God of War Ragnarök, the end of an era for the PlayStation game series?

Game News God of War Ragnarök, the end of an era for the PlayStation game series?

In this new episode of 5 things to know, the JV editorial staff is interested in the future of the God of War license. After a more than successful reboot of the Nordic mythology segment, will the license continue to make the right choices for its future?


  • The remakes
  • The studio’s next project
  • A PS5 exclusive will allow what?
  • DLC: untapped worlds and plot?
  • Changing framework and mythology?

The remakes

The first assumption for the future of God of War is the remake box. We often see them, but doing something new with old works. What’s more, it’s a strategy that often pays off playstation. Especially since going back to God of War’s roots isn’t that stupid. In effect, many players met Kratos thanks to the 2018 reboot. As for the old beat ’em up Olympian arc, the latter doesn’t know it. Among them, God of War 1, 2 and 3 are the most symbolic. Thus, if Sony draws a remake around this first trilogy, with all the knowledge and the paw of the reboot, the effect will be guaranteed.

The studio’s next project

Considering the masterclass of the Sony Santa Monica studio with God of War 2018 and Ragnarok, the mythological adventures of the series should remain in their hands. With 23 million sales in 4 years, PS4 and PC, for the first time, the adventures of Kratos are very profitable. To find out the direction the studio is taking, you can resort to the job offers it offers. If we peel them a little, we can find 4 programming jobs in particular. But the most interesting thing is that the studio in California is recruiting experienced project managers to participate in future projects. More excitingly, they are also looking for a senior character concept artist. In short, a creative will design characters for an as yet unannounced game. In all of this, it is clear that we are in the early stages of a new game. But let’s be calm, the latter should not be discussed for several years.

A PS5 exclusive will allow what?

Since 2018, when we think of God of War, we think of a series of shots and a big show. The reboot is a real “game-changer” for PlayStation productions. Available on PS4, the titles, although very beautiful, should have been restricted for the release of Ragnarök. Thus, the next title in the saga is at least fully thought out for the latest console generation. Without breaking the boundaries of technology, a new Made in Sony Santa Monica slap might be on its way to our obsessed little peepers. All in the performance of the last two games, the promise seems to be very good.

DLC: untapped worlds and plot?

Do you want a DLC for God of War Ragnarök? While the luckiest have barely touched the game, the question may already arise. If the two games are too dense, Norse mythology offers many secrets. The 9 kingdoms do not tell all their stories. Main quests and side quests provide depth. However, we can’t stop thinking about the adventure’s subplots. If nothing goes wrong, however, a DLC can be an opportunity to learn more and dive again into this brilliant universe sponsored by Sony Santa Monica. Remember in 2018, we say to ourselves, having seen Bifrost and Yggdrasil, that there is a clear place to explore these aspects in a sequel or a DLC.

God of War Ragnarök, the end of an era for the PlayStation game series?

Changing framework and mythology?

We attack the obvious: is the Nordic arc over after this episode of Ragnarok? Everyone seems to believe it. This is a conclusion, not a cliffhanger as we saw at the end of the first play. Here and as Adèle says: “This is the end“. We can imagine a link, but it seems difficult to conceptualize. Especially since Cory Barlog, the father of the 2018 game, said in an interview that this Nordic reboot of the sauce is enough for 2 games. Moreover, the latter admitted that they were reluctant to adapt this holy bestiary for the benefit of others. In addition, an artwork where you can see a species of Sphynx can be seen. Thus, one can imagine that Egyptian mythology has a chance to return to the mind of Cory Barlog.

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