After Final Fantasy VII Remake, “fans have higher expectations for graphics” according to the producer of the next remaster of the saga

Game News After Final Fantasy VII Remake, “fans have higher expectations for graphics” according to the producer of the next remaster of the saga

It’s not always easy to make remastered versions of successful games. This was confirmed in interviews with individual producers of Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion and Tactics Ogre: Reborn, who specifically discussed the difficulties related to the development and the expectations of the players.


  • Fans have higher expectations for graphics=
  • “A long period of adjustment and recovery”

Fans have higher expectations for graphics=

In recent years, video game publishers have sometimes devoted themselves to reviving a game. It is called remakes where the remasters, which saw titles released a few years ago being redeveloped on modern consoles. A process that Sony especially loves: This year, a PlayStation remake of The Last of Us was released in September. It’s not the only one because two titles will benefit from the same treatment.

This is the case of Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together which has been redeveloped on current consoles under the name Tactics Ogre: Reborn, which is available from today. Let’s not forget Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII: Reunion, remaster of the original released in 2007. What do they have in common? They were both released on the PSP, Sony’s portable console.

In a post published on the official PlayStation blog, these are the producers of the two games who spoke behind the scenes of the development of these two modern versions. First, they explain why the remastered versions will be released “after all this time“:

If the original media for a game is no longer produced, it can be difficult to play. Crisis Core is a good example of this (…) The truth is that after Final Fantasy VII Remake, fans have higher expectations about graphics. So I think the game really needs to be remastered for the current generation of platforms to live up to expectations. – Yoshinori Kitase (Producer, Crisis Core –Final Fantasy VII– Reunion)

Personally, I’d always like to be involved in the development of Tactics Ogre again at some point, especially if I can incorporate some feedback from PSP players. – Hiroaki Kato (Producer, Tactics Ogre: Reborn)

After Final Fantasy VII Remake, the

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“A long period of adjustment and recovery”

It is clear that, more than fifteen years ago, the world of video games has evolved and the graphic and technical performance allowed has nothing to do with 2000. When the producers first explained that the current generation of platform pushes the limits of development (especially in terms of loading times), it forces them to restore these current specifications:

For example, Tactics Ogre is a pixel art looking game, so screen resolution is very important. We have to think about how we can get the most out of pixel art, while adapting to today’s high-resolution screens (…) Perhaps the most difficult part is designing a user interface that is compatible with mouse and joystick. We considered from the beginning that the use of the mouse would be possible and intended to include elements such as icons to make it conceivable. – Takashi Katano (Director, Tactics Ogre: Reborn)

We re-examined all the parts of the original game that players found difficult to play and implemented various solutions to improve them. A long period of tweaking and tweaking is also required here, to ensure that the game is more manageable, while maintaining the quality of the original. – Mariko Sato (Producer, Crisis Core –Final Fantasy VII– Reunion)

In any case, the publication of these two remasters aims to make players (again) know the reasons for their first success. Tactics Ogre: Reborn is available starting today on PS4, PS5, PC and Nintendo Switch while Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion is expected on December 13, 2022 on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox Series, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

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