Hogwarts Legacy: Hogwarts Legacy, a 45-minute gameplay showcase of avatar creation, battles and castle exploration

After several appearances during the summer, Hogwarts Legacy: Hogwarts Legacy Very wise in recent weeks, although the Halloween season fits perfectly into his world of witchcraft. It doesn’t matter, he will come back tomorrow and it’s not just for a short trailer as the latest for an exclusive quest playstation.

It’s overa presentation of drama broadcast this Friday, November 11 at 7:00 pm on plucked out forcibly and the YouTube that game director Alan Tew, the senior artist around Boston Madsen, the Community Manager Chandler Wood and the guest host of the community James “XpectoGO” Whitehead will give us a little tour of Hogwarts, introducing the battles and the user interface, in addition to showing the details of creating our avatar. So there are many factors that are in front of your screen to know all this. We’ll add a video feed if possible so you can follow everything from this article, before we summarize everything.

Update : in less than 45 minutes, we discovered the creation of the avatar, a short trip to the castle and saw the basics of the combat system. more presets can be selected before customizing our behavior in more detaileven his face, skin and eye color, haircut and eyebrows, whether he wears clothes or not, even if he has freckles and moles and even scars. More options will open up as you progress through the game, which has the ability to change some elements, but not its basic structure or name. Only two voice options are available and 4 difficulty modes (story, easy, normally and difficult). And if the appearance is left to our discretion, we still have to choose a dormitory between witch and wizard.

When we got off the Hogwarts in grade 5, a Wizard’s Guide will be handed over to us and will act as an indicator to monitor the progress of the menu, with exploration challenges, combat or quests to catch up with other students. The small owner’s tour showed us several elements, such as clocks that count the points of the houses, but no mechanics of drama does not interact with it, although the script refers to it. The interface has a minimap and will show the used spells in the lower right, with options to remove elements from the HUD according to our preferences. There is even a mention of a tool wheel that is not shown. Navigating the castle is facilitated by careful visual cues, either in the architecture or through colors, a predominance of green that shows for example that the greenhouse is not far away. Changes also occur depending on the season and a certain sense of life can be found, among the plants and the many students we meet.

and when the day-night cycle is included, there is no simulation aspect of a witch’s lifer. So we don’t have to stress about choosing which course to go for in real time, the structure of the game that divides the story into chapters with each of them having missions to complete. Taking some courses may be part of the plot while others may be optional, but may unlock spells that can then be used for other ancillary activities. A sample search is shown with some Zenobia Noke asking us to find his balls. On the other hand, no, we can’t play it, the developers have to make choices, but still want to discuss as many elements as possible in the payment. On the other hand, we noticed that the lip syncing seems strange, unless it’s just the voices that don’t match the looks of the characters…

Finally, it was at the “secret” dueling club in Lucan that the fights were presented, qualifying as fencing at a distanceusing the R2 (the drama is in a PS5 dev kit) to create a basic throw that can be followed by combos. If only 4 spells can be used at a starting time, this number can be increased to 16, giving almost instant access to more moves. And to know what to use, the enemies will be protected shield of different colors to break the correct spell. Otherwise, a halo appears above our head when the attack is imminent, like a sixth sense, which allows time to escape. A talent system comes to improve our fighting method, especially if we want to use black magic.

Hogwarts Legacy: Hogwarts Legacy will be released on February 10, 2023 on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PC and even Switch, and will be entitled to several editions detailed.

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