PlayStation VR2: Too fast, too expensive, Sony’s mistake in virtual reality?

News hardware PlayStation VR2: Too fast, too expensive, Sony’s mistake in virtual reality?

For months, estimates of the price of PSVR 2 have been linked, now, we finally have an answer: it will be € 599.99! Too expensive? Yes, if you think it’s more than a PS5. But with the right games, Sony can sell a headset with great potential.

PSVR 2, one price, one date

That’s it! PlayStation has decided to give the price of its PSVR 2, and as many say it will hurt the wallet. € 599.99 with us, or 50 euros more than the new price of the PS5 Standard Edition, with disc drive. The amount includes the new Sony virtual reality headset and two “PSVR 2 Sense” controllers. All will be available on February 22, 2023 along with 20 games on release, said the Japanese company. We don’t know the exact list yet, but bet on a Horizon Call of the Mountain – VR game from the famous PlayStation license – a device bundle is already presented! At the same time, the brand opened 11 new PSVR 2 titles, including The Dark Pictures: Switchback, without having to specify their release date.

PSVR 2 is the two “Sense” controllers

From the beginning, Sony wanted to prove its investment for this second test of virtual reality. Because to hear it, the Japanese company dreams of becoming the new leader of VR… at least on the console. On stage at CES 2022, jim ryan, president of Sony’s video game division, says he wants to “pave the way to new entertainment experiences” and that virtual reality is “at the center” of this philosophy! yes, ambitions are in orderfor a technology whose sales have approx double last year, mainly thanks to Facebook and the autonomous Meta Quest 2 headset (15 million copies sold since October 2020). For its part, the sale of Sony’s first PSVR, which was released in 2016, is now about 6 million.

First lackluster success

It’s a fact, “PlayStation VR 1” is no longer the best-selling virtual reality mask, as we wanted to write a few years ago. With a strong catalog of games, based on an easy-to-use and inexpensive product (starting at €449 without the need for a PC | or console), Meta Quest 2 has all the its eyes. It’s simple: it’s currently the most affordable and practical solution to try VR, in a market that is slowly but surely gaining the majority of the public. In 2016, Sony has undoubtedly arrived before the war! His PSVR cost €399 at the time – the price of a new PS4 Pro – without the essential controllers and camera. So yes, it is “nothing” compared to the 700-900 € of the competition, however, success is not obtained.

Blood & Truth, one of the best PSVR games, was released in 2019

PlayStation VR2: Too fast, too expensive, Sony's mistake in virtual reality?PlayStation VR2: Too fast, too expensive, Sony's mistake in virtual reality?PlayStation VR2: Too fast, too expensive, Sony's mistake in virtual reality?

While six million PSVR since 2016 seems like a comfortable result, Sony is not necessarily happy about it. In a financial report published in 2018, the Japanese company said that the virtual reality market “not growing enough”, reports an article by Julien Tellouck. Knowing that there are over 114 million PS4s worldwide today, this means that Only 5% of these players fell for the previous virtual reality headset – a number that speaks for itself. The PS5, for its part, has just exceeded 25 million copies sold, making a user base on the verge of growing faster, while the shortage has finally calmed down. Will it be enough to generate solid revenue for PSVR 2? Sony seems to believe this. According to Bloomberg, the company plans to produce 2 million headsets when it launches in March 2023.

Popular price question

With a PS5 more available for sale | a stock full of PSVR 2, PlayStation sees things big! There are more virtual reality fans than ever, but they now need to be convinced to pay an extra €600. A price that, moreover, seems “reasonable” in view of the on-board technologies (4K HDR; 2000 x 2040 per eye; framerate 90 to 120 Hz; eye tracking; etc.). The challenge is to prove to them that the purchase is worth it in quality games, no longer in a range of pleasant but dispensable experiences, as happened with the release of the first PSVR. This is where Resident Evil Village VR, Horizon Call of the Mountain becomes essential.

Horizon Call of the Mountain will be one of PSVR 2’s first “big games”

PlayStation VR2: Too fast, too expensive, Sony's mistake in virtual reality?

“I think the use of one of our biggest licenses (Horizon, editor’s note) shows our commitment to VR fans and those who are looking forward to the next generation of PSVR 2 experiences,” said Hermen Hulst, head of studios. PlayStation, in a interviews on the side of Julien Chièze. Above all, Horizon Call of the Mountain presents itself as a complete adventure, with action, narration, even action. Looking at Sony’s impressive portfolio (Uncharted, The Last of Us, God of War, Ratchet & Clank), we think that more than one series can be adapted to virtual reality. For the Japanese firm, therefore, what remains is to do everything to justify the price of PSVR 2.

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