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If its arrival is not completed until December, with the addition of the eleventh Hearthstone class, the Death Knight, the Lich King has already left its mark on the standard mode. In fact, on Tuesday night, as announced by Blizzard, players may have been surprised to see one of the most praised expansions in the history of the game come back to the fore. So Knights of the Frozen Throne is back, bringing over 130 old game cards for the month of November.

Of course, the arrival of an expansion brings some changes to the Hearthstone metagame, despite the fact that many cards seem weaker than before. This is especially the case with Death Knights, who dominated 2017, and who for the most part seem too slow in current Hearthstone.

However, there are cards from this expansion that still seem useful, and many archetypes are strengthened with these new tools. What to take care of before the big chaos expected in December and the arrival of the new class.

Review of these decks that decided to join the armies of the Lich King and that dominated standard mode this first week.

Wound Warrior: FINALLY!

After many trials, it seems that finally, the Wound Warrior has become a strong archetype that exists at a high level. With the addition of Animated Berserker, but also Forge of Souls, the deck is more consistent in hurting its minions and finding its weapon that allows them to be strengthened.

For a deck whose goal is to push an explosive, minion-based start, using their weapon to push more damage and protect their minions from enemy damage. These two additions are exactly what the deck needs, and it’s instantly one of the strongest decks around.

So while the Warrior and the aggressive archetype have both been under the radar lately, both are making a smash comeback in the form of the Wound Warrior.

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Prince Keleseth, still royal

Perhaps one of the most hated cards of the Knights of the Ice Throne era, but also the most played, Prince Keleseth didn’t live long in our memories. And as at that time, next to Valeera, and especially its Pas de l’ombre, that our good Prince spoke of him.

In a deck full of battle cries, and with Snapdragon to further strengthen their power. The goal is simply to make the biggest and cheapest minions possible, and let the opponent make them.

If the deck seems like a complete disaster when we can’t find our key cards at the start of the game, it gives the impression of walking on water in the opposite case. In fact, we can easily give +3|+3 to all our minions and, thanks to Contact on the ground or to Edwin, kingpin defias, it is very difficult to exhaust this deck once it is launched.

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The High Priest is back!

For those who don’t know before, or don’t play freemode, High Priestess is a deck that can be considered from the worst side of Lich King. In any case, his reputation precedes him and the reactions on social networks to the announcement of his return to some show that he is still remembered.

For those lucky enough not to know, the principle of the deck is to summon very large minions with Shadow Essence or Masked Party Girl. Then bring them back with Eternal Servitude, Amulet of Immortality or Xyrella, Devotee until the enemy can’t stop them.

With these cards, the deck plays a lot of defensive gear, aiming to go into the comfort zone with less risk. A very simple game, very effective, and for many, very frustrating.

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Gul’dan revives the combo archetype

What’s a set release without the usual early day OTK deck? Much like Wound Warrior acts as a policeman for decks with weak defensive abilities, Phylactery Warlock takes on the role of someone who prevents decks from becoming too slow.

With the expansion, the combo has not changed. We’re still looking to kill one of our Sea Mines, and then use Tamsin’s Phylactery to give an army of imps her deathrattle and then blow them all away.

Returning Desecrate to standard mode allows you to do the combo for less, because the card replaces Hellfire, which costs 4 mana points. Another significant return for the deck is the Talented Arcanist, which allows us to put our next spell on hormones. Knowing that many spells have healing effects (Soul Drain), area effects (Grimoire of Sacrifice) or the condition to wipe out the target (Death Veil, Touch of the Nathrezim), the card brings a lot at this level.

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Many existing archetypes received assistance

These cards don’t change their archetype like the ones mentioned above, but there are many cards that come to strengthen the archetypes of their class. Here is an incomplete list:

  • Druid Ramp’s Encroaching Plague greatly increases the deck’s defensive capacity, especially against aggressive minion-based decks. Also seen are Malfurion the Putrid and Ultimate Scourge.
  • Renathal Shaman’s Ice Fishing brings excellent stability to the deck in relation to its murloc synergy. He was more consistent in finding his Clownfish and Gorloc Ravager, which got the deck off to a good start.
  • Beast Hunter picks Play Dead and Rexxar the Deathstalker bring diversity to the deck, and it provides new gameplay patterns.
  • Cardstealing Priest seems to like Archbishop Benedictus, which has excellent synergies with Mysterious Visit.

For an extension that started in 2017, and with the evolution of Hearthstone over time. I must admit that I was surprised by its effect and the number of decks Knights of the Ice Throne encourages us to try. An excellent option for this Halloween event that comes to add to a month of November that promises to be bad while waiting for the arrival of the new class.

So bravo Blizzard, and good game everyone!

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