PS5: It’s here now!

News good plan PS5: It’s here now!

Sony’s PlayStation 5 is finally back in stock! But make no mistake, due to demand, it won’t last long! Be prepared for an intense moment of clicking to successfully get your hands on it

PS5 is in stock!

The PlayStation 5 is THE console everyone is crying out for. Between the hype it caused and the health crisis, the PS5 is now impossible to find at its normal price. However, it is still possible to have a restock and restock the console. This is what happened today! And we warmly invite you to immediately click on the link to succeed in getting your console!

  • Updated on 03/11/2022 at 1 pm : sold out.
  • Updated on 03/11/2022 at 10:15 am : the PS5 is available as a Cdiscount package.

On the other hand, stocks remain very limited and we sometimes hundreds (even thousands) connect at the same time to hope to have one of the rare consoles available during restocking.

If you arrive within 5 minutes after the publication of this news (or if it has just been updated), you have a good chance to find a console in stock in an official merchant and therefore at a normal price!

As mentioned above, this news will be regularly updated with all the information we have on stock changes. So don’t be ashamed to continue reading even if you are a little late.

Because yes, scarcity is still like impacting the world of technology. Although we started to find graphics cards at prices very close to their MSRP (price announced by the manufacturer), they remain unique and this is the same thing on the side of the consoles and especially the PlayStation 5.

The problem comes from the lack of “semi-conductor”. These components may be very small, but they are very important in making and using your favorite devices.

Very complex to manufacture, they have been heavily affected by Covid-related factory closures.

Not to mention that demand never stopped rising, with no production to keep up.

And with international crises, rising prices of raw materials and energy, we are not ready to return to normal for a long time.

Even if the indicators are positive, with a lot of restocking, we still cannot expect a real exit from this crisis for a long time.

However, many PS5s are still produced in Sony factories, allowing them to be constantly restocked!

PS5: why so much hype?

Won’t the PS5 be overpriced by any chance? Is the PS4 not enough?

Between the excellent catalog of the console and the hits that make the PS4 a must-have console, we can say that Sony has done wonders.

Well, on balance, we have to add the fact that the PS5 has more advanced features than the PS4. With this, it opens the door to immersion and realism. In fact, it is clear that this is the key word that governs Sony in the 5th iteration of its famous home console.

It mainly involves the power of the console, 4K at 120 fps all combined with Ray-Tracing, it does not leave anyone indifferent.

But what about the catalog? The PS4 has titles with more than enough to satisfy the whole group of fans for hours. This is where the PS5 is strong, because with its customization system, you can continue to enjoy your catalog of PS4 games, and even in some cases, benefit from an upgrade!

In short, the PS5 is the future, and those who are eagerly looking for it are not wrong!

PS5 is sometimes available. But this highly sought-after console has always been a victim of its own success. And the times when it is filled are not very frequent.

These moments called “restocking” which appear immovable allow you to get the console at its normal price, and even in packages that contain official accessories or games.

However, to successfully get the console during a restock, you need to equip yourself with patience, be reactive and have a hint of preparation. In fact, restocks are always anticipated by people. And you can be sure that the stocks will melt like snow on the day of the next replenishment.

To do this, we encourage you to first create accounts and validate them. This is a small thing to do when there is a restock. In fact, in most cases, if you can put the console in your basket, it will disappear when you need to validate the account.

To avoid this disappointment, we recommend that you perform all of these steps before any restocking. Create an account, validate it and register a payment method. These steps will save you valuable time which makes all the difference in these dire moments.

We have selected stores that regularly restock, you can find them below.

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