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With March of the Lich KingArthas arrived Hearthstone and represents the death knights. It comes with a few sets of specific cards. Find all the information below.

Death Knights are the newest playable class of Hearthstone. They will join the tavern in the next extension of Hearthstone, March of the Lich King. Death knights call upon blood, frost, and the undead to eliminate their opponents. They also feature unique class mechanics and special rules regarding deck building. Master these traits to make the most of your undead army!

Hero Power: Ghoul Attack

The death knight class has a hero power worth 2 mana crystals, titled Attack of the Ghoul. Assaulter Ghoul summons a 1/1 ghoul with Charge! Use it as you wish, but it will be discarded at the end of your turn. Luckily, Death Knights and Death Knights can use Servants who die in battle…

Class Mechanic: Corpses

Whenever a friendly minion dies, the death knight spawns a dead. This death knight class-specific resource allows you to use and strengthen some of your cards. Each one dead ally servant leaves a corpse. This concerns the minions you play, the minions summoned by other cards, the minions that return to the board thanks to the Reincarnation keyword as well as the Ghouls of your heroic power!

Death Knight Deck Building Mechanic: Runes

You may have noticed the colored symbols near the mana cost of some death knight cards. These symbols are called runes. There are three types, one for each specialization of the death knight: Blood Rune red, Frost Rune blue, and Unholy green. These runes define which death knight cards can be added during deck building.

When you build your deck, you must choose a combination of three runes, which will determine which death knight cards can be added to your deck. You can choose full devotion to one rune (eg three blood runes) or a combination of several types (eg two unholy runes, one frost rune). This rune system allows for the use of more powerful and varied death knight cards, while ensuring that a specific deck cannot be the best in all areas. In contrast, each rune specializes in certain types of cards and effects.

blood run

The blood rune is the one that offers the most anger. Blood cards are aimed at controlling the board, summoning powerful minions and manipulating overall HP.

frost rune

The frost rune has strong damage potential. Frost cards offer a lot of spell synergies, combining direct damage and freezing effects, but also allow you to fill your hand and manipulate mana.

unholy rune

The unholy rune grants absolute control over the undead armies. Unholy cards are great for summoning undead minions or groups of minions. They also allow you to create and use corpses.

In general, the more you engage with a specific rune, the more you will be able to use different aspects of that rune. Some of the best death knight cards require total devotion to a single rune. However, using a secondary rune can be a great way to compensate for the weaknesses of your primary rune. For example, Blood Rune allows some powerful minions to be played, but does not offer many small minions. It’s up to you if you want to play powerful cards that require three blood runes or add an unholy rune to spawn corpses.

Finally, there are also death knight cards without rune restrictions. These cards are mostly versatile and can be used in any type of Death Knight deck.

Deck Building Tips

Arthas Legendary Portrait GIF

During deck building, your rune selection will automatically update as you add cards to your deck. When selecting your cards, you can either “See all runes” or uncheck this option. As you add cards to your deck, the deck builder filters the cards dynamically, automatically hiding cards that don’t match your rune selection.

You can also filter your collection based on a particular rune by searching for “runes:—” where “-” is replaced by “s”, “g”, or “i”. For example, searching for “runes: ss” will match all of your cards that require two blood runes, and searching for “runes:i” will match all of your cards that require an unholy rune.

It is also possible to search by rune, and enter the devotion of this rune in the form of a number. For example, searching for “Unholy: 1” will return all your cards that require an unholy rune. You can also enter multiple numbers. For example, searching for “Frost:1-2” will return all your cards that require a frost rune or two.

Frost is a special case because it is both a rune and a school of magic. To avoid them, you can search for “school:frost” to get all the spell cards from the Frost magic school without looking for all the cards that require one or more frost runes. You can also search for “school:none” to find spells that are not associated with a school of magic.

Use these tips to efficiently navigate your collection and improve your deck building skills! Of course, players who don’t want to use runes or the deck-building system can continue to use deck codes and automatically complete their decks.

A great basic set of 32 cards!

With the rune system, death knights and knights do not have access to all cards at once. To solve this, Knights and Knights have the largest basic set of all classes Hearthstone !

At the launch of March of the Lich King, you can complete an introduction specific to the death knight, which follows Arthas Menethil’s emblematic path towards darkness, during his transformation into the Lich King. Complete this prologue to unlock the 32-card Death Knight Core Set for free!

Road to Arthas Set

At the launch of March of the Lich King, a special set is also available. Arthas’ Path, reserved for the death knight class, will allow death knights and knights to catch up with other classes. Path of Arthas consists of 26 additional cards for the Death Knight* class, designed to be combined with cards from the Foundational Set to form three starter decks that you can use immediately in ranked play.

* 49 cards in total: 3 legendary cards, 3 epic cards (x2), 9 rare cards (x2), and 11 common cards (x2).

The entire Path of Arthas is included in the Pre-Launch Mega Pack of March of the Lich King. Once the expansion is available, Path of Arthas will also be available for purchase in normal (2,000 gold or 1,500 runestones) or gold (real money or 7,000 runestones) versions. The gold version includes gold copies of all Path of Arthas cards Thus just a diamond copy of the Lady Whisper Death diamond legendary card.** Arthas’ Path cards cannot be drawn from decks. It can be obtained by purchasing the Pre-Launch Megapack or as a separate purchase, but can also be made.

** The Lady Deathwhisper Diamond Legendary Card can also be purchased separately.

Exhibition Match for Death Knight Showcase and Twitch Drops!

Join some of your favorite content creators and experience the Death Knight class runes in a special UNTIL DEATH… Knights and Knights exhibition match. This special exhibition match is brought to you by community members Slyssa and Garrett !

The 12 content creators will be divided into three teams of four players, one for each rune: Blood, Frost and Unholy. Each team will include one member who is completely dedicated to their rune, two members who are also associated with another rune, as well as one last free member who can call on any combination of runes. For example, the Frost team consists of the following:

  • Player 1: Frost, Frost, Frost
  • Player 2 Frost, Frost, Blood
  • Player 3 Frost, Frost, Unholy
  • Player 4 Free card

Teams will meet in a Round-Robin format, with team rankings and prizes offered based on the teams’ combined points.

Enjoy the live action November 16 and 17, from 6 pm (Paris time) on the official Youtube and Twitch channels of Hearthstone. Do not miss this scenario of new cards and find out the outcome of the confrontation! Watch the entire hour-long Twitch broadcast during the event to win a set of March of the Lich King. Watch for more time to receive a second package! If you haven’t already, link your and Twitch accounts so you can receive your rewards.

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