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As you level up in Dragonflight, you will gradually upgrade your gear. Once you hit level 70, you can aim to get the highest possible ilvl for your WoW character. To achieve this, you have a choice between several activities. This page shows the item level of the Dragonflight expansion launch rewards.

The first thing you need to do is complete the Dragonflight campaign. It allows you to unlock many activities. Also level up your fame with Dragon Island reputations, this will unlock new features and rewards.

Depending on the level of equipment you have at the start of Dragonflight, you will change things more or less quickly. If you haven’t played Season 4 or Zereth Mortis in Shadowlands, you will replace your armor pieces faster than if you have an average ilvl of 260 or 280. In the worst case, most players will change in their equipment at level 68 .

1. Shipments

To unlock Dragonflight Expeditions, you must complete the campaign and be at least level 68. Depending on the difficulty of the expedition, the rewards will vary.

  • Normal expeditions and area quests: Ilvl 340 to 350
  • Elite Expeditions: ilvl 356 to 359

Note that the level may be higher sometimes, the page will be updated as soon as I have confirmation of it. It is also possible to recover sets gradually.

2. Temporary (but constant) events

There are many events in Dragonflight:

  1. Awakening Shore – Obsidian Citadel and Dragonsbane Dungeon : Here you can swear allegiance to Irion or Sabellian to unlock new quests and rewards.
  2. Plains of Ohn’ahra and Thaldrazsus – Great Search : You have to participate in a hunt in 6 stages. Go to the location shown on the map, talk to the NPC to start the event and follow the process.
  3. Azure Span – Festival of the Tribe : Direction Iskaara for this event involving the Roharts.
  4. Storm Elements : Repel the attacks of elementals in the Dragon Islands.

Lloyalty to Irion and Sabellian performed once per reset. You can collect ilvl 372-376 items during your quest, but also increase your reputation and buy two items. The first has ilvl 376 (necklace) and the second is an ilvl 389 (cloak).

the great hunting easy to understand. Look at the map and find the hunting horn. Go there and talk to the NPC to start the event. The objective is to complete 6 objectives that follow each other and may vary depending on the location of the event.

For example, the game may ask you to kill an elite, then kill several enemies in one area, then kill another elite, then another, then collect items from the ground and finish by killing one. you ultimate elite. During your battles, you can get items from elites (ilvl 340). Once the event is completed, you will be rewarded with maruuk hunting loot with several rewards:

  • A cosmetic appearance for your drake
  • Supplies from the Dragon Isles
  • Centaur hunting trophies to increase your reputation
  • Items ilvl 372-376

the tribal festival involved with the Roharts. You have to join the soup activity and help the chef to make his recipe. It consists of following his advice by killing monsters, throwing fish in the pot, etc. Also, you don’t always get something as a reward.

the Storm Elements are temporary events that occur in some areas of the Dragon Islands. You will get back a currency that you can exchange for ilvl 359 to 385 equipment. But be careful, farming takes a long time, it is impossible to quickly recover many 385 items.

3. World Boss and elite monsters

World bosses drop ilvl 389 items.

Rare mobs are less generous, expect item levels around 350-356.

4. Help with the Weekly Covenant Search

The weekly quest is given by Therazal, the emissary of the Dragon Islands. The NPC is located in the central square of Valdrakken, the capital city is located in Thaldraszus.

Search purposes can vary. You must get 4,000 points of reputation in the major factions of the Dragon Islands, or 3,000 points and prove the second objective (Irion and Sabellian, Maruuk Hunt or Tribal Feast).

The rewards are many. In addition to 500 reputation points for the 4 major expansion factions, the quest also offers the Treasures of Valdrakken and a Cache of supplies from the Dragon Islands. The treasure chest may contain an ilvl 372 item, a toy, 500 gold, 10x Primal Chaos (a crafting ingredient), and supplies from the Dragon Isles. It draws from a list of rewards, so the contents may vary depending on how lucky you are.

5. Prisons

Dungeons drop items whose level depends on difficulty:

  • Regular: 346
  • Heroic: 359
  • Mythic: 372

Note that NPCs offer you quests for dungeons. It rewards you with ilvl 346 items and several hundred reputation points.

6. Reputation

The big reputations (Valdrakken Covenant, Iskaarian Rohart, Maruuk Centaurs and Dracaret Expedition) allow you to buy an ilvl 389 item if you reach the appropriate Renown level (Reputation 22/25 for Iskaarian Rohart for example).

7. Professions

Professions are an important part of Dragonflight. You can craft equipment from level 316 to 418. The higher the level, the more resources are needed and the recipes take longer to achieve. But still, it’s worth pointing out.

You can’t equip yourself with your own profession, you have to go through the orders or the auction house if you need a lot of manufactured parts. Additionally, high-level recipes require a special ingredient, the Spark of Ingenuity. This component is exclusively accessible through the Valdrakken Innovation Engine. You need to unlock it by doing a series of quests at level 70. Then, the spark is only accessible in a limited amount every week, so don’t expect to make a lot of ilvl 418 items in long time.

8. Vault of Incarnations Raid

The level of the item should depend on the level depends on the difficulty. Note that the maximum item level can only be reached by certain items.

  • Raid Finder: 376 to 392
  • Normal: 389 to 405
  • Heroic: 402 to 418
  • Mythic: 415 to 430

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