Final Fantasy 16 not engaging enough? Pointed out the lack of ethnic diversity

Game News Final Fantasy 16 not engaging enough? Pointed out the lack of ethnic diversity

While its development is nearing its end and an announcement about its release date seems imminent, Final Fantasy 16 is suddenly back in the news. It’s time for some to ask the scary questions…

Final Fantasy 16: full of information

This is the announcement day for Final Fantasy XVI, which finally decided to reveal more about its development source. As part of a exclusive interview for our partners at IGN, A number of Final Fantasy XVI managers have provided several elements in response to questions from reporters.. Among the staff are producer Naoki Yoshida, director Hiroshi Takai, localization manager Michael-Christopher Koji Fox, and creative director Kazutoyo Maehiro. After the latest “Ambition” trailer for Final Fantasy XVI, fans said they were overwhelmed by what they saw and therefore welcomed with joy the announcement that the game’s release date is very closer than ever! But many other interesting elements filtered out during this extensive interview.

A Final Fantasy not engaging enough?

The first game in the series to potentially be rated ‘M’ (“Mature”), Final Fantasy XVI will be darker and more violent than its predecessors. In this, it seems that the franchise does not hesitate to modernize considering the age of the current players. However the reporters pointed out the fact that many fans have already complained about the lack of ethnic diversity in the game’s characters. The trailers highlight mostly white individuals and the Final Fantasy XVI universe doesn’t seem to leave much room for people of color, or even women. Here is the team’s response on this.

This is a difficult question, but not unexpected, as diversity in entertainment media has become a hotly debated topic recently. The answer I have to give, however, may disappoint some, depending on one’s expectations. From the earliest stages of development, our concept has always focused on medieval Europe, incorporating the historical, cultural, political and anthropological norms that prevailed at the time. When we chose the setting that best suited the story we wanted to tell – the story of a country stricken by the Scourge – we felt that instead of creating something on a global scale, it was necessary to limit its scope to a continental mass, geographically and culturally isolated from the rest of the world at a time before airplanes, television and the telephone. – Naoki Yoshida (Final Fantasy XVI producer)

A comparison is then made to the universe of Final Fantasy XIV.

Due to underlying geographic, technological, and geopolitical constraints, Valisthea will never be as diverse as present-day Earth… or even Final Fantasy XIV, which has a planet (and a moon) full of nations, races and cultures. The isolated nature of this kingdom, however, plays an important role in the story and is one of the reasons Valisthea’s fate is tied to the rest of the world. Ultimately, we feel it’s important to include ethnic diversity into Valisthea, but over-involving this one corner of the larger world can result in breaking the narrative boundaries we’ve set for ourselves. . The story we tell is unique, yes, but it’s also rooted in reality. – Naoki Yoshida (Final Fantasy XVI producer)

The producer then added that he especially it is difficult to give skin color to characters from fictional countries that few wish to see in it the indirect reading of our own truth.

In a game that by design allows players to experience these conflicts and struggles through dynamic and realistic battles, it can be difficult to assign different ethnicities to the antagonist or protagonist without causing preconceptions. public, invite irrational speculation, and ultimately stir up controversy. The benefit of drawing directly from history is that it allows us to revisit and re-examine our own past, while allowing us to create something new. Ultimately, we just want the focus to be less on the outward appearance of our characters and more on who they are as people – complex and diverse people in their attitudes, backgrounds, beliefs, their personalities and their motivation. People whose stories touch us. There is diversity in Valisthea. A diversity that, without being complete, is consistent with the framework we create and is true to the inspirations that feed us. – Naoki Yoshida (Final Fantasy XVI producer)

The game Final Fantasy XVI is expected for the summer of 2023 on PlayStation 5.

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