This keyboard is amazing… it needs a processor and a graphics card to work

Tadahiro Nomura

It is a low consumption ecological keyboard.


Since the keyboards I buy tend to last at most 4 months, I think I’ll avoid the investment, haha ​​​​​​​​x)


Maybe it’s the lack of investment that makes your keyboard last 4 months? Or neglect because the keyboard isn’t usually something you change in a set of years.
If not, the keyboard of the article is really funny but I think everyone will agree, I still hope.


Do we agree that it is completely useless and wastes resources for nothing?
Ok, it’s original and well done… but it’s completely pointless. here is not really innovation but nonsense. (Well, that’s just my opinion)


For the oldest it reminds of the Optimus keyboard, one of the biggest vapoware of the 2000s


@Gmbbb maybe we should stop eating the chips on top of the keyboard. Mine failed after 7 years of daily use.


Useless therefore useless.


I’m not lucky at all, even the Logitech with mechanical keys that I bought two years ago for a small fortune started having problems with the double input of the Space key after a month, then i had two keys fail in the quarter that followed.
I never get angry.
Regarding the keyboard presented here, it is certainly more than necessary … Especially since the additional value is not very clear, it is difficult to find a concrete use for this requirement. So not interesting.


Me, I think it’s great!
On the other hand, I have to get used to it: maybe it will never come out of my life, or else it will be too expensive!


I see reports of major bugs that suddenly appear on the keyboard…


My 5 € keyboards for the last 10 years, you probably have to ask at some point.
A friend has the same speech, and after watching him use his electronic devices, it’s a meat shop… Didn’t even realize it and dare to say he was careful


Yes at the end, if you have to start gently caressing your keyboard as you do the screen of an iPhone for 2000 €, you can imagine that we did not leave the hostel and above all it avoids the real problem: the new keyboards become more and more fragile over time. And that’s not me inventing it, it’s just a general observation.


So it’s a physical virtual keyboard on a touchscreen that plays videos but doesn’t show the keys. Revolutionary…


Because Corsair releases keyboards at 330 euros… we are at 800… Then we imagine that integrated into the design of the game with keys that adapt in real time… that would be nice. But hey, let’s dream… better


No but, seriously…4 months? You don’t need to type on the keyboard! It is almost indestructible!


I have an old Logitech G15 that is 15 years old and it works perfectly!


The keyboard lasts 10 years. So if ever there was a better investment, this is it!
My Logitech illuminated keyboard is over 10 years old and should be almost 15 years old.
My mouse won’t last.


Funny 5 minutes like all RGB keyboards and mice.


It smells like a $1000+ keyboard, and feature usefulness is all relative.
Unless you can change the layout with a dynamic display with translucent keycaps.
A funny trend where tech companies show excitement while the average citizen is called for peace. I have the impression that we want to make neo-serfs salivate over products reserved for the richest 1%.


To keep your fingers warm in the winter…


A pure ecological waste… The person who had the idea to sell this deserves a good pair of slaps…


It is necessary


My Logitech illuminated keyboard is 10 years old and should be closer to 15 years old.
This is because at this age, over the years the quality of manufacture and above all the durability is not the same.
My first Illuminated Keyboard bought in 2009 also lasted several years, then I accidentally broke it. It suits me perfectly so I returned the same, but the models I bought later (two in less than a year, the first was exchanged and the second was refunded because I was tired) turned out to be much better weak, the scissors at the bottom. the very thin plastic keys become very fragile.


It’s pointless, so it’s important ^^


Yes, it’s a bit funny to see that we are constantly bullied ecologically and at the same time we are sold rotten equipment that should be changed every 3-4 years …


In this specific case, I think it’s because Logitech makes products of varying quality, sometimes very good and sometimes not. , they weren’t as nice and I didn’t keep them for long.
But the G502 raised the bar well, I used my first one for 7 years before replacing it because it started double clicking on its own (I mainly play fps, not necessarily say that the left click dedicated to shooting is not idle), and I took the same model. ^^


Not bad, but nothing technically revolutionary…
When is the mouse?

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