5 deals to grab fast for this fake Black Friday

AliExpress does not participate in Black Friday but it has its own operation at the end of the year: Single Day. Since November 1, he has flooded the web with thousands of great deals. We have prepared a list so you don’t forget.

AliExpress is doing its own Black Friday, and it’s 7x bigger than this one. Called Singles Day, this operation was first launched on November 11. Faced with the scale of its success, it has grown over time. For the 2022 edition, Single Day started on Tuesday November 1 and it will continue until November 12. Every day new flash sales appear and disappear.

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A few weeks before Black Friday, AliExpress organizes its own operation with thousands of references to reduce prices. The discounts are even more aggressive than on “Black Friday”, especially on Asian brands. Xiaomi and its sub-brands such as Poco or Redmi are the main drivers of this operation. However, AliExpress covers many topics.

The electronic side is still popular, and AliExpress is taking advantage of it for this alternative to Black Friday. That’s why you can find smartphones, tablets and other electronic devices with huge discounts. This is one of those e-merchants that can sometimes offer a 50% discount on a premium product that is not even a few weeks old. This is the case with the Redmi Pad or the Xiaomi 12 for example.

A premium fake Black Friday

To succeed in generating 7 times more turnover than Black Friday, Single Day must be aggressive. AliExpress combines quality products with ultra-competitive prices to stimulate the enthusiasm of the French segment. And to say the least, the merchant is doing a nice trick. Without the support of Amazon, Cdiscount or Fnac, he organized an unprecedented global – and French – event.

Originally, Single Day was invented in 2009 by the Alibaba group to which AliExpress belongs. AliExpress is the international group platform for individuals. So it makes sense that we can now see Single Day on AliExpress in France. This Singles Day historically falls on November 11, or 11.11, which is a symbolic day for singles in Asia.

AliExpress initially wants to celebrate with singles on this date with crazy discounts. Since then, it has become a group-specific event, acting as a fake Black Friday. In addition, the e-commerce platform never participates in Black Friday as in the case of Amazon or Cdiscount. So he bet everything on this operation, which will take place from November 1 to 12.

AliExpress decided to put their cards on the table from the beginning: so you have all the offers put forward from day one. As time goes by, less and less is available due to lack of stock. That being said, AliExpress sometimes has restocks as in the case of the Redmi Note 11 Pro this Thursday. However, we do have bestsellers that disappear after a few hours and never come back.

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Singles Day is a party on AliExpress

AliExpress has given everything for this operation to take place three weeks before Black Friday. If you’re planning to pick up electronics, the platform offers prices you definitely won’t see on Black Friday. The entire Xiaomi galaxy has been affected by many reductions in sometimes new products. In addition to the Redmi Note 11 Pro, there is also the Xiaomi 12, the Mi Pad 5 or even the Poco X4 Pro and M4 Pro that qualify.

This Thursday marks the third day of this fake Black Friday. However, AliExpress is a real e-commerce player shaking up local platforms. Already in the Top 5 of e-commerce in France, it can still rise in the coming years. Above all, the quality of offers for this Single Day still promises some nice surprises. This is an opportunity for all customers to buy cheaper – without sacrificing quality.

Whether it is Black Friday or Single Day, the key to the success of these operations is the quality of the products. And to say the least, AliExpress is able to partner with major brands to make this event a hit. Among the most fashionable smartphones of today, we found the OnePlus 10 Pro and the OnePlus 9 Pro at prices that we would have dreamed of a few months ago.

By choosing to buy on AliExpress, you have all the guarantees of your purchases. Like all e-commerce platforms in France, AliExpress first offers you 14 days to withdraw – after shipping your product. The latter is usually delivered from a warehouse in France, within a few days of ordering and free of charge. The level of service is very similar to an Amazon or Cdiscount.

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