Has your credit card code been leaked online? This tool developed by NordVPN shows you

News hardware Has your credit card code been leaked online? This tool developed by NordVPN shows you

VPNs seem to have hidden powers. In this ultra-competitive sector, the main market leaders have to offer more and less features to stand out. By digging a little, we found only one more practical Nord VPN: the analysis of the Dark Web to protect your credit card and your email address.

Hacking: to stop seeing your credit card codes leaked, stop doing it

Today, everyone buys on the internet. Entering your bank card codes on any site has become a common practice. Well, everyone knows that. On the other hand, what you surely don’t know is thatThis banal gesture is often exploited of hackers.

Every day millions of people are scammed on the web. Credit card codes are easy to steal, and people often pay for things that never arrived.

To solve this problem, big merchant sites often offer to save your data guaranteeing that they are safe from any attack… but should you trust them? Cybersecurity experts strongly advise against this practice. You don’t know where your codes are stored and it’s common to see leaked databases.

Likewise, storing your bank details on your smartphone or PC is not particularly secure. yes, Typing in all your credit card numbers every time is a pain, but this is the most recommended behavior to adopt.

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Hackers put your credit card codes at risk

Cybercriminals are smart people. Their techniques for bypassing the various protections you put in place are numerous and we won’t name them all. Remember the 2 most widely used hacking methods (by far):

  • The most common technique is to phishing, or phishing in good French. All you have to do is click on a fake ad or a fake alert link received via email / SMS, and presto, malicious software is installed on your PC / smartphone. Say goodbye to your data, especially your bank card codes.
  • Another well-known method: the creation of fake shopping site. Just think: you think you are safe on a well-known platform, you buy, you send all the information necessary for the transaction… but your order never arrives. Even worse: by falling into the trap of a fake site, all the information you provide can be used against you.

Don’t think yourself immune. Online scams are not just for the elderly or the naive. Far away there.

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Go through Nord VPN to shop online: the best solution?

In your online life, it is important to adopt a certain digital hygiene. Here are some basic tips:

  • Before any purchase, check the URL of the site you are on. Check his name first: the spelling must be perfect and there must be no extraneous words. Also make sure it’s small padlock icon first the link you entered. This symbol indicates that the site is secure (with an address that starts with HTTPS and not only with HTTP).
  • As said beforeavoid storing your payment information anywhere. Losing a little time with each purchase is better than losing your data.
  • Do not click on a link if you are not sure where it came from.. Emails are just like text messages, everyone is bombarded with phishing attempts. Always keep your eyes open. For all the times your vigilance isn’t enough, Know that a VPN with Anti-Threat Protection feature automatically blocks access to a dangerous website. Nord VPN has this feature, eliminating most of even the most sophisticated phishing attempts.
  • Stop using the same bad password over and over again. Each password must be unique, long, and different. Use capital letters, special characters and numbers. Going with an external password manager is highly recommended. Personally, I don’t know any of my passwords, and again, I leave them to Nord VPN (with its Nord Pass functionality).
  • Use a vpn. In addition to hiding your IP address (always useful for privacy reasons), a VPN protects you when using a network Public Wi-Fi.
Has your credit card code been leaked online?  This tool developed by NordVPN shows you

Finally, let’s answer the big question raised in the title of this article. If you are worried that you have seen your credit card data absorbed, it is possible to check the status of your protection online using a tool, which is always available on Nord VPN : Dark Web Monitoring.

Suddenly, the VPN searches the Dark Web to see if your email or data is circulating. You will be notified at the slightest suspicion of a leak. It’s inspiring. To take advantage of this tool, just go to the last tab of the NordVPN PC application.

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