as of this monday morning, amazon lowered the prices ⚡️

This week marks the start of Black Friday. Amazon, Fnac, Cdiscount or Darty are in the running. Some offers are already online, we will arrange for this Monday.

In France, Black Friday is not just limited to the last Friday of the month. Merchant platforms spread this operation over time to allow everyone to save money. Generally, Black Friday is held for 2 to 3 weeks. Several players have already revealed offers for this event.

Below, you have a link to discover Amazon’s flash sales before Black Friday. Ahead of this page we’ve put together a small list with great deals for this Monday. They will be updated over time to show you nuggets not to be missed.

Check out Amazon’s offers

Black Friday was historically an American operation that was later expanded internationally by Amazon. The latter is none other than the leading e-merchant in France with a market share twice that of Cdiscount. Behind this entrepreneur from Bordeaux, we find the Fnac Darty group. All these actors participated in the Black Friday week.

In recent years, general e-merchants are no longer the only ones playing Black Friday. Live brands offer discounts through their official store. This is the case of many software publishers such as the world leader in antivirus Bitdefender, the VPN champion, NordVPN, or Intego. Online banking and Boursorama Banque are also in development.

Everything goes into Black Friday

While sales and French Days lose popularity every year, Black Friday continues to grow. It must be said that it happens at a strategic moment of the year: a few weeks before Christmas, the French make their presents. So this is a great way to save 30 to 50% on your shopping cart. Sometimes it can reach -80% on some less popular brands.

Amazon’s Black Friday officially runs from Friday, November 18 to 28, 2022. As such, the merchant platform runs flash sales every day in the month of November. Other e-commerce players are also active, such as the ogres AliExpress and Cdiscount, which hit hard for Single Day. It ended on Saturday. This Monday is the starting signal for Black Friday offers.

Why is Black Friday overtaking sales? Amazon and its counterparts make it a longer event. It is not destocking and selling at a loss like during sales, but rather offering premium products. True, the discount percentages are lower, but this is related to products that are trendy and sell well.

During an operation like Black Friday, we can expect discounts on products such as new iPhones, sometimes high-end computers, consoles or even electronic devices from the biggest brands. It is not just limited to computers and electronics. There are offers in all product categories, from cooking to DIY and culture.

This is exactly what makes Black Friday popular on Amazon and elsewhere. Everyone can find gifts to treat themselves, or to congratulate. However, there is not an unlimited number of them, so you have to hurry to make deals. For example Amazon gives you 30 days to change your mind and return your purchases.

Check out Amazon’s offers

Amazon is pushing this operation to France

In France, Black Friday has established itself as an unforgettable event. This operation takes place in physical stores and on the internet. In addition, most of the turnover is done in physical stores and not on the web. However, Amazon is still associated with this operation. He contributed greatly to his success in France.

If Black Friday is the biggest commercial event in France, Amazon has since invented its own operation: Prime Day. The latter is more important in terms of income and it happens during July. That being said, the cake is bigger if we consider all the e-commerce players. Cdiscount and Fnac Darty have every intention of placing themselves in this operation.

Officially, Black Friday takes place on November 25. Amazon started it on November 18, however, and it will continue its offers for 10 days. That being said, this Monday morning, it has started a new phase with flash sales on many popular products. So we advise you to visit the site to find out the latest news and get an idea of ​​the savings that can be made. In our selection above, there are other offers from other partners that are already active on Black Friday.

To see the Black Friday deals, they happen here:

Check out Amazon’s offers

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