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Like every year, Call of Duty has specifications that it won’t deviate too much, with a single-player and multiplayer campaign. We have already given our opinion on the main adventure of this latest Modern Warfare 2 so it’s time to move on to the second piece, the biggest one. Yes, Activision relies primarily on its online dimension to attract more players. Is it still worth checking out? Here, then, is our judgment on the subject.

Fundamental : This test is only valid for multiplayer in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2. Find our complete opinion on the campaign at this address. Everything is done on PS5.

Apparently, yes – Call of Duty is always the same old story. A more or less successful campaign and a multiplayer that is not always flawless. At this point, the last two games in the series (Black Ops Cold War, Vanguard) were quite disappointing. So there is no choice, this new Modern Warfare 2 must change. Yes, this is the sequel to the 2019 reboot – often cited as the best Call of Duty in recent years, for its core adventure and its online dimension! We’ve already given our opinion on the solo phase of 2022, so it’s time to move on to the other big pieces. We sell you a small wick, it is very strong.

Important but overlooked novelties

First, the basics. Along with Modern Warfare 2, Call of Duty welcomes new gameplay is clearly not negligible. Now, it is possible to dive forward to find yourself in a prone position; holding onto a wall before climbing it; swimming above and below water. The first mechanic is useful for rushing in the heat of battle with panache – or crossing a window – and the second can provide a “parkour” dimension of movement, especially on large maps (32 vs 32) where the contents provided for this purpose are many.

New and appreciated items, but which is in the state a little neglected! The ten small maps (6 vs. 6) offered at launch almost never emphasize parkour and water aspects (with one or two exceptions), which is normal, somewhere, because they first in favor of water. It’s just that we almost forgot these innovations once in the war, which is a bit of a shame. Warzone 2.0 will definitely put it to more use. On the side, note that there is always a slide and the option to push your weapon against a wall.

Slow but very effective game

After this little disappointment, we have to face the facts: the sensations of Modern Warfare 2 are hot (no pun intended)! It’s incredibly effective – regardless of the weapon in hand. The shotgun and the sniper have a responder, which had a noticeable improvement in the beta last September. No problem, we quickly reconnected with the pleasure of Modern Warfare 2019 with a big difference: the movements are small. slower than time. Sliding, for example, takes a little time, and it takes a lot of effort to pass an obstacle and continue on its way. Nothing serious for the general public, but purists will probably disagree. On our side, we are really following the proposal.

That’s not the only thing that’s different in Modern Warfare 2. Before addressing all the new modes, maps, there’s a change in a central element of Call of Duty’s multiplayer. Don’t worry, here we find the tactical and deadly equipment, the famous elimination series, the combat improvements that are recharged as the game progresses (with some new features in general the). These are the properties, these bonuses to personalize your hero and give him useful advantages, offering a second youth. From now on, you will not carry three permanents but two, to which are added two other “bonus and ultimate” advantages, which are activated 4 and 8 minutes after the start of a match. If you do wonders during this time, this time frame will be short. Generally, this is important, because powerful benefits – Determination, High Alertness – are already subject to this delay. It’s enough to make good players less violent when they come to a game, to comfort newcomers.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 – TPS Sight Deathmatch (Gameplay, PS5)

Towards a faster Call of Duty?

Overall, with this Modern Warfare 2, we feel that Activision and Infinity Ward are doing their best to make Call of Duty more accessible! A statement that surprises even before starting a game, with more refined menus than before – even if it means forgetting information. Ditto for the weapon development system. From now on, you don’t need to open each other’s arsenal. Each weapon represents a “family”, with a main instrument that gives access to similar versions of it. For example, you need to level up the M4 to level 13 to get the FTAC Recon. Although the readability leaves something to be desired, this system has the merit of making the development of weapons more fluid, less directive, and push the player to try new ways. Because yes, the accessories (sight, stock, barrel, etc.) are sometimes universal, can be transferred between two instruments of the same family in the blink of an eye, without having to start over too. This is an excellent point.

Besides inventing itself user-friendly, Call of Duty 2022 is not afraid to try things, take risks, like this amazing third-person mode. Well, you read it well! In Modern Warfare 2 it is possible to play Domination, Hardpoint and Team Deathmatch with a handheld camera (this is a separate area in multiplayer, not an option that can be activated if you want). If the idea for us was frankly absurd during the beta, especially for a historical FPS franchise, it will not be for the final version. This new action window in Call of Duty is a great idea – one that works beautifully. Compared to September, there is also a change: the camera no longer needs to switch to 1st person when focusing, it now depends on the zoom power or on a parameter to activate the options. A detail that gives all the legitimacy to the mode. The feeling is as strong as the FPS.

Exciting new modes

While we’re talking about modes, there are three little new ones we haven’t mentioned yet! Yes, along with the famous Team Deathmatch, Domination, Hardpoint, Kill Confirmed or Search and Destroy, Modern Warfare 2 welcomes Release the prisoner, KO (6 vs. 6) and progress (32 against 32)! At first, you have to protect or rescue two hostages by bringing them to your base. The second is more action-oriented with a bag, very clearly shown on the map, which must be kept within 60 seconds. Finally, it’s a kind of “Ground War” but without points to earn, and with AI soldiers – in addition to real players.

Overall, these suggestions won us over. Like Search and Destroy before it, Prisoner Free is a successful method of bringing tension to games. Here, there is no automatic reappearance, you must act slowly, think twice before taking a hostage. We also often find ourselves in cases where it is necessary to escort or defend a partner, such as KO, which is rarely underlined. On the other hand, Invasion is a bit more classic but offers frenetic and massive action! In total, Call of Duty 2022 features ten 6 vs 6 modes across multiple maps – and two 32 vs 32 modes across five maps. Tier 1 games (hardcore mode) will come later.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 – The New “KO” Mode (Gameplay, PS5)

Still a solid foundation

As usual, the content of Modern Warfare 2 plans to expand in the future, but as it is, you have a lot to enjoy and enjoy! We didn’t mention it, but this Call of Duty obviously includes private games, three always fun cooperative missions and more. split screen (not compatible with all modes, too bad). It’s almost a given every year, but the game looks great, running like a charm at 60fps on PS5 and Xbox Series X, which can even jump to 120fps against a slight loss of image quality. , if your screen allows it. An almost irreproachable plastic for maps made with care, with lines that may be a bit classic. As it stands, we only noticed a few display bugs that forced us to relaunch the title. The sound design, meanwhile, is always nickel.


Strong points

  • Great shooting sensations
  • Smooth progress
  • Related innovations
  • The technique, the sound, above
  • A more accessible episode
  • Coop, split/private share

Weak points

  • It’s slower to feel divided
  • Water, very smart is a new one
  • More “display bugs”

So, does Modern Warfare 2 mark the revolution for Call of Duty multiplayer? Well, in a sense, yes. With very strong foundations that honor the 2019 opus, the series has changed, bringing new gameplay, new equipment that is clearly welcome. Above all, the development is very smooth – with a good job on the system to unlock the weapons! Everywhere, everything is done to welcome new players and that is a very good point. Even the third person mode is surprisingly successful. All in all, this opus will undoubtedly lose purists who are used to faster games. For others, if you want to satisfy yourself with exciting actions, this is good.


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