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Preach Gaming recently spent time with Blizzard. It was an opportunity for him to discuss World of Warcraft with the developers. Housing, discontinued features and the future of MMORPG, many interesting topics were discussed. But before delving into the information he brought back from his trip to Irvine, it’s important to set the context.

Preach the Play to the Play

In July 2021, amid Activision Blizzard’s harassment scandal, Preach published a video in which he announced that he was leaving World of Warcraft for good. A popular YouTuber, he is an earthquake for his community, others discovered him through his adventures in Azeroth. Preaching then jumps into games like FF14 explaining, among other things, that high-level play is literally destroying World of Warcraft.

In the following months, however, he published one or the other WoW video, especially Jailer’s World First as well as his first steps in Dragonflight.

On October 24, Preach published a video on twitter where we see him with Ion Hazzikostas in front of the Orc statue on the Blizzard campus. Returning to the tone of humor, WoW’s Game Director asked him if he had left the game, to which he replied that he never said that.

Part of his community then accused him of leaving Blizzard when the company was in trouble, then returning for the launch of Dragonflight, reviews were generally very positive. In other words, he will return to the payment when the success of the MMORPG is regained because there is less money to be made.

The reasons for the Blizzard trip

After returning from Irvine, Preach returned to the stream of reasons for his trip. He was the one who offered Blizzard to come and ask the questions he wanted. The purpose is not to return with new information but to report to the audience its impressions of Blizzard in 2022 and the future of Warcraft in general.

Surprisingly, since this is not Blizzard’s way of doing things like that, the studio agreed and allowed them to build a small recording studio on the premises of the company, allowing developers to come and answer his questions out of time.

Information to remember

The stream of Preach is long, very long. More than five hours of live will be available for replay on Twitch. Fortunately, Wowhead had the good idea to publish a summary of the most important elements and I suggest that you discover the component immediately.

  • The developers mention Dragonflight as the beginning of Season 3 of World of Warcraftthat expansion represents a fundamental shift in the long-term approach to MMORPGs.
  • This new method is related to particular uses such as fiefdoms or warfronts. These are game systems that are often unique to one expansion and dropped in the next. The reason is sometimes thematic and it’s hard to see how expeditions to the islands can make sense in the Shadowlands. However, Blizzard did not leave everything and the technique is sometimes used again in a different way, and the developers take into account the feedback of the player to create new features, or to bring the famous ones back to life. , like the Tower. Legion Mages.
  • However, Blizzard seems to want to act differently and extending the life of new parts, or at least some of them. At first glance, we immediately thought Dragonflight could be expected elsewhere for a later patch, or even version 11.0 of WoW.
  • The new era of WoW will also be set the player at the heart of the development process, with great importance given to their feedback. This will also be the case in the Classic as players will listen to the future of the game and what they want to see after the WotLK Classic.
  • Interesting to know that Activision’s impact appears to be minimal in the development of WoW. The developers obviously have free rein.
  • In the future, writers are thinking about the possibility ofstory arcs spanning multiple expansions. It’s hard for players to really care about the Jailer, a character they’ve only just discovered.
  • As for the changes made to the new talent system, it is also designed for players who don’t particularly push Mythic+ or attacks. A good feature for users who play quietly or collect mounts and mascots. Not all players are looking for minimal damage optimization. That’s why they implemented a system that makes applying talent points easy and effortless for players who are not interested.
  • Currently, there are not many players who do the same activity. Each one doing everything. There are players who have never set foot in a dungeon. Therefore it is necessary to create content for all players, whoever they are.
  • Homeless at the moment, or even in the short term. The team knows this is a very popular request, but needs a major engine update to make it work the way it should – otherwise it’s a clumsy mix of Garrison chunks and limited customizations. While this isn’t huge news for fans of this oft-requested feature, it may be comforting to know that it’s still on Blizzard’s radar.

With about fifteen interviews in preparation, there is no doubt that you will hear about Preach Gaming again in our articles. Trust us to relay all that is appropriate 😉

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