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Regular physical exercise is one of the goals that everyone should aim for in life. Together with a healthy and balanced diet, they are the basic pillars of a healthy lifestyle, which is essential in our time. In addition to preventing the development of some cardiovascular and cognitive diseases, it is also beneficial for our mental health because it helps to relieve stress, anxiety and depression.

However, if you are not a big fan of sports and have not done since childhood, it is likely that when you start exercising you will find it more difficult than usual, at the risk of being immediately postponed. This, combined with the fact that we live in an increasingly sedentary society, makes it difficult to change that comfort zone for sweat, body aches and a heart that beats like nothing. control.

There are thousands of reasons for delaying exercise. I’m late, I’m tired, I didn’t bring my gym bag to work, the gym is full when I go etc. Temptations like watching a Netflix series, surfing on my mobile phone or eating a tasty snack also play an important role. This is called procrastination or procrastination.

What is procrastination?

Well, something as simple as the repeated, voluntary and unreasonable postponement of a planned action that, at least in theory, is useful or important for us, and is replaced by something more pleasant or not very difficult to achieve.

However, it is possible to end procrastination. There are many ways to incorporate a daily exercise routine that fits your lifestyle, tastes, and needs. It’s about motivating yourself and making exercise an important part of your life, just like eating and sleeping. No excuses, no excuses, no excuses.

It is important that the sport you choose brings you joy and motivation and that you achieve the goals you set for yourself. To do this, you need to set realistic goals that will help you progress slowly, but gradually increase the time you spend and the difficulty of your training. A simple and challenging way is to focus on your goal and imagine the excitement of the adrenaline rush you will feel after completing the task you have been avoiding doing.

Tips to avoid sports procrastination

In addition to this, to avoid procrastination in the game, there are tricks like preparing all your equipment before going to bed, so you can have it ready the next day. Sports clothes, sneakers, your water bottle, a swimsuit with a hat and goggles, as well as the elements you need to practice this game, it’s a pair of rackets, balls or kickboards. Preparing your bag at the start of the day will make it easier for you.

Another important thing is to behave in spite of one’s feelings and to follow the salsalon discipline. Exercise despite being tired, angry, stressed or sad. Remember that in order to make this habit, it is important to repeat the action hundreds of times so that the seed of love for the sport blossoms in you, leaving behind uncertainties, disappointments or boredom.

It’s also important to focus on the little things. What does that mean? If you set yourself a goal to lose 15 kilos, don’t focus on this number and the scale. Think short term, which is to put on your sneakers, go to the gym, and start doing the exercises that will get you there. It’s that simple.

Avoid the temptation to quit by using a 5 second mental countdown.

Finally, try to avoid the temptation to quit by going home and resting with a mental countdown of 5 seconds. There is no scientific study to support this technique, but it is very effective and before you finish counting (5, 4, 3, 2, 1) you will succeed in distracting your mind from the thought that led to not completing the task. you started

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