit, it is useless against this fruit user. They can manipulate broken pieces to fit together or perform unique attacks. In the anime, Buggy even showed that he was able to regenerate himself like a Logia after being literally torn to thin pieces by Dracule Mihawk!
Bara allows the user to divide their body by themselves without having to be sliced ​​by others. This is a useful ability during combat, as it allows the user to attack through attempts to block the enemy or avoid any incoming movement, as long as they see it coming of course.


no no no no mi

The main strength of Noro Noro no Mi, as shown by Foxy, is that it gives its user the ability to generate and emit beams of Noroma photons that they can use to slow down anything within thirty seconds. . During this time, the user can do anything to the slow object. If a person is hit by these beams and takes multiple hits while slowed down, the kinetic force of the hits they received will be released at once when they regain their normal speed, creating more damaging hits. – attack.
It’s a crazy power that, in the hands of someone more skilled, would probably put it at the top of the series.



The main strength of this fruit, as shown by Nico Robin, is its ability to grow many parts of the body on any surface, including the body of the user, without harming them, and then manipulate on remote parts of the body, as if it were an extension of the user’s original arms. As the user is the only one who knows where their branches will grow, there is almost always an element of surprise on their side which, added to the long range of the fruit and almost instantaneous speed of branch growth, makes Robin the a threat in combat, to the point that his enemies find themselves in a very compromised position if they don’t have enough strength or ability to resist or avoid his many summoned arms.
After the time jump, Robin’s ability to duplicate grew to the point where he could spew out up to a thousand body parts at once, fusing them into giant limbs. He also developed the ability to create a complete clone of himself.
We believe that with the power of his Devil Fruit, Nico Robin has the potential to become one of the strongest characters in the series. Can you imagine Zoro having the power of Hana Hana no Mi? He is unstoppable!


boa hancock

The main strength of Mero Mero no Mi, as shown by Boa Hancock, is that the user is able to turn into stone, to varying degrees, those who desire or love him, using their “dirty mind”. . Victims who have been completely turned to stone are vulnerable to physical damage unless the user harms them. Petification can also be achieved by physically hitting an opponent, although the only area turned into stone is the affected area, not the entire body. Power also extends to non-living things, including Pacifistas.
Hancock’s Devil Fruit is, without a doubt, a powerful and humble fruit.


kurozumi seminaru

The ability given by this fruit is to connect physical barriers – invisible or transparent, similar to glass panes – that the user can reach by crossing their fingers. It protects the user against attacks from the front or from behind. The barriers have great defensive power, which can defend even a fisherman’s punch that can crush 4000 tiles, hurting that fisherman’s hand. They were also able to defend themselves against Hakuba’s attacks and the shockwave created by King Elizabeth II’s punch, which would have destroyed the entire fortress.
Kurozumi Semimaru proved that the barrier could also withstand an extremely powerful saber slash from Kozuki Oden, whose swordsmanship could cut the massive Mountain God in half and even damage the nearly invincible Kaido!
In addition, the shield can also be used for offensive purposes by throwing it forward to generate a powerful force that can hit targets.

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