This is why I finally decided to install a VPN

News hardware This is why I finally decided to install a VPN

Having a VPN is becoming more and more common. Whether on your smartphone or your PC, it is now common to see colleagues, friends or even family with this type of functionality. I finally got into it and I’ll give you my opinion.

So, to tell you the truth, everyone around me keeps talking to me about VPN and extolling the merits of this new system. But, at first, I was not convinced. However, when it came to a game I started this adventure.

To tell you the truth, it will be at the beginning of the year 2022, in February 2022 to be more precise, when the Lost Ark was released. This game made by Amazon in free access immediately caught my eye.

Fan of heroic-fantasy, only there I find myself with the dark aspect and above all, its gameplay. However, after a few minutes, I disconnected very quickly. Despite my various attempts, nothing worked, I was always kicked out of the game.

After some research, I found a tutorial. The game publisher specifically recommends restarting your box and checking the game files. After trying these solutions several times (with many people with Orange connection), the problem is not solved.

The solution came from a close friend. Actually, he had the idea to activate his VPN and then launch the game. And then, suddenly, all connection problems disappeared. He gave me a trick: he was using a VPN.

At this point I remembered what my entourage had been saying about VPNs and a few brand names came to mind. including in NordVPN. Following the advice of my friends, I turned to it to solve my problem.

After installing this VPN, there is no more worry about lags and lags. And after a few gaming sessions with NordVPN activated, everything works: while before, I bound the disconnections, Installing a VPN solved everything.

The principle is simple, once installed, the VPN will make the game believe that you are connecting through another connection, avoiding concerns related to Orange or your other provider.

That’s how I got NordVPN, but it was with another opportunity that I discovered another use of it that was very useful to me.

In June 2022. I enjoyed the southern winter in New Caledonia where I traveled for personal reasons. Although I was enjoying the coolness of the Island closest to Heaven, I couldn’t stop thinking about the Rugby Top 14 Championship.

With a time difference of 9 hours more compared to the metropolis, I had to prepare to follow the semi-final in Toulouse-Castres early in the morning. But more importantly, I realized that I couldn’t use my MyCanal subscription. Being in an overseas territory, the rules are not the same as in mainland France or in the overseas departments.

Which means I find myself stuck at 6am in an important game of my favorite team that is impossible to follow. Finally the solution came from my VPN. In fact, outside the metropolis, NordVPN allowed me to bypass the local IP address to pretend I was connecting from a metropolitan city.

Thanks to this system, I was able to watch my entire game peacefully (even if my team lost).

After this incident, I really adopted NordVPN, and as I used it, I adopted the different features it offered me.

  • Here are some examples of VPNs:

Go to NordVPN

Go to Surfshark

Go to Atlas

Now I activate my VPN every day

As I use it, I find myself appreciating the fact that there are features that secure my internet browsing. In addition to continuing to enjoy French programs wherever I am, I no longer have to worry about connecting to public networks or hotels.

On top of that, I was also able to take advantage of password protection. With all the accounts everyone has, it’s getting harder and harder now to remember all of our passwords, including mine. So when I was able to save my passwords in a special safe where I am not afraid of forgetting them or even leaking them on the internet.

As a reminder, a VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. In French, it means Private Virtual Network. Basically, you have a private network to connect to the internet. However, behind this barbaric name hides in fact one of the features that have the most success so far: the possibility of development anonymously on the internet.

In fact, a VPN allows you to hide your IP address and prevent third parties or entities from knowing your browsing data.

Go to NordVPN

Go to Surfshark

Go to Atlas

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