God of War Ragnarok: Thor’s interpretation is inspired by a Marvel hero, but not the MCU version of the Nordic god

Game news God of War Ragnarok: Thor’s interpretation is inspired by a Marvel hero, but not the MCU version of the Nordic god

God of War Ragnarök has finally arrived, to the delight of fans of the god of war Kratos. For the promotion of the app, the actor Ryan Hurst, interpreter of Thor, returned to his inspiration to perfect his role. He admits he got it from the Marvel side, but definitely not from the MCU version of the Scandinavian god.

All the gratin of Asgard

Fans have been able to reunite Kratos and his son Atreus for the final chapter of the Nordic saga of God of War with the release of Ragnarok. While we have hardly seen everything that Scandinavian mythology has to offer in the 2018 opus, this time the teams at Santa Monica Studios intend to reveal all its secrets to us.

Not content with taking us on a journey through all nine kingdoms, Ragnarök also allows you to meet a whole cast of stars, such as Heimdall, Nidhogg, Angrboda, but also and above all Odin, the king of Asgard, the father of all, as well as his son who Thor, who carries the legendary hammer Mjölnir.

If recently the cultural products around the world of Vikings have increased (video game with Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, the Vikings series, manga and anime with Vinland Saga…), we must admit that the most popular representation of Scandinavian folklore today remains. that of the MCU. In Marvel, the Asgardians are a sane people, and Thor (played by Chris Hemsworth) is a brave warrior, if a bit naive and somewhat sure of himself.

But in the initial stories, we remain very far from this pure image, while the Aesir are often as honorable as they are treacherous. It is more accurate in this representation that Santa Monica wants to match their version, as explained by Matt Sophos (main screenwriter), Raf Grassetti (artistic director) and Ryan Hurst (interpreter of Thor) different.

We take the opposite of everything Marvel has built, with us the Aesir are the bad guys, while the giants are the good guys. From all we know of Norse mythology, the gods are much different than most popular depictions. – Matt Sophos, Principal Writer of God of War Ragnarök

In fact, the treatment given to characters like Thor is far from the character played by Chris Hemsworth. In Ragnarök, the character is more like a “brutal killing machine”. This did not stop Ryan Hurst, his interpreter, from drawing on the side of the Marvel team to create his version of the god of thunder.

Marvel at Thor, but not Thor

To build this full version of Thor, Ryan Hurst explained drawing elements from different characters. First, he quoted the character Ed Tom Bell, Sheriff from the movie No Country for Old Menplayed by Tommy Lee Jones.

He was a strong man with a lot of regret showing in his voice.

But the actor also cited a less confidential character, right from the House of Ideas: The Incredible Hulk.

Both characters have this uncontrollable amount of anger and rage, sometimes not knowing who or what to direct them to. They also both love to fight. We found a bit of that in the “Hulk Smash” line, but in a more nuanced way. The way I interpret it is that you have to have access to superhuman amounts of energy, anger, and unpredictability.

Matt Sophos went further and compared Kratos to the god of thunder. In a way, Thor acts as a mirror of Kratos according to him.

He was just trying to hold on to what was left of his family. He tries to become better, but in the end he believes that he can’t, because his father Odin told him that he can’t become more than he was, that he will only remain an instrument of Odin to use him when he needs to to be killed.

Players can now find this version of Thor alongside God of War Ragnarök on PS4 and PS5.

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