PS4, PS5 promo: 9 excellent video games for less than 10 euros in the PlayStation Store

Game News PS4, PS5 promo: 9 excellent video games for less than 10 euros in the PlayStation Store

November promos launched on the PlayStation Store. The opportunity to find hits on PS5 or PS4 that you may have missed at the time. Want to catch up on some great games for less? All of the games below are under $10 and scored at least 17 out of 20 when released.

We start with an opus of a historical license: Battlefield V. It is doubtful that fans of the license welcome the first information of the title, considered very similar to its predecessor. And yet, Battlefield V offers an air of change by leaning on an orientation of its time: service games and Battle Royale. But in addition to this choice dividing fans, it must be accepted Battlefield V offers a reworked gameplay centered on co-op, as well as an impressive technical exemplarity. Add to that a revamped Grand Operation mode, more customization options, a revamped class system, and a fair and consistent Battle Royale, and you have an excellent Battlefield V. For all these reasons, it really gets a rating of 18 out of 20 with us.

  • Price : €9.99 until November 10 (instead of €39.99)

Borderlands is a well-known license in the video game scene. With his blunt humor and his playful side, he’s definitely divisive but it’s hard not to recognize a quality in himself. And this is even truer in its second episode. Fluid and unwinding at will, it established itself, in our eyes, as the best opus of the saga with a remarkable 18 out of 20. If you need to discover the offbeat universe of this FPS license, this is where you should start. And that’s good because Borderlands: The Handsome Collection is available for a low price on the PlayStation Store. This compilation includes the famous Borderlands 2 and its extensions, but also Borderlands The Pre-Sequel! Granted, it’s not as good as Borderlands 2, but just for the latter it’s worth breaking.

  • Price : €9.99 until November 10 (instead of €39.99)

In its early days, The Game Bakers (Haven) was best known for the Squids series. But in 2016, the studio will establish itself as a generator of unexpected nuggets by tackling a completely different game genre: Beat’em All and Shoot’em Up. It is the fiery Furi, with his universe all in neon, that remains in this heavy task. And it was a real success. The game manages the demand without giving unfair frustration, everything is introduced in the ultra-intuitive game. Add to that boss patterns that change depending on the level of difficulty, an original and great life system as well as a catchy soundtrack and you have a game that is hard to put down once you launch it. So it gets an excellent 17 out of 20 with us. But beware, if the game is more than good it is not suitable for all types of players. As we said, Furi is a tough game and therefore very punishing. If you are allergic to tryhard, the adventure can be painful.

  • Price : €5.99 until November 10 (instead of €19.99)

Are you tired of Furi? Are you looking for more calm to put your mind at rest? Let’s go back in time a bit to find the game that was released in 2010. This point’n’click with a polished artistic direction puts us in the shoes of a small robot, Josef, thrown into a mass grave. Its goal? Return to the city and save his lover, Berta. On the way, he will meet many characters, each one more interesting and colorful than the next, but also to solve puzzles. But Machinarium’s main asset is the emotions it can convey thanks to its captivating universe and its unique and touching story. “A unique experience, unspeakable, lived” We wrote our test and it still holds true today. Note that a package that includes Machinarium and another Amanita Design game, Creaks, is also on sale (€8.99 instead of €29.99).

  • Price : €3.74 until November 10 (instead of €14.99)

Do you like this kind of throwback to the past? So let’s take a little trip back to the land of 2006, the year Psychonauts was released. This crazy action-adventure game invites you to discover Psychonauts, secret agents who are able to use amazing psychic powers. The young Razputin, who you play, dreams of joining them and therefore decides to enter their training camp. And the circumstances will allow him to prove himself quickly. In fact, a mysterious villain steals the brains of the young psychics at the camp. Raz has no choice: he must master his powers of telekinesis, levitation and astral projection to save the day. Refreshing and surprising, this joyous adventure proved captivating from start to finish, fully deserving of its 17 out of 20 in our columns.

  • Price : €3.73 until November 10 (instead of €10.99)

Sonic Frontiers is coming soon and will offer a 3D adventure featuring our favorite blue hedgehog. But perhaps the principle doesn’t particularly appeal to you. You’re nostalgic for the old 2D stages of the good old days, when Sonic almost eclipsed Mario. If this is your case, know that a game that honors them was born in 2017. This is Sonic Mania. Chances are you missed this outing and that’s a shame. More than a successful tribute, Sonic Mania was able to restore the mechanics of the era with some more modern ones. Add to that successful graphics and a soundtrack almost as iconic as the first Sonic games and you have an incredibly satisfying title, for nostalgics and neophytes alike. It is not for nothing that he collected a nice 17 out of 20 in the season with us.

  • Price : €9.99 until November 10 (instead of €19.99)

We’ve gone up a notch with a game that scored a fantastic 18 out of 20 with us: Street Fighter V. Fighting game lovers, it’s time to fall for this 2016 title before the arrival of Street Fighter VI . Well presented and just as fun to play, the fifth installment of this flagship license does the job and does it well. Be careful though, the version available for less than five euros until November 10 is not the Champion Edition including the many DLC characters that were released afterwards. But sure, it still covers Arcade, Team Battle, and Extra Battle (online) modes. All you have to do is participate in as many fights as possible and come out victorious to accumulate Fight Money and therefore buy lost characters and levels.

  • Price : €4.99 until November 10 (instead of €19.99)

We returned to the FPS side with Titanfall 2. When in 2014, Respawn Entertainment, Bluepoint Games and Electronic Arts offered us a multiplayer game based on the great mechas of the science fiction universe, we were amazed. But the developers changed the test two years ago with the second opus which won a nice 17 out of 20 with us. There are many reasons for this leap forward. It ranges from ultra-dynamic gameplay to a story that is as rhythmic as it is funny and attractive, through the expansion of content, the presence of different and different modes and sublimated multiplayer. From underdog to juggernaut, Titanfall 2 is definitely an experience to try if you are an FPS fan. Especially since the game is not dead, brought by a faithful community that still exists despite the years. And for those who don’t know, note that Battle Royale Apex Legends takes place in the same universe as the Titanfall franchise.

  • Price : €3.99 until November 10 (instead of €19.99)

After its first release in 2008, Valkyria Chronicles got a second wind in 2016 with a remastered version on PS4. But what is Valkyria Chronicles? This is a tactical action game signed by Sega that takes us to an imaginary Europe. It’s 1935 and the free country of Gallia finds itself in the middle of a conflict between two great powers. As Welkin Gunther and Alicia Melchiott, your goal is to save as many people as possible and find a way out of this mess. Enough to give an epic more worthy of his beautiful 18 out of 20. Note that this remastered version has smoother gameplay, improved graphics, and shorter loading times. In addition, it contains various DLCs that appeared in the PS4 version, namely the one that introduces the Hard EX Mode (harder Skirmish missions), the “Enter the Edy Detachment” and “Behind Her Blue Flame” missions as well as bonus challenges.

  • Price : €5.99 until November 10 (instead of €19.99)

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