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Black Friday and Singles Day started on Amazon and AliExpress. The first decided to wait for the official date this week with offers, where the second is at the peak of his solo activity. And for good reason, the latter always happens on November 11: so now you can take advantage of the best flash sale before it ends this Saturday, November 12.

Even on this early Black Friday or this Singles Day, stockouts are good. As of this morning, many nuggets have disappeared from Amazon or AliExpress. They all became victims of their success within minutes of going live. Fortunately, you still have a chance to find more nuggets at cyber-merchants even this Friday.

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Single Day and Black Friday deals:

To see the offers for this Single Day on AliExpress, here they are:

Check out AliExpress offers

Black Friday and Singles Day are all about speed and urgency. The two operations have aroused great public enthusiasm, which explains why many references are no longer available this Friday night. If e-merchants try to provide some emergency stocks, they will not be enough to calm the desire of the French public to save money.

Where to find the real bargain?

Single Day is the opportunity to find nuggets on the AliExpress site, it is at the level of Black Friday and sometimes even better. In fact, the merchant maintains excellent relations with brands from Asia, so only he can offer some discounts on popular references. In the lot, we find big brands like Xiaomi, Roborock or OnePlus.

For Singles Day, you have the chance to get the Redmi Note 11 Pro 5G for half the price on AliExpress. This is the first time that the mid-range smartphone Xiaomi, which is the best seller in its segment, is shown under the bar of 200 euros each. If it is still available at the time of writing these lines, it may not last until the end of the day. Especially since Black Friday will not take advantage of a more aggressive offer than this, whether this Friday, Saturday or in the coming days.

This year, Amazon and other brands have decided to go ahead with the big and unique Black Friday, it can also be a way to compete with AliExpress and its Single Day. If the official date is set for the last Friday of November, we advise you to look quickly on the net rather than waiting for the last moment in a hurry. For example, Emma Mattress offers discounts of up to -65% on all its bedding and accessories.

Black Friday and Singles Day are the biggest operations of the year, you have everything you can get to do business on the web throughout the month of November. Amazon and AliExpress both wait for this season to show their best deals and discounts and it shows. This year’s discounts set the bar high for the e-commerce market, better than last year.

Black Friday and also Singles Day

Singles Day on AliExpress doesn’t work as well as Black Friday on Amazon, there are a few things to consider. The first thing you should know is that this event has been happening every year in November for several years and it is exclusive to cyber-merchant. More specifically, it is held on November 11 and 12. The date 11.11 refers to the number 1 that refers to Singles Day, a popular day in Asia since 2009.

On the other hand, Single Day is a worldwide operation. It arrived in France a few years ago, following the Black Friday trend that appeared earlier. However, the giant activity of AliExpress is more than the latter in terms of revenue. The international group Alibaba claimed a turnover of more than 84 billion dollars in 2021 in one day on November 11, making it number 1 in the world.

Check out AliExpress offers

On Singles Day, all deals promoted by AliExpress are flash sales, which is not always the case with Amazon for Black Friday, although most deals are also limited. In addition, each discount is accompanied by a specific code that can be found on the page dedicated to the product, it must be added to the dedicated box when you validate the order online. This is why you are entitled to the most beneficial prices. At the same time, you also benefit from occasional seller coupons that allow you to save a few more euros.

Buy live through Amazon and AliExpress

Along with Black Friday and Singles Day, e-merchants offer advantages offered for purchase. First, don’t worry about the possibility of changing your mind after receiving the house order. In fact, everyone must offer a withdrawal period of at least 14 days, this is a legal obligation in France. Apparently AliExpress respects this while its competitor Amazon still has a period of 30 days.

On Amazon and AliExpress, shipping is free, even on Singles Day and Black Friday. You do not need to pay any additional costs for this service, as VAT is already included. On the other hand, AliExpress sends orders from its warehouses in France (or Europe), this is the last chance to take advantage of its special operation because it will end on Saturday night at midnight.

All offers are available, here they are:

Check out Amazon’s offers

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