Nintendo Switch promo: 10 nuggets of video games to discover for less than 10 euros

Game News Nintendo Switch promo: 10 nuggets of video games to discover for less than 10 euros

If the Nintendo Switch promos are an opportunity to try the hits of the console for a few euros, especially in the independent part it is worth it. Many of them are available at a pittance until mid-November. We made the arrangement for you with 10 small nuggets of all kinds for less than 10 euros.

When Aragami was released in 2016, we did not know the independent studio Lince Works, which developed and published the title. And yet, its developers will succeed in making a name for themselves this third person stealth game. Despite behemoths like Hitman and Dishonored, Aragami has managed to establish itself as a good title in the genre, and an original one at that. Between its dark art direction, its gameplay is based on well-thought-out powers and the feeling of freedom that is left in the different levels., the title managed to breathe fresh air into the undercover genre, prompting us to give it a nice 15/20. Not bad for a first game, right? Remember that the Shadow version includes not only the base game, but also the Nightfall DLC and all the additional content developed after the release of the game.

  • Price : €8.99 until November 15 (instead of €29.99)

You probably know The Last Door, the point’n’click horror from Spanish studio The Game Kitchen. This critical success gave a certain fame to this small independent studio, which had little difficulty in getting up. But that did not count the arrival of Bblasphemous, a terrifying and ridiculously successful metroidvania. To stand out from tons of independent products in the same style, the developers of The Game Kitchen decided to turn to Andalusian folklore to offer us an original terrifying experience. If the game is after all a classic, it is very well executed. Add to that a masterful pixel-art and a mesmerizing atmosphere and you’ve got a title that fully deserves its 16/20.

  • Price : €6.24 until November 16 (instead of €24.99)

We continue with a very cute little game (great change of atmosphere) that got a nice 15 out of 20 when it was released: Blossom Tales: The Sleeping King. In this action-RPG type, this old-school Castle Pixel title puts us in the shoes of Lily, the knight with the rose, whose mission is to defeat the evil Crocus. The latter plunges Lily’s kingdom into chaos after a spell cast by the king casts her into an eternal sleep. A tribute to Zelda in 2D, the game does not change the wheel but has the merit of offering us a rhythmic adventure with a good taste of nostalgia. Everything is well done and makes Blossom Tales a delightful game to discover.

  • Price : €5.24 until 24/11 (instead of €14.99)

We leave the action behind to move on to a narrative game with cyberpunk sauce. Of course, we are not talking about the CD Projekt game (which is enjoying popularity at the moment), but about the cyberpunk genre, a sub-genre of science fiction that mixes dystopia and advanced technological developments. Unsurprisingly, Cloudpunk takes us to a futuristic city. We play Rania, a young woman who is forced to join the megalopolis of Nivalis. He gave there for the company Cloudpunk. Despite a somewhat awkward start, the title of ION LANDS and Maple Whispering Limited offers a pleasant adventure to follow, mainly thanks to the little wonder of technology Nivalis but also the neat characters and atmosphere. Not disappointed with the ride, we gave it a nice 16 out of 20.

  • Price : €8.74 until November 12 (instead of €24.99)

More fairyland than technological dystopia? Ride for Greak: Memories of Azur, a side-scrolling adventure game that immerses you in a universe as dark as it is magical. With its hand-made animations, the title from Navegante Entertainment has an undeniable charm that will surely pique the curiosity of some of you. But what happened there? Well, in Greak: Memories of Azur you take turns playing three brothers: Greak, Adara and Ravdel. Each has its own abilities that must be used wisely to escape the Urlag, these terrible creatures that have invaded their world and seek to destroy their faction. Slightly below the titles offered so far (70 on Metacritic), Greak: Memories of Azur is nevertheless a nice little adventure to discover, especially at such a low price.

  • Price : €7.99 until November 16 (instead of €19.99)

Of course, you know Overcooked, the crazy party game published by Team17. But have you folded your hands? Moving, is it equivalent to moving sauce? Released in 2020, the game was created by SMG Studio and offers us to make extreme moves. It’s bad if you break down, the important thing is to synchronize with your partner to speed up, and if a house or a moving truck. It’s enough to offer hilarious gaming sessions, even if it’s a bit chaotic at times. True, the game has the right to a shy 14 out of 20 in our columns. But there is still a better way spend a good time with friends or family, and it’s for an unbeatable price. Note that a Moving Out 2 is in preparation and we hope to see it correct the defects of the first one.

  • Price : €6.24 until November 16 (instead of €24.99)

Craving blinding neon and fast-paced action? Let’s go to Neon Abyss, an independent title that caused a stir when it was released in July 2020. The concept is simple: mixing roguelike, platformer and action elements to deliver a fast-paced, all-pixel experience. Later, you play as a member of the Grim Squad (founded by Hades himself) whose mission is to penetrate the Abyss to defeat the New Gods. Small part: Neon Abyss dungeons are constantly changing. Depending on your choices, you can discover new rooms, but also alternative endings or special rules. Enough to provide an amazing adventure from start to finish, isn’t it? With its impressive 79 on Metacritic, the title seems to have won its bet. Nintendo eShop promotions are the perfect opportunity to see it for yourself a little.

  • Price : €7.99 until November 16 (instead of €19.99)

Who said that independent games, always said that the opportunity to offer experiences that are not common to say. This is the case of Please, Touch The Artwork, a title by Thomas Waterzooi that invites you to touch works of art in a museum. You always dreamed of it when you were young, but everyone told you that “you only touch your eyes”? Well live your childhood dream now with this special puzzle game. In all, it is not less than 160 soothing puzzles that awaits you in Please, Touch the Artwork, which aims to reveal the secrets behind the design of works such as Mondrian. Easy to learn, the game is as accessible as it is fun. And it works! On Metacritic, the title has a score of 76. Intrigued? Take advantage of Nintendo eShop deals to save 35% on Please, Touch The Artwork.

  • Price : €5.19 until December 4 (instead of €7.99)

I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve had to talk about Röki to select people of all kinds. And if it happens to me, it’s because the title deserves a twist. It’s well-deserved its impressive 79 on Metacritic and it can say thanks to its vibe and story for that. Röki actually has the merit of venturing into little-explored territory in the world of video games: Scandinavian folklore. To do this, the game puts us in the shoes of Tove, a young woman who tries to find traces of her family. Thus he begins a crazy adventure that will lead him to meet monsters but new companions. And to continue, you need to use your brain to solve the puzzles. A somewhat classic but devilishly effective adventure game that will take us on a journey through time for a few hours. Lovers of genre experiences, go.

  • Price : €5.99 until November 13 (instead of €19.99)

Still excited for new little experiences to discover at low prices? Here is our final suggestion: Yes, Your Grace, a game that invites you to be king. Rather lightening as an idea, right? But who says king, says kingdom to rule and that is not easy. You have to respond to the requests of your subjects, manage the employees of the castle, defend your assets, manage your resources and all without forgetting to spend time with your family. If Yes, Your Grace therefore undeniably has a part in the strategy, knowing all the same that it focuses mainly on the narrative. The latter is much better work, brought to a smooth writing, attractive characters and moral dilemmas. If it has some flaws (hence the 14 out of 20), it’s a great game to discover, especially at such a ridiculous price.

  • Price : €2.51 until November 11 (instead of €16.79)’

But also bigger games

  • Child of Light Ultimate Edition for €4.99
  • No More Heroes for €9.99
  • Okami HD for €9.99
  • Rayman Legends: Definitive Edition for €9.99
  • Resident Evil Revelations 2 for €7.99
  • Sid Meier’s Civilization VI for €8.99
  • Unknown Soldier – Memoirs of the Great War for €4.99
  • LEGO Worlds for 8.99 €
  • And more…

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