GTA 6: “the leak has no influence on development”, Take-Two assured its investors

Game News GTA 6: “the leak has no influence on development”, Take-Two assured its investors

On September 18, a major leak rocked the video game industry. Almost a hundred videos of a development version of GTA 6 have actually been released on the Internet, after the Rockstar servers were hacked. Obviously there were a lot of reactions.

GTA 6: a big leak, and a lot of reactions

First, these Grand Theft Auto VI videos are reviewed, and appears to confirm previous leaks about where Rockstar is headed, which is the presence of a duo, the return of the Vice City, or even a changing world. Then, the discussions went in two directions. The first concerned the hacker(s), with one suspect arrested and pleading not guilty. The second direction is taken concerned with the appearance of the game. Many people reacted saying it was “ugly”, and others said it was actually the translation that had the right to release.

GTA 6:

In response, many studios have shared videos of working versions of their games. Thus we see Horizon Zero Dawn where machine guns face Storm Maws in graybox, a Spider-Man walking through a textureless Manhattan, or even a Sea of ​​Thieves with a very simple visual aspect. The idea is to show that the games, before they look the way they do when they come out, can be ugly, without fabrics, full of visual bugs. These working builds are used to test functionality, gameplay, and is absolutely not intended to give a general idea of ​​translation final or announced to the public.

Rockstar Games: no worries, but disappointment

GTA 6:

Two days after this massive leak, Rockstar Games reacted, first confirming that the network actually suffered an intrusion, and therefore real videos are real. More importantly, these leaks are about working builds and cannot be played at all, Rockstar predicts there will be no long-term effects as the game progresses. However, the studio indicated that it was disappointed to see his work thus revealed, because without context or accuracy, it would give false impressions and lead to bad impressions:

We are very disappointed that details about our upcoming game were shared with you in this way. Our work on the next Grand Theft Auto will continue as planned and we remain committed to providing you, our players, with an experience that truly exceeds your expectations. We will let you know soon and of course we will show you this next game when it is ready. We would like to thank everyone for their unwavering support in this situation.

A leak without consequences? Take-Two assured him instead

GTA 6:

Recently, Take-Two Interactive revealed its results, formalizing the fact that GTA V has now sold over 170 million units, out of a total of 385 million for the GTA franchise as a whole. For its part, the franchise Red Dead has reached 70 million copies sold. With these results, the company returned to this leak around GTA 6, and reaffirming what Rockstar Games said a few weeks ago, that is to say that despite its size, the leak should not be there are no consequences :

There’s no evidence that any hardware assets were stolen, which is a good thing, and the leak certainly doesn’t affect development or anything like that, but it’s very frustrating, and it forces us to be more vigilant on issues related to cybersecurity.

That is, the development of GTA 6 continue as if nothing happened to the teams, while the company will strengthen security measures to prevent the situation from happening again. In the end, except for the supposed pirate or pirates if there are many of them, this great leak will remain an epiphenomenon, with the merit of emphasize the reality of an enhanced video game.

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