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In France, Black Friday is spread over almost the entire month of November. This Saturday and Sunday, many e-merchants are active with discounts. Our choice.

This week is amazing: it brings together the best of Singles Day and Black Friday. If you don’t know the first one, it is the biggest e-commerce event in the world and it is organized by AliExpress. In France, it cuts the prices of popular brands such as Xiaomi, OnePlus or Roborock. With Asian brands, Amazon absolutely cannot keep up with it on prices.

To see all the offers, here they are:

Check out Singles Day Deals

Check out Amazon’s offers

When Black Friday comes around, there are already hundreds of amazing deals available. Businessmen do not have to wait until the end of November to reveal it. This allows the French to enjoy it throughout the month and without any pressure. Below is a list of our favorite picks.

As you can see, Black Friday is not a monopoly of Amazon. Currently, the most aggressive discounts can be found on the side of AliExpress. The trader on his Single Day shows incredible (and real) prices for products that are only a few weeks old. This is the case for example with the OnePlus 10 Pro, or even with a Xiaomi 12. We invite you to look at the merchant platform to discover it.

Besides Amazon and AliExpress, Black Friday is also an opportunity for direct brands to make discounts. This is the case, for example, with many software publishers who cut the prices of their products: NordVPN with high-quality VPN, Bitdefender and Intego with antiviruses, etc. It is in your best interest to seize these opportunities because they do not present themselves for the rest of the year.

Black Friday is different

Black Friday has become a tradition, including in France. All traders participate in this operation, no matter who they are. There are hair salons, real estate agencies or even banks that encourage customers to subscribe in the month of November. If you are looking for a new banking establishment, know that Boursorama Banque is offering 150 euros to its new customers until Monday night. It’s a crazy operation because of its generosity.

This global operation in November is a great opportunity to buy or change services. On Black Friday, Amazon and others aren’t just discounting technology — far from it. The trader’s platform covers completely all types of products, which allows you to shop according to your needs. Every time, there are products that will please you at a reduced price on the site.

Unfortunately, all good things come to an end. Since the beginning of Single Day a few days ago, AliExpress has experienced many stock-outs. It must be said that when the merchant shows discounts of up to -50% on the latest products, the temptation is great. On lesser known brands, you can save up to -80% or even -90%.

Check out Singles Day Deals

Among the offers not to be missed this Saturday and Sunday before Black Friday, there are many vacuum cleaners from AliExpress. Prestigious brands like Roborock, Tineco or even Dreame offer unbelievable prices. These are prices you won’t find on French e-commerce sites. However, AliExpress works like them: it delivers to you from France, for free and in a few days. Its bargaining power is very strong, as the leader in the business world.

An operation in the month of November

In theory, you have less pressure for Black Friday because it lasts for a good part of the month. However, the French have already started their Christmas shopping and they do not hesitate to rush to the best offers. So it is also necessary to be reactive so as not to miss out on good deals. Many e-commerce players set end dates for their flash sales, forcing you to hurry.

In all cases, whether for physical products or software, online merchants have the obligation to give you a right of withdrawal. For example, for the purchase of the product, you have at least 14 days to change your mind after delivery and return it. Amazon even offers 30 days for it. As for the software, you always have a period of 30 days to test the service: it does not commit you to anything.

This year, Black Friday has an additional constraint: stocks are low, which leads to many shortages. In France, physical stores have holes in their shelves, and it’s the same with e-commerce sites. The latter is trying to cut prices but the quantity available is low. So you have to hurry as no one can pass you a good offer. This Saturday and Sunday will be two decisive moments.

To find out about the offers, it happens here:

Check out Singles Day Deals

Check out Amazon’s offers

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