MSI’s RTX 4090 is sold for €19 on Cdiscount, I tried to buy it

News good plan MSI’s RTX 4090 is sold for €19 on Cdiscount, I tried to buy it

I tried to buy the RTX 4090 from MSI on Cdiscount for only 19 €, but everything did not go as planned!

MSI RTX 4090 is only 19 € on Cdiscount?

That’s it, AMD and Nvidia have unveiled their ultra high-end graphics cards. Nvidia opened the ball with the RTX 4090 and 4080, whose prices are very high, perhaps even more than its performance, which is still amazing. The brand has also been the subject of a lot of criticism, especially for the positioning of the 4080 12GB, which is weaker than its companion 4080 16GB while remaining at a very high price.

AMD has counter-attacked with its RX 6900 XT and especially the RX 6900 XTX which gave a big kick in the anthill with their huge power and their extremely inflated price. However, it’s hard to top the price we got yesterday of Nvidia’s most powerful card: the RTX 4090.

In fact, a merchant is offering it at a literally insane price! While it is almost everywhere out of stock, he offers it at the ridiculous price of 19 €. Wrong? Ilad? The first assumption is clearly put forward because of the price which is very different from the normal.

Buy RTX 4090 for 19 € at Cdiscount

Given the deal, we obviously tried to buy it. Who wouldn’t want to save €2,000 on the most powerful card on the market! Unfortunately for us, the deal was too good to be true and we were greeted with an error message from Cdiscount.

MSI's RTX 4090 is sold for €19 on Cdiscount, I tried to buy it

Beyond the fact that there is no chance that this deal will work, it is important to know that this type of problem can occur, even on sites that are reliable such as Cdiscount, Rue du Commerce, Amazon, etc. You should be aware that these sites are also marketplaces where third-party sellers can offer their products. While many are completely trustworthy, this is clearly not the case for everyone and some tempting offers are just made to get you.

It is very important to pay attention to who the sellers and shippers are when buying and only buy from reputable merchants with good ratings. The easiest way is to limit yourself to products that are sold directly on the sites themselves (Cdiscount, Amazon, etc.), but you will miss out on good, valid offers.

Mistakes like this happen. Usually, the customer is charged and the purchase is cancelled. Sometimes, however, the money is completely lost and other times the deal works out. Relying on such pricing errors, however, is a big risk of not receiving your product, either through cancellation or scam.

If you want to take advantage of the RTX 4090, we found a legitimate offer for €2098.94 with some stock on Cdiscount! This is a PNY version of the most powerful card on the market, but beware, there are only a few left at the time of writing this article…

Buy the RTX 4090 for €2,098.94 at Cdiscount

RTX 4090: the most powerful graphics card on the market

With the revelations from AMD, we know that Nvidia has the most powerful card of this generation with the RTX 4090. Ready for 8K and for Ray Tracing, no one can resist it, even the most demanding tasks. This PNY XLR8 Gaming Verto version has a 2230 MHz main clock that can be boosted up to 2520 MHz. It has 24 GB of video memory, 3 DisplayPort and an HDMI port.

To equip your PC with it, you need at least an 850 W power supply.

Buy RTX 4090 for 19 € at Cdiscount

Buy the RTX 4090 for €2,098.94 at Cdiscount

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