Nintendo results: Switch sales slow, but profits slip

If you doubt it, everything is good for Nintendo, whose turnover and net profit reached respectively 4.4 billion euros and 1.5 billion euros for the six months ending September 30, 2022, representing an increase of 5 % and 34%. If the net profit is also stable, it is partly thanks to the weakness of the yen that has been the advantage of the manufacturer, which realizes 75% of its sales abroad. “As the yen weakened in foreign exchange markets, we recorded foreign exchange gains of 76.4 billion yen“, explains Nintendo, which is why it scrapped about 522 million euros thanks to exchange rates.

But its financial situation, Nintendo owes it above all to the large number of games it sells throughout the year. The past few months have benefited from the splashy launch of Splatoon 3, with 7.9 million copies in the wild as of September 30, including 5 million in Japan where it, as a reminder, achieved the best which is the beginning of the history of the archipelago. , that’s all. The spring but also the summer tube, Nintendo Switch Sports has 6.15 million copies distributed while Mario Strikers: Battle League Football exceeded 2 million.

The spotlight is also on Xenoblade Chronicles 3. And with 1.72 million copies distributed worldwide, Monolith Soft’s RPG is better than its predecessors. Between April and September 2022, Nintendo sold 95.4 million games (93.4 million last year) for a total of 917.6 million games on the Switch since its launch. For the first time in the history of Nintendo consoles, the milestone of one billion games is approaching, and that too is historic.

The Switch is slowing down but getting closer to the peaks

The only downside was console sales, which fell 19.2% in the half. Nintendo distributed 6.6 million Switches between April and September, including 3.5 million OLED Switches. A drop was also noted in the quarter of July – September where Nintendo distributed 3.2 million Switches, which is less than the PS5 (3.3 million). The automaker is likely to stock up on the holidays it likes so much, but it also cited factors beyond its control, namely shortages of semiconductors and other components. Thus, the Switch now has 114.33 million consoles distributed worldwide and will exceed the total of the PS4 (117 million) in a few months to take its place on the podium of the best-selling consoles historically, it has always been closer than the PS2. and the Nintendo DS.

Faced with production difficulties, Nintendo has revised the number of Switches it plans to sell in the fiscal year. Instead of distributing 21 million consoles, Nintendo is now banking on 19 million machines between April 2022 and March 2023, which will ultimately be close to the 18 million PS5 that Sony expects to ship. in stores at the same time. There is no change in the target for games, however, the goal is to sell 210 million games on the Switch in the annual financial year.

Even with fewer consoles than expected, strong first-half results prompted Nintendo to raise its economic targets for the fiscal year. Nintendo now expects revenue of 11.2 billion euros, operating income of 3.4 billion euros and net income of 2.7 billion euros. This is not like two years of COVID-19, but more than pre-pandemic baselines.

The 10 biggest selling games on Switch as of September 30, 2022

  • Mario Kart 8 Deluxe – 48.41 million

  • Animal Crossing: New Horizons – 40.17 million

  • Super Smash Bros. Last – 29.53 million

  • The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild – 27.79 million

  • Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield – 25.37 million

  • Super Mario Odyssey – 24.40 million

  • Super Mario Party – 18.35 million

  • Pokémon Sparkling Diamond and Pokémon Sparkling Pearl – 14.92 million

  • Ring Fit Adventure – 14.87 million

  • Pokemon: Let’s Go, Pikachu and Pokemon: Let’s Go, Eevee – 14.66 million

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