Elden Ring: 30 more bosses in the next DLC? What we already know and what we think

Game News Elden Ring: 30 more bosses in the next DLC? What we already know and what we think

Released at the beginning of the year, Elden Ring continues to get people talking right now as rumors around a DLC get stronger, and for good reason. With the recent deployment of an update, dataminers have found new clues in the game’s code and we invite you to see them in this article.


  • 1.07, the patch of all secrets
  • A multiplayer-oriented DLC for Elden Ring?
  • Rain of bosses is expected?

As the release of God of War: Ragnarok approaches, the debate around who will be the game of the year, GOTY (Game Of The Year) as it is more commonly known, is back. If these discussions are very intense, it is because the Elden Ring was released at the beginning of the year and the open world proposal of From Software won a large part of the players with more than 15 million sales. Building on this success, rumors about additional content to complete the adventure became even more urgent after the game’s release., and for good reason, most of the studio’s other products have DLC rights. Recently, this hypothesis has gained more credibility and we explain why.

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1.07, the patch of all secrets

Less than a month ago, on October 13 to be precise, a new update was deployed to Elden Ring, patch 1.07. At first glance, the latter brings improvements to the level of PVP (Player vs Player, the confrontation between players) with a reduction in the damage inflicted by some war ashes and incantations, but it was stopped Also fixed some bugs and balance of weapons, shields or weapons. Obviously, therefore, we have to do an update focused on multiplayer, which makes sense because the most relentless players who are still in the title spend most of their time competing with each other.

Elden Ring: 30 more bosses in the next DLC?  What we already know and what we think

But of course, these same determined players did not stop there and the most skilled in programming began to examine the code of the game to observe what has changed in this patch 1.07. Right from the day the update was released, Lance McDonald, a well-known member of the community and very active in all things datamining, basically, revealed his findings. At the beginning of the gentle, we noticed that the menu strings show the game code and it appears to be related to the ray-tracing functionalities. As a reminder, ray-tracing is a technology that makes it possible to simulate the behavior of light in a more realistic way, but it is resource intensive.

Elden Ring: 30 more bosses in the next DLC?  What we already know and what we think

With this discovery, we are therefore happy to know that the graphics of the title will improve because the technique is clearly not the strong point of the experience. But that’s not the most interesting information. Continuing his research, Lance McDonald discovered game code references to two new cards that are currently out of the adventure. An interesting sign, therefore, that only revives the speculation around a potential DLC that only needs information like this to relaunch. Due to the size of the Elden Ring areas, two new maps will add a lot of content to the adventure to provide a strong lifespan. But if this index is interesting, things don’t stop there.

The latest Elden Ring update adds menu strings related to ray tracing features.

The update also includes references to two new maps that are not yet in the game’s data.

A multiplayer-oriented DLC for Elden Ring?

Elden Ring: 30 more bosses in the next DLC?  What we already know and what we think

While Lance McDonald’s hints gave hope to the community, its members did not stop there. This time the information comes from Sekiro Dubi, a Twitter account specialized in Elden Ring datamining. Also in the code added on the occasion of patch 1.07, the latter discovered that new lines of text have been introduced that appear in the same format as the famous phrase “You’re dead” often seen appearing while playing in a From Software production. Thus, the update adds four new parameters for four new text banners that appear on the screen and which correspond to unused texts in version 1.0 of the game.

Elden Ring: 30 more bosses in the next DLC?  What we already know and what we think

As seen in the video attached to the tweet, these texts say “Start Match”, “You Lose”, “You Win”, and “Draw”. On top of that, the update adds new text that says “Enemy Defeated”. When you combine your elements, all of this makes you think of phrases that can be said during a battle, either at the beginning or at the end. Suffice it to say that this potential Elden Ring DLC ​​may have a somewhat PVP and therefore multiplayer dimension.

Elden Ring: 30 more bosses in the next DLC?  What we already know and what we think

To support this hypothesis, players noticed that in the Underworld, where the action of the game takes place, there are many Colosseums that cannot be entered.. However, if you enter it through the unconventional means, you will find that everything inside is modeled with a level of finish similar to what you find in the rest of the explorable game. If these areas are not intended for players to walk, then there is no reason to waste the developers’ time working on something that no one will see. From this reasoning, many Internet users think that the Colosseums will play an important role in the future, which may be in a DLC therefore.

Elden Ring patch v1.07 adds 4 new settings for 4 new text banners to be displayed on the screen. This corresponds to unused texts from 1.0, as shown in the video. I think they have something to do with the Coliseum which remembers the shape of a gauntlet. The text for version 1.07 simply says “The Enemy is Defeated”.

Rain of bosses is expected?

Elden Ring: 30 more bosses in the next DLC?  What we already know and what we think

If this is an important discovery, Sekiro Dubi does not stop there and does some interesting research, as interesting as Lance McDonald. This time, our dataminer found in the section dedicated to bosses about thirty flags, that is the locations for bosses in the game memory. At first glance, one might be excited to think that the upcoming DLC ​​might offer thirty new powerful enemies, which is huge because it represents the sixth part of the base bosses that game. However, you should remain cautious because it is likely that not all of these slots will be available and that the developers are planning to leave a lot of space for themselves.

Elden Ring: 30 more bosses in the next DLC?  What we already know and what we think

Thus, this impressive number of new bosses, although it is dangerously below thirty, fits the idea that this potential DLC adds two new zones. With two large spaces, there is enough to fit all of these enemies. And then, we remind you that in Elden Ring, we found major bosses and other minor ones that we faced many times in different forms. And if we add to all this a more advanced multiplayer dimension than before for the production of From Software, then we have the right to one of the most ambitious and generous additional content of the studio.

So… in the section where the boss flags are listed, (the devs) left room for 30 flags for DLCs. So, I’m not saying the DLCs add 30 new bosses, but they make room for a lot of new enemies.

Elden Ring: 30 more bosses in the next DLC?  What we already know and what we think

Now that we’ve covered everything that has been revealed in recent weeks about this potential Elden Ring DLC, we can have fun trying to determine when this project will be announced. Knowing the practices of From Software, we know that the studio has a habit of presenting additional content about a year after the launch of the game. Like their last production, Elden Ring was released on February 25, 2022. So we can imagine that an announcement will happen at the beginning of next year… or before. That’s good, because in a month, next December 8, it’s the Game Awards ceremony and it’s the right time to announce with great excitement the arrival of such a project.. This hypothesis does not come from nowhere, because we remember that the release date of Elden Ring was revealed during the Game Awards 2021 ceremony. In any case, answer in a few weeks!

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