Does Marvel Snap have all the cards in hand to compete with Hearthstone?

Game News Does Marvel Snap have all the cards in hand to compete with Hearthstone?

Developed by one of the creators of Hearthstone, the Marvel Snap card game has great potential. Using a license with the wind in its sails combined with a very quick game can make it a popular game. However, the competition in this area is fierce: does it have the capacity to face such behemoths? Here is our analysis.


  • Amazing accessibility
  • Is Marvel Snap a pay-to-win?
  • Areas for development for the future

Amazing accessibility

Available on mobile and PC, Marvel Snap stands for ease of access. It only takes a few minutes to understand how it works.. Like Gwent: The Witcher Card Game, the principle is to get more points than your opponent to win the game. The cards have effects that are easy to understand and integrate well with the slot system. This element exclusive to Marvel Snap adds mechanics and bonuses that improve games a bit. After an effective tutorial, the player is quickly ready to go online with his beginner’s deck. With only 12 cards per deck and 6 turns, there is no need to invest a lot of time in the game, because the games are very fast: 3 minutes on average. Everything is easily linked and Marvel Snap becomes more addictive!

You can understand, he puts everything into his appearance casual, for neophytes who want to relax without worrying. Simple to understand and not too difficult to master… the equation seems perfect! Only, for a free-to-play, one can legitimately wonder if this perfection has a value.

Is Marvel Snap a pay-to-win?

This is the big question that arises when touching a free to play, especially if it is as enjoyable as Marvel Snap. In an era where microtransactions are rampant, the announcement of a game in the genre may raise more concerns than relief. In fact, not paying to play is always welcome, but to be as efficient as other players, sometimes it is necessary to extend the money. This is why this type of game is called “pay-to-win”, because it is usually very difficult to win if your opponent has rare and strong cards. Is this the case with Marvel Snap? The answer is not so simple at the moment. Spending money allows you to “improve” cards (improve their decoration) more quickly, with an aesthetic effect if it is not also the way to get new cards. Therefore, a paying player can get all the cards in the game without having to play like a free-to-play player. It is possible to have a season pass with some cards and other cosmetic additions, all still obtainable without paying. With 12 cards per deck and 229 in total, players don’t need a lot of cards to put together an effective deck.

Does Marvel Snap have all the cards in hand to compete with Hearthstone?

Areas for development for the future

Marvel Snap is a good game that is not without its flaws. Unlike HearthStone and Gwent which are very well integrated into their universe, even truly intradiegetic in the second, this is not the case with Marvel Snap. It is interesting to strengthen the immersion by adding narrative elements that frame the game. For example, when we play Hearthstone, we know that we are in a tavern. For Gwent, it’s still part of the universe of The Witcher 3. With Marvel Snap, there’s no narrative boundary. All the player sees is a visual that uses cosmic codes in the background and some interaction during the tutorial. Thus the game suffers from a lack of personality compared to the competition.

It has great content to mine a plethora of existing heroes. Players will discover many characters… without knowing who they are and why they are fighting. For example, Squirrel Girl doesn’t need to be widely known: perhaps a short paragraph telling the story of the hero of the card selection would be appropriate. It’s also a great way to introduce lay people to the Marvel universe. Some heroes are entitled to a small citation if they don’t have special effects on their card. It would be nice to have a quote for each character, whether they have a description of their abilities or not.

Ultimately, Marvel Snap is still in its infancy and should deliver more content later on. Although today, almost not released, it only offers classic matchmaking, it should be able to accommodate different game modes starting with a draft system. We can also imagine a scripted PVE mode suitable for the Marvel universe.

Does Marvel Snap have all the cards in hand to compete with Hearthstone?

Thus, Marvel Snap currently does not have strong enough shoulders to compete with HearthStone, Magic: The Gathering Arena or Legends of Runeterra. It must take months or even years to acquire the necessary weapons to win against the behemoths of the genre. In the meantime, there remains an ultra accessible and rather pleasant alternative for new card games and license fans..

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