The horror video game ‘Dead Space’ returns in a chillingly gory remake

Lovers of great video game thrills can rejoice. For this end of the year 2022 – beginning of the year 2023, the program of horror video game releases is well filled. On the lot, the remake of the horror science fiction game dead space, considered one of the pillars of the genre, whose release is expected in early 2023. Completely redesigned, from narrow corridors to sticky ceilings, the title is also enriched with new game mechanics and original narrative arcs. Eric Baptizat, game director, and Roman Campos-Oriola, creative director of Motive Studio, explained to franceinfo the genesis and intentions of the project.

In 2008 came out dead space on home consoles and PC, a third-person shooter, a real visual and technical slap in the face for the time. The player consists of an engineer, Isaac Clarke, aboard a spaceship, the USG Ishimura, and fights against Necromorphs, types of people reincarnated into monsters. For this new version, fourteen years after the original, Electronics Arts and Motive Studio have kept the same bases while developing deeper gameplay and action possibilities. Alone and trapped, Isaac Clarke continues the service to once again fight against external threats, but also against himself, as his sanity diminishes.

The impetus comes from the Canadian studio Motive Studio, at the origin of Star Wars Battlefront II and on Star Wars: Squadrons. “There are a few people on the team who are working on two games that follow Dead Space. (dead space 2 and 3)Roman explained Campos-Oriola. A desire for the terrible adventures shared by Roman and Eric baptismboth are big fans of the game and who take advantage of the technological progress in the field “push Dead Space one step further”. All this in a context where panic becomes easier. “Fifteen years ago, if you wanted to see a horror film, you had to find a special cinema that showed these films. Today, all horror films have a national release”Roman continued.

The player must strategically cut down the evil creatures that surround him, while keeping an eye on his stress level.  (ELECTRONIC ARTS)

The stakes are high to rehabilitate such a cult title in its genre, to survive in a horror environment. The main challenge for the team, which fans of the saga have been waiting for dead space : keep balance for this new space adventure 2.0. “We need to implement new features while keeping a known base”, abstract Eric baptism.

In order to find a game that is close to the original, development is focused around three pillars of experience dead space : “horror, relentless immersion and creativity in player gameplay”. The goal is as clear as the game is dark: that the players have “the impression of playing it again for the first time”, like a tester expressing himself in these terms to a Roman.

That the fans of the saga are assured, the heavy atmosphere, strong point of dead space original, developed far, far away from our blue planet, seems to be always touchable. “That is one of the reasons for this remake. To recreate the unique atmosphere of the game at the crossroads of genres: zombie survival, space horror and madness”, details of Roman Campos-Oriola.

Among the points focused on by Motive Studio, particular attention is given to environmental effects: light, smoke, particles and even sound. “At the audio level, for example, we have changed the current concept of off-screen, which makes it possible to spatialize the placement of enemies and shock the player”.

Without weapons or reinforcements, the main character must use his high-tech engineering tools to survive in a cold spaceship full of surprises.  (ELECTRONIC ARTS)

dead space a linear game, which guides the player along a set path, as opposed to open-world games. The challenge is to be able to repeat the experiment to avoid repetition. “In the first opus, after a few hours of playing, we started to get used to the recipe. So the idea of ​​adding unexpected elements to the appearance of the screen, like the repopulation of combat zones more or less randomly .declare Roman Campos-Oriola.

Severed enemies that multiply, air ducts that explode or hallucinations that arise, it’s a certainty, the unscripted elements are there. With always as a guide, the idea of ​​breaking is the repetitive aspect of this style of play. “In survival horror games, once a game area is explored by the character, there is nothing left. We want the ship to be explored again by the player, so we set it up”referring to Eric Baptizat.

In the original game, immersion was somewhat hampered by loading moments.  New technological capabilities make it possible to design this Dead Space as a long shot sequence.  (ELECTRONIC ARTS)

For the occasion, the team rebuilt all the bases laid in the first opus, while ensuring the weaving of narrative links with other elements derived from dead space, emerged with time and success. Motive Studio is now in final preparations,”like in the kitchen, we have the moment we season at the end of the preparation”, mocked baptism. On the fan side, we’ll have to wait until January 27, 2023 to find out if this new remake of dead space fits well with the image they created in the original.

dead space is now available for pre-order and will be released on January 27, 2023 on PlayStation®5, Xbox Series X|S and PC

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