Blizzard Announces March of the Lich King, Year of the Hydra Third Expansion – Hearthstone

Blizzard announced today, March of the Lich King, the third expansion of Year of the Hydra. This leads to death knights as a new playable class, but also undead, dual-types, the Mana Thirst keyword, the return of Reincarnation, etc. Find all the information below.

The Lich King is back Hearthstone, along with his undead army and a new class of death knight to lead the attack on the elven city of Silvermoon! The blood elves do not stop, they crave war as much as they crave the magic of the Sunwell from which they draw their power. As the corpses piled up, the ranks of the death knight army swelled, and so began March of the Lich King.

March of the Lich King will be released worldwide on December 6th and will feature 145 new cards! Find the complete presentation schedule at March of the Lich King and all cards that have already been revealed in the card catalog. Return to this page often; the list will be updated to include the latest revealed cards!

New class of Death Knight!

The death knight will permanently join the ranks of Hearthstone and appear with March of the Lich King. Death Knights control the undead with their new Hero Power: Attack of the Ghoul. For 2 Mana Crystals, summon a 1/1 Ghoul with Charge that dies at the end of your turn! This ghoul has another advantage: death knights get a dead whenever a friendly minion dies. They can use these corpses to strengthen their other cards!

The Death Knight class is powerful, versatile, and powered by three runes: Blood, Frost, and Unholy. The death knight’s deliberate devotion to these runes determines which cards he can place in his deck. To find out all the information about the effects of this new class and the special rules for building decks, please see the article on General Death.

New minion types: undead and two types of minions

The Lich King controls the undead Scourge, and this unholy group is the new type of servant of Hearthstone : Undead! on March of the Lich King, undead minions spawn as neutrals and in classes that serve the Lich King. Many cards synergize with Undead, triggering the “if an allied Undead dies after your last turn” bonus effect, ie on your opponent’s last turn or earlier than your current one that turn.

on March of the Lich King, some minions have two types! For undead minions, this can be a second type to represent what they were before becoming undead. These additions will be retroactive, so Undead and secondary types of minions will be added to many old minions as well in this expansion.

Keyword return: Reincarnation

Some undead have Reincarnationa returning keyword that will now be part of the game. If a minion with Reincarnation dies for the first time, it is resurrected with 1 HP: the perfect keyword to represent evil minions as undead, and to explode your corpse counter!

New Keyword: Mana Thirst

The longer the Blood Goves resist the advancing Scourge, the more power they draw from the Sunwell. Cards with Mana Thirst gain power when you reach a certain amount of Mana Crystals. You don’t need to spend that mana to power up the cards, you just need to have access to them.

Sunwell Login Reward Available Now!

Blood Elves aren’t the only ones who can gain power from the Sunwell. Login to Hearthstone and prepare for March of the Lich King with your legendary spell “The Sunwell” on offer!* The Sunwell is the first neutral collectible spell from Hearthstone. Although some struggle to control its power, the wild magic of the Sunwell can grant you anything your heart desires. Add it to your collection and discover what Sunwell has in store for you!

* Limited to one copy per account. After Update 25.6, “The Sunwell” will be granted by opening your first March of the Lich King card deck, not by logging in.

New Signature Cards and Golden Signature Packs

Starting with Update 25.0, maps will have a new ornamental, “signature” quality (eg gold or diamonds), with stylized artwork covering the entire map. on March of the Lich King, the signature cards will all feature an icy sepia style as a nod to the Lich King’s power over Frost and Undead. The art style of the signature cards in each set will match the style of their respective sets, and the frame of the future signature card may also change from time to time. This means that the signature cards of future sets will be different from this one, to evoke different tones and styles.

Signature cards cannot be made or disappointed; it can only be obtained from card packs or through special means. A total of 18 signature cards will accompany the release of the March of the Lich King, including 15 legendary cards. Two of the Legendary cards will be available with the Tavern Ticket, and the three non-Legendary cards will be available for free through an event when the expansion is released. After the release of March of the Lich Kingthe other 13 Signature Legendary Cards can be obtained from Standard Packs, Class Packs, March of the Lich King and the new golden signature packages of March of the Lich King. Golden Signature Decks are the same as the current Golden Decks, but have a chance to include Signature Cards instead of just Golden Cards, and have a better chance of containing a Legendary Card!*

The pre-purchase megapack of March of the Lich King includes 2 random legendary signature cards from March of the Lich King and 5 golden signature packets of March of the Lich King ! Golden Signature Bundles will also replace Golden Bundles in the in-game store for all future expansions, starting with March of the Lich King.

* See full possibilities and information on the publication site.

Pre-purchase March of the Lich King

The megapack of March of the Lich King includes an 80 card deck March of the Lich King5 decks of gold signature cards from March of the Lich King2 random legendary signature cards from March of the Lich Kingthe entire Path of Arthas* card set, and the Lor’themar Hunter Hero Skin and Lor’themar card back.

The package of March of the Lich King includes 60 card decks March of the Lich King2 random legendary cards from March of the Lich King and the Lor’themar card is back!

For the first time, both pre-purchase packs of March of the Lich King also available within a week after the expansion was released! You can get them now to enjoy your new card right away or get them after the expansion releases, whichever suits you best.


* The Path of Arthas is a special set of 49 death knight cards consisting of: 3 legendary cards, 3 epic cards (x2), 9 rare cards (x2) and 11 common cards (x2), combining cards from the foundation set to form a three death knight starter decklist that you can use directly in ranked games! For more on the entire Path of Arthas, see the All About Death Knight article.

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