Automatic machine test with WMF Perfection 860L shredder: nothing is perfect

Ease of use

We already noticed it during its presentation a few weeks ago: the WMF Perfection 860L is a beautiful baby that takes up space on the worktop. In fact, it measures 28 cm wide by 48 cm deep and 40 cm high. So he was destined to sit proudly, his heavy weight of about 12 kg eliminated any desire to move him every day.


A beautiful, very bright device.

Fortunately, it does not need to be moved to fill the water tank or its seed container. The first is located on the left side of the engine and is removed by pulling towards you. The second, as always, sits on top and the seal lid closes it. Initially, the seed container does not contain a wheel to adjust the fineness of grinding. It is thanks to a selector placed in front of the cover that the user makes changes. Finally, the Perfection 860L has a ground coffee trap located on the right side of the device.


Grain or soil, you must choose.

WMF plays in the field of premium appliances and its coffee machine full auto therefore decorated, in its largest face in any case, with noble materials. The sides and top of the machine are lined with matte metal that won’t catch many fingerprints. We regret a little that the facade does not receive the same treatment for everything that is not related to the control panel. The rest of the front is made up of the walls of the coffee container and the plastic water tank. However, the latter seems to be quality and does not inspire any fear of its good behavior over time. Another element that brings a bit of cachet to the whole, the light tower at the base of the coffee maker also serves as a signal that maintenance operation is required when it flashes.


WMF chooses very meaningful icons.

But let’s go back to the big shiny part that makes up the control panel and occupies the entire width of the facade. First point, all this surface is not the touch screen. It occupies a central place and is surrounded by sensitive keys. On the left, we find the main switch, the button to return home, the one that gives access to the cleaning options and, finally, the button that opens a tab that summarizes all the basic ones machine settings (language, units of measurement, time with complete shutdown of the device, etc.). The four buttons on the right are assigned to four profiles with direct access. To be completely complete, we specify that the WMF Perfection 860L can save 16 profiles in total, the four of direct access included.

After turning on the device, the screen (as well as the sensitive keys, of course) lights up and shows the recipes available: espresso, lungo, cappuccino, latte macchiatto, doppio… Just “Swipe” from left to right or right to left to find the right one. Once this initial selection has been made, you can proceed to the drink settings and define the intensity, the quantity supplied, the amount of milk froth, the temperature, etc. We also regret a little that the Perfection 860L does not provide a numerical indicator for the latter; we have to do three levels that are not very exciting.

The main parameters of the drink are directly accessible.

The main parameters of the drink are directly accessible.

As you can understand, the screen greatly facilitates the control of the Perfection 860L. The instruction manual can be kept hidden in the bottom of a drawer because the grip is instinctive. The instructions are completely clear and you can achieve your goals with just a few manipulations.

Good point, once the drink is ready, it’s easy to add it to a profile to prepare it later – you can give it a name. Profile management seems to be more work. Everything is configurable down to the smallest detail, and we manage to simply do what we want without the need for an instruction manual. Thanks to the screen, we press here, we touch there and we change the name of a drink, we add another, we change the temperature or the intensity in a jiffy.


You can even choose the color for the profile.

As the Perfection 860L is able to prepare milk drinks, WMF provides a glass milk jug. It consists of a thin stainless steel straw to which a rubber hose is connected, which is attached to the coffee dispensing spout itself. Although this remains highly subjective, the whole thing has a bit of a surgical component.

WMF perfection

Neon, metal and glass…

Editor's Rating: 4 out of 5

Ease of maintenance

WMF has made a number of strong choices regarding the sustainability of its Perfection 860L.

WMF perfection

One screen to clear them all.

For example, it does a rinse before completely turning off, but not at switch on. Although, in fact, it is more effective to clean the coffee distribution nozzles when the liquid is fresh and easy to eliminate, we would have appreciated cleaning when the machine is turned off, but also when it is started. To be completely complete, we specify that the wash can be requested at any time through the tab dedicated to maintenance; better than nothing. In addition, the dispensing nozzles can be completely disassembled for more thorough cleaning.

WMF perfection

Bare dispensing nozzles.

The tab dedicated to maintenance will be a valuable ally in the daily use of the Perfection 860L. After touching the key decorated with a tool, a page opens and offers several options such as cleaning the coffee dispensing nozzles, washing them, maintaining the milk circuit… All that remains is to guide the execution of the requested operations. Good point, the screen gives a lot of information about the different parts of the machine to be moved or not connected thanks to very clear diagrams. Perfection 860L also indicates which consumables (cleaning tablets, descaling liquid, etc.) should be dispensed. As in the case of preparing a recipe, you can completely do without the instructions for proceeding. So we are very far from coffee makers full auto such as the Smeg BCC02WHMEU that relies on flashing diodes to indicate which operations will be performed by long and short presses of keys that do not need to be dedicated.

We are talking about strong choices and not giving access to the inside of the machine to clean it manually is one of them. The WMF indicates, however, that several systems are in place to prevent the animal’s intestines from becoming clogged easily. A news lab in the long term should make it possible to know whether this promise is being fulfilled, or not.

WMF perfection

The drip tray is quite tall.

Finally, emptying the drip tray is a little tricky because of its size and the trip to the sink is a bit complicated. In addition, the evacuation holes are placed oddly and no spout is provided. So it is necessary to remain cautious during the process.

Strong points

  • Nice machine with a smooth finish.

  • Easy to manage.

  • Easy maintenance.

  • It was very quiet.

Weak points

  • Coffees are slow to prepare.

  • Stronger than standby power.

  • No access to the inside of the machine.


Global score

Editor's Rating: 3 out of 5

How does grading work?

It doesn’t take much for the WMF Perfection 860L to fully deserve the baptismal name. True, it is slower than usual to deliver espressos and the manufacturer can leave the user free to open the shell to clean the contents completely, like many other devices. However, this beautiful toy remains attractive thanks to a perfectly calibrated touch interface that facilitates drink preparation and maintenance.

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