Is Apple’s connected box still useful in the age of the latest Smart TVs?

Fifteen years after its first version, the new Apple TV has come out of the woodwork. 4K, this small multi-purpose box tested in “20 Minutes” wants to provide a complete experience to its users in front of the TV in the living room. Its low price can also be an incentive. But while the operators’ TV boxes and smart TVs are in every living room, what is the reason for the small box from the Apple firm?

Apple has lowered its prices!

Let’s start with some good news. The new 2022 Apple TV 4K box of Apple is sold 20 euros cheaper than the previous version: 169 euros for the Wifi model (64 GB) and 189 euros for the model with an Internet socket (128 GB). It is rare (not to say unheard of!) that the Apple company lowers the prices of new products to focus on it! This requirement given, what brings the new small box that can be connected to your television?

Let’s be frank: nothing will completely appeal to you, if the classic TV box of your Internet operator and your smart TV have already given you complete satisfaction. A lot, if you are looking for a complete entertainment experience, and even more if you are in the galaxy of Apple products and especially have an iPhone or an iMac.

iPhone as a remote control

iPhone first allows you to configure your Apple TV or to calibrate its image quality, brightness and colors according to your environment. What’s more, the smartphone will help you connect your accounts (premium video, Disney +, etc.) without having to find and enter your codes using the provided remote control. Your saved passwords will be transferred automatically. A hell of an ease! Finally, your iPhone can also serve as a remote control (like the Apple Watch) to control the little box.

The entire universe of Apple in one box

From then on, the new Apple TV OS interface will accompany you. Good point: simplicity is in order (with more fluidity now, thanks to the A15 Bionic chip). On the screen, not more or less of all your applications (the 64 GB memory of the Apple TV Wifi that allows you to load tons of them), without fuss or excessive recommendations. We are far from the cluttered interfaces of Google Chromecast boxes, or Smart TVs, such as Samsung, which make it possible to lose a little …

Apple TV 4K 2022 and its remote control. -Apple

On the screen, large icons give access to all your applications, but also to all the “home” Apple applications that, with this Apple TV 4K, offer a real hub to invest in its universe. From AppleTV+ to Apple Music, to the service of play Apple Arcade, your photo albums stored in iCloud, Apple Home to control your connected home, and Apple Fitness +, if you want to do sports in front of your TV. Don’t throw it away! Yes, we are very Apple at Apple TV…

Limited interaction for competitors

And if this universe remains open to other platforms, through applications, such as Prime Video, the box of the apple company is clearly optimized for its own services. If we can ask the SIRI assistant (accessible from a button on the remote control) to tell us the names of the actors when we are watching a series or a film on Apple TV +, the assistant remains silent when we think about whether we are glued to Prime Video, Netflix or Disney +. Let’s do justice: the fireTV cube boxes or the fire TV stick from Amazon only offer this function with Prime Video programs… from Amazon!

Spatial Audio and Dolby Atmos in the ears

But what is the real use? Apple. The idea is not just to isolate oneself. Thanks to them, you can also enjoy the Spatial Audio sound that, for a masterful piece of music or a movie in Dolby Atmos, greatly improves the listening experience. Another great new feature: the ability to display lyrics when listening to a title on Apple Music. Anti-karaoke nights in sight, during the World Cup…

The 2022 Apple TV 4K brings the entire Apple universe into the living room.
The 2022 Apple TV 4K brings the entire Apple universe into the living room. -Apple

And hey, the remote control has swapped its Lightning port for a rechargeable USB-C port. It seems that Apple has begun to prepare for the USB-C socket that will be imposed on all European manufacturers as a standard at the end of 2024. The integration of this remote control with Apple’s M1 chip, which would have been possible to find it is remotely, like an AirTag, acceptable.

But what is the real use?

There remains the question of the usefulness of an Apple TV in 2022. While Amazon is similar new stream multimedia fire TV Cube (sold for 159 euros), the French, historically very advanced in their TV box equipment provided by Internet operators, do not need to rush the small box. Unless you’re Apple addictive. Very useful in its various evolutions since its launch 15 years ago, Apple TV can only give the most people an experience close to a TV box or a new Smart TV. Unless you connect it to an additional TV, or even upgrade a relatively old 4K TV, instead of changing it.

Condemned the Apple TV? Apparently not. Apple, very careful (not to say erased) in the world of speakers with HomePod and its HomePod mini, may be well advised to integrate the functions of its small box in one of the solutions of audio. And, why not, in a sound bar.

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