“You are ugly”, “You are useless” … a multinational that sends insults to thousands of French people.

News hardware “You are ugly”, “You are useless” … a multinational that sends insults to thousands of French people.

A wave of anger recently swept the social networks, of course Twitter. In the question? SMS insults issued by a multinational: Burger King. Proocative, has the brand gone far?

“You’re ugly”, “You’re useless” … Burger King insulted the French and kept the usual challenges.

In the 70s and 80s, it was generally accepted that we went through a “golden age of advertising”. Brands have full confidence in creatives who give it their all. Challenges and punch ideas are common in the industry.

Lawsuits, scandals, changes in the moral values ​​of society, the desire to control companies… the reasons that explain the end of this golden age are many. The truth is that now it is very rare to see advertising campaigns that come out of slick codes which we all know by heart. .

The soul of the “golden age of advertising” however lives in the brand image of some big companies, including Burger King, with a series of aggressive and original communication operations…even if it sometimes shocking. To illustrate this, just take a 2 minute look at Burger King’s new advertising campaigns. In the last 2 years alone, we have had the right to:

  • Burger King recently surfing the world’s big news : increase in fuel prices. Coupled with a clever image, one can read the slogan “Gas prices go up at the pump, Whopper prices go down at the Drive”. As a reminder, the Whopper is Burger King’s signature burger, their very own Big Mac.
  • Burger King often trolls rival McDonald’s. We have seen brand restaurants “dress up” as McDonalds to “frighten” on Halloween or deliveries made in fake McDonalds bags to make a “bad joke” on April 1.

With such a history, it’s no surprise to see Burger King sending insulting text messages. Far from a communication error, it is part of a well-rehearsed strategy, and the brand image is not likely to suffer from it, on the contrary.. People will share screenshots on the internet, a little cheap buzz will be created, and their cool and provocative brand image will be reinforced. Everyone wins.

What is the real intention behind the insulting text messages of Burger King?

Seeking virality at all costs by overcoming most moral barriers is not a good thing in nature. Don’t tell us what we didn’t say: Provocation is a dangerous game and the line between a good joke and a hurtful message for millions of people is easily crossed.

If trolling MacDo is a good deed, this is not the case with a salvo of insulting messages. So: what exactly happened this Wednesday, November 9, 2022 afternoon?

The French men and women who have downloaded the Burger King app (from our research, it seems there are over a million) everyone seems to be receiving a lot of hateful text messages. This is what happened to one of the editorial staff. Our dear Ludo received 4 text messages in a row:

  • “You’re ugly.”
  • “You’re rude.”
  • “You’re useless.”
  • “You humiliated us.”

Our home screenshots

You only have to scroll through Twitter for a few seconds to realize that these same messages have been received by many other people, sometimes visibly angry.

In the first salvo of text messages, Burger King returned the favor with 3 new messages. This time, the why and how are explained and the feeling of confusion is tried to be eliminated:

This time, no joke. You have just experienced what thousands of children who are victims of bullying experience every day.

For the national day against bullying at school, tomorrow we will donate all the benefits of King Jr menus to the association Les Papillons.

Help the association Les Papillons in their fight by making a donation here.

If BK can be more than before, it will be for a good cause. For them, a noble purpose justifies aggressive means. Why not.

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