Mass Effect 5: a cosmic treasure hunt launched by BioWare for space action-RPG

Game News Mass Effect 5: a cosmic treasure hunt launched by BioWare for space action-RPG

Since 2007, Mass Effect has acquired cult license status. Consisting of four main games with Mass Effect 1, 2, 3 and Andromeda, the series will receive a 5th opus within a few years, its development will be formal in 2020. On the occasion of N7 Day on November 7, we have news.


  • Mass Effect: a cult license
  • A new image, references, and an audio file full of clues
  • Mass Effect 5 is still in pre-production, but it’s making progress!

Mass Effect: a cult license

Commander Shepard’s story marked an entire generation of gamers. Created by BioWare, to which we owe Dragon Age, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, Anthem or even Baldur’s Gate and Neverwinter Nights, this series of games takes us to the Milky Way, in the time that humanity found . a means of movement among the stars. He met other intelligent species there, and made a place for himself on the Council, without difficulty.

But things quickly go wrong, with the betrayal of an elite soldier, subject to a class of machines determined to be cleansed: the Reapers. It is clear that we will examine the rest of the story, which can be discovered in particular through Mass Effect: Legendary Edition, which includes three episodes of Shepard’s galactic epic updated, as well as almost all the DLC released.

A new image, references, and an audio file full of clues

Mass Effect 5: a cosmic treasure hunt launched by BioWare for space action-RPG

But as of 2020, we know that there is a new stage of preparation. A teaser, which made the biggest fans of the license cry, announced the return of Mass Effect. When ? We don’t know yet, and BioWare is keeping its secrets very closely. Last year, we were treated to a posterfeaturing a ship, a group of four characters including a Krogan, as well as a crater whose shape evokes a Geth, an artificial and robotic life form.

There is no more information than that, except that the title is in full pre-production. So we are waiting for N7 Day (November 7) hoping for news about the game. And we got. It all starts with a license Twitter account, with artworkalready presented in 2020, accompanied on an amazing audio track and mentioned below left. The players immediately began to flush the clues contained in all these elements, which obviously only takes a few tens of minutes.

In this picture, we can see what it looks like a cosmodesic relay builtwith reference to the MR7 which could be the equivalent of the Mass Relay 7. This new generation relay would have been ordered by a company called Green Dagger Ltd owned by Deepspace Dhow SAV. A container is also mentioned, ruled by Soa’Rhal Zhilian-Jones, whose name evokes both humans and Qarians, is one of the species in this universe. We can also see the series of numbers 234567 in the structure as well as what it seems date for this file: 11_07_90. Mass Effect 3 which ended in 2186, will be November 7, 2190.

Additionally, the video is named SA_Intercept_SatheriumSystem_Dock314, the name of a “file” captured. SA would correspond to the System Alliance, the Satherium System in the distant solar system, and the 314 dock is undoubtedly a reference to the 314 relaywhere people discover cosmic travel and trigger First Battle of the Diaspora against the Turians (Garrus species). And it’s not over yet! Because this animated artwork is accompanied by an amazing audio file, which players can easily decode.

Mike Gamble, the director of the project, confirmed that this is the voice of Liara T’Soni, an Asari, and cult character in the trilogy. His words, accompanied by the voices that reawakened the Geth were as follows:

That’s right. The Council will be angry. Although they already know that human opposition should not be underestimated. This is often their most defining characteristic. How did we forget this?

A statement echoing the reconstruction of the relays, where the people decided to implement on their side? It’s hard to say. So much for treasure hunting that BioWare does, and where definitely still hiding some clues on the pitch, location and characters of the upcoming game.

Mass Effect 5 is still in pre-production, but it’s making progress!

But where is this Mass Effect 5? It’s on BioWare’s blog that we found some answers. In particular, we learned that Pre-production, which is reported to end in early 2023, is going very welland BioWare promoted some of the great figures of the team: Mike Gamble, project director, Danielle Enns, development director, Mary DeMarle, senior narrative director (ex-Eidos), as well as Parrish Ley, franchise creative director.

Since we last discussed the next Mass Effect game, progress on pre-production has been very good. The team, comprised of veterans of the Mass Effect franchise as well as amazing new additions to BioWare, continues to grow! They’ve been hard at work creating new characters and locations that you’ll love, as well as revisiting many that you’ll remember. (…)

This is incredibly exciting for the team and we want to continue to share glimpses of what we’re working on with you in the future. And, especially today, we also want to honor the legacy that brought us here. Millions of you have now experienced Mass Effect Legendary Edition, again or for the first time. It means a lot to us to see you enjoying our games and being a part of this story. Whether you’ve worn the “N7” from the beginning, plan to do so one day, or anything in between, it’s a privilege to see you wearing it.

All are accompanied by a small partnership with Maxis around The Sims 4 (two t-shirts to pick up on November 17), then a statement from Mike Gamble:

In the nearly 15 years since the first Mass Effect was released, the biggest reason we still love working on it is the warmth, dedication, and love of this community. Some of you have been with us through it all. We both grew up, sacrificed Ashley, (Editor’s note: Oh Kaidan, Mike! We all made different choices.) faced hardships together…and laughed until our faces were tired… with ! And for those of you new to Mass Effect (thanks to the Legendary Edition!), welcome! I can promise many more years of fun, adventures and characters to love are yet to come.

Regardless of when you joined us, across four games and multiple expansions, I can say for sure that we are here because of you, and every N7 Day is a beautiful reminder of that. As we look to the future, every week is a fun and exciting challenge for the team. We love bringing this universe to life, and while there’s more we want to share with you, that’s for another time. (…).

See you next year for more concrete information? Meanwhile, all eyes are on Dragon Age: Dreadwolf. The title doesn’t have a release date yet, but it’s actually the next BioWare production to get into the hands of players.

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