The best-selling LEGOs in France may not be what you think…

LEGOs don’t just fascinate little kids: they also make older kids’ hearts beat faster. That is, these small colored bricks once assembled make it possible to get a work of the most beautiful effect. Not to mention all the fun to be had during the assembly! As the year-end celebration approaches, we invite you to discover the best LEGO sales.

Christmas is almost here and running out of gas for gift ideas? Maybe one of these LEGOs will hit the mark with the person you gave it to.

See the best-selling LEGOs in France

LEGOs are aimed at a large audience. Some people enjoy collecting them while others look for intricate constructions that take a lot of time. Car fans will find themselves there in the Technic range, and those of Star Wars or even Harry Potter will be lost because the choice is too big for these two licenses.

In any case, you are not lost by looking at the official store, maybe it will give you some gift ideas for Christmas.

In the meantime, here are LEGO’s best sellers!


  • Doc and Marty’s Delorean back in the future
  • LEGO Super Mario: The Mighty Bowser
  • Disneyland Castle in LEGO
  • The LEGO Hogwarts Express collector from the Harry Potter universe
  • The Office: Dunder Mifflin’s LEGO offices!
  • LEGO’s Ferrari Daytona

Doc and Marty’s Delorean back in the future

As is often the case with LEGO, the quality is there. In this set, the Danish company offers you to mount the Delorean of your choice. So you can design the Delorean with the lightning rod (Back to the future), the Delorean with Mr. Fusion and the wheels tilt (Back to the future 2) or even the Delorean with the whitewall tires and the time circuits on the hood (Back to the future 3).

Of course, that’s not all because the set is also full of small details and references, so you can find there:

  • 2 minifigures (Marty and Doc)
    Marty’s hoverboard
  • The OUTATIME license plate
  • A radiant brick for the temporal convector
  • The Plutonium Crate

In short, this set is complete and flexible at will. Also note that if you want to display your Delorean in one of your rooms, you will need to clear a small space because the steps of the car 12 x 19 x 35cm. But before that, it is necessary to overcome the construction and its construction 1872 pieces.

Buy the Delorean for €199.99 at the LEGO Store

LEGO Super Mario: The Mighty Bowser

The best-selling LEGOs in France may not be what you think...

With its 2807 pieces, this LEGO set is among the rather complex models whose construction is a pleasant and challenging element! This is one of the many LEGO sets for adults who will find it a collector’s item, a great hobby and an ideal decoration for all players.

Perfectly articulated and highly detailed, Bowser can nod and snap his jaw. You can easily orient his arms, hands, legs and tail to create the perfect pose or have fun with it. He can even throw fireballs! King of the Koopas is adorable and measures over 32cm high, 41cm wide and 28cm deep, including display stand

The display includes two towers and a hidden POW action brick so you can display this figure perfectly in your collection. Designed for display as well as for play, you can combine it with other LEGO Super Mario sets to create epic battle scenes with battles against Mario, Luigi and Peach!

Buy the Mighty Bowser set for €269.99 at the LEGO Store

Disneyland Castle in LEGO

The best-selling LEGOs in France may not be what you think...

This castle is not a castle like any other. In fact, the latter is borrowed from the magic of Disney. The same that makes Merlin’s teaching of Arthur wonderful, that awakens Sleeping Beauty, or guides Moana across the Pacific Ocean.

LEGO managed to transcribe this fantasy in this set to a great extent. With 4080 pieces, 74cm high, 48cm wide and 31cm side. Filled with details from the bottom of the moat to its spire, the Disney castle welcomes distinguished guests:

  • Minnie and Mickey Mouse
  • Daisy and Donald Duck
  • Tinkerbell

You can later take advantage of the many rooms and other locations provided by the 4 levels of this building.

It is clear that we are in front of one of the biggest sets from LEGO that should not be ashamed of the Hogwarts castle for example. In addition to this, sections can be removed to access some details hidden in the decoration.

In short, it’s an amazing piece just waiting to be built, but it won’t stay in the LEGO catalog for long.

Buy the Disneyland Castle for €349.99 at the LEGO Store

The LEGO Hogwarts Express collector from the Harry Potter universe

The best-selling LEGOs in France may not be what you think...

He was a very big boy and he could not be noticed. But the big numbers don’t stop there. Count 5129 pieces against 800 for the classic version. It’s serious and this set is clearly meant for adults with time on their hands.

The locomotive was placed on the track and parked on the famous platform 9 ¾. The train itself is huge and above all full of small details. We will also look for it 20 characters in different stages of the saga, with the particular inevitable Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, Ron and Ginny Weasley, or even Draco Malfoy.

A small crank placed on top of the train changes the movement of a real train. All the characters and the detailed interior allow you to recreate four mythical scenes from the saga:

  • The first meeting between the three protagonists
  • Professor Lupine saves Harry Potter from a Dementor
  • Luna Scamander saves Harry from Malfoy’s spell
  • Leaving Harry’s son for the first time at Hogwarts

Buy the Hogwarts Express collector for €499.99 at the LEGO Store

The Office: Dunder Mifflin’s LEGO offices!

The best-selling LEGOs in France may not be what you think...

This set may not appeal to everyone, but those who remember the popular American series starring Steve Carell will remember The Office.

The evolution of Pam and Jim’s romance, Kevin’s Chili, Dwight’s whims or the “special” relationship between Kelly and Ryan, all these little stories took place within the walls of Dunder Mifflin.

And LEGO was able to faithfully represent the central characters of the series. Each small figurine is thus represented and made into the clothes of the protagonists. Great to see in your interior, this LEGO is launched for just under 120 €.

Buy Office tables for €119.99 at the LEGO Store

LEGO’s Ferrari Daytona

The best-selling LEGOs in France may not be what you think...

This is not the first time that LEGO and Ferrari have collaborated to create a faithful copy of one of the cars of the Italian manufacturer. This is the Dayytona SP3, a limited edition Icona car, which pays homage to the V12 powered sports prototypes that made the marque today’s motorsport legend.

The spirit of racing is at the meeting of this set full of parts, designed to be a faithful copy of a real Ferrari. You get functional steering, an 8-speed sequential gearbox with steering wheel paddles and even a V12 engine with moving pistons. And like the original supercar, this model is equipped with working butterfly doors!

By opening its cover, you will find a unique serial number that will allow you to open special content online.

Designed for adults, this set is one of the company’s most complex. It also has 3778 pieces.

In addition to construction, this 1:8 scale replica is designed for display. Its dimensions are as follows:

  • 14cm high
  • 25cm wide
  • 59cm tall

This set from the LEGO Technic Ultimate Car Concept range is clearly a success that will delight fans of beautiful cars!

Buy the Ferrari Daytona for €449.99 at the LEGO Store

See the best-selling LEGOs in France

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