Here are the best photos of the total lunar eclipse on November 8, 2022

A spectacular lunar eclipse took place on November 8, 2022. Although we cannot see it in mainland France, some have immortalized it. Here are the most beautiful photos of the total eclipse.

For the second and last time in 2022, the Moon was eclipsed for a few moments. On November 8, the part of the planet that witnessed the total lunar eclipse was lucky. Metropolitan France is not part of the visibility zone of the event. However, you can also enjoy the view thanks to the beautiful photos of this eclipse, which are quickly released online.

Between 10:09 am and 1:49 pm (Paris time), the Moon passes through the Earth’s shadow. The peak of the eclipse occurred at 11:59 am. That’s where the “blush” of the Moon begins. In fact, the Moon never changes color. It owes its reddish color to the fact that part of the Sun’s light continues to pass through the Earth’s atmosphere. However, our atmosphere filters out certain wavelengths of light, allowing only red to pass through.

The Moon is ‘red’ in the starry sky during a total eclipse

This time we see the next photocaptured with two telescopes, from North America.

NASA also contributed to leave a memory of the eclipse of November 8, 2022. We can admire the progress of the event in this picture, made thanks to an assembly of 10 photos. The eclipse overlooks the Vehicle Assembly Building, a building at the Kennedy Space Center (Florida) used to prepare impressive rockets, such as the Space Launch System (SLS) – which is about to leave soon for… the Moon.

Mars also lurks in the picture. // Source: Flickr/CC/NASA/Joel Kowsky (cropped photo)

The eclipsed Moon is not alone: ​​Uranus is also present

on these other pictures, taken from Tokyo, we can admire the Moon taking on this red color, in the starry sky. A small bright point very close to the Moon looks like a star, but it is actually a planet: Uranus. Shortly thereafter, the Moon occulted Uranus.

And, because we are not tired of this orange-red Moon, there you are another picture of the total eclipse, observed from Ontario, at the time of maximum.

HERE, the eclipsed Moon stands before a star-filled dark blue sky. Despite winds of over 70 km/h, the photographer captured the eclipse from Quebec.

By coincidence of the calendar, the lunar eclipse occurred on the day of the “mid-terms”, the mid-term elections in the United States. In some photos, the moon ENTER right next to the Capitol dome, or company the American flag, in Washington DC

When is the next lunar eclipse?

The next total lunar eclipse is not expected before 2025. Next year, there will be more lunar eclipses in the program, but they will not be very rare. On May 5, 2023, it will be a penumbral eclipse, which will not change anything visible. Then, on October 28, 2023, there will be a partial lunar eclipse.

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