CD Projekt makes this big announcement, fans are going crazy (15 tweets)

We can say that CD Projekt has just placed its pawns for the future and struck a blow in the video game sphere, because the Polish studio has just made a thunderous announcement about the successful its license. The Witcher.

The Witcher, CD Projekt’s fascinating showcase

completion tea Witcher first name (2007)and tea Witcher 2: murderers of Kings (2011)the output of tea Witcher 3: wild Hunt in 2015 represents a turning point for the license, but also and above all for its Polish studio CD PROJECTS redwho enters another dimension by being 5 years later the second largest video game company in Europe, behind the French publisher Ubisoft. This particularly enabled the studio to buy more studios in 2021such as Molasses By The Flood or Digital scapesrenamed the CD PROJECTS Vancouver. Very important claims which now allows the parent company to accelerate the volume and flow of its products.

It must be said that on April 14, 2022, more than 40 million games tea Witcher 3: wild Hunt sold worldwide, all integrated platforms. This increases the total sales from the deductible for more than 65 million. Realizing that there is a hen with golden eggs in his hands, Adam Kicinskiand its groups are trying to expand the universe of witches Geralt on riverlicense hero.

Some games are announced

It starts with tea Witcher : Monster Killeran augmented reality adventure game, then the update next gen with tea Witcher 3: wild hunting, or further development of Gwent : tea Witcher CARD drama. But now the studio just did a major announcement by announcing no less than 3 upcoming games united in sound license witches fetish.

Therefore, during a conference for its investors, CD PROJECTS red recently announced the development of PROJECTS Sirius. A game made by almost sixty people in Molasses By The Flood. The title is currently in pre-production and contains a multiplayer mode. He should offer “a unique point of view on the universe of The Witcher tells an unforgettable story for fans and new viewers.”

Second, the studio is presented tea Witcher Canis Majorisa Open world RPG which takes place in the universe of witches and will be developed by an external studio made up of veterans of the saga.

Finally, if we know that tea Witcher 4, developed under Not true machine 5, already on the way, this opus will mark the beginning ofa new trilogy. What is called inside PROJECTS Polaris developed by more than 150 developers, and will launch a series of 3 games to be released every 6 years. not in doubt, CD PROJECTS red listen well make the legacy left by Geralt on river his workhorse for many years to come.

On the other hand, the studio talked to Orion, one of the new games planned for CD PROJECTS and from the universe of cyberpunk. Finally, note also the notice in ano separate IP licenses tea Witcher and cyberpunk, named PROJECTS Present. However, it is too early to say more on the subject.

So many things. But beware even then, because the revelations are related to crunch orchestrated on CD PROJECTS on tea Witcher 3 and more specifically to cyberpunk 2077 not to be forgotten, the studio remains in the viewfinder. But the leaders talked about it, and made sure to change their tone, promising a better benefit to its employees. In 2021, for example, management announced the creation of multi-skilled teams, which will be able to bring their skills to different teams.

Follow what a big battle plan looks like, video game experts and Internet users did not fail to respond to networks, as evidenced by these 15 tweets.


I love Cyberpunk 2077 and knowing there is a sequel makes me so happy!
But 5 The Witcher games, there’s another level of happiness, that’s where I drop the rosé and pop the champagne!!!

October 4, 2022


CdProjeck announces the color for the future and there is reason to rejoice.
A trilogy #thewitcher3
A Cyberpunk Sequel Called Orion
SIRIUS AND Canis Majoris are set in The Witcher universe
New project coming soon.

October 4, 2022


Types are released.

So we are told:

– 1 new trilogy based on the Witcher world + 2 spin-offs.
– 1 sequel to Cyberpunk 2077.
– 1 new IP.

That’s 7 games including 5 based on The Witcher.

You want me to die of joy and/or excitement?!

October 4, 2022


CD Projekt just announced several upcoming projects, including a new The Witcher trilogy (!!!!!) + a game from the devs of The Flame in the Flood + another from a 3rd party, a new CyberPunk 2077 game and a new IP codenamed Hadar!

In short: a LOADED schedule \ud83d\ude32

October 4, 2022



THIS IS HOW I WIN! \ud83d\ude4c

October 4, 2022


So CD Projekt Red (not alone) announced the preparation:

– A link to #Cyberpunk2077 (Project Orion)
– DLC up to Cyberpunk 2077
– A new license (Hadar Project)
– New trilogy #TheWitcher
– 2 Spin-offs of The Witcher (Project Sirius and Majoris)

October 4, 2022




October 4, 2022




DO NADA!!! \ud83d\ude31 CD Projekt announces the sequel to Cyberpunk 2077 and has to juggle The Witcher

October 4, 2022

CD Projekt Announces Cyberpunk 2077 Sequel and Two More Witcher Games


¡Anunciada nueva trilogía de videojuegos sa ‘THE WITCHER’!

October 4, 2022

A new trilogy of “THE WITCHER” video games has been announced!


Quietly, CD Projekt Red announced 6 new projects.

\u25aa\ufe0f A new license, code name Hadar
\u25aa\ufe0f A new The Witcher trilogy, to be released in 6 years
\u25aa\ufe0f An Expansion of Cyberpunk 2077
\u25aa\ufe0f A sequel to Cyberpunk 2077 that will “unleash the full potential of the Cyberpunk universe”

October 4, 2022


#TheWitcher is my favorite universe with #HarryPotter… And 5 new games have just been announced by @CDPROJEKTRED ! \ud83d\ude31

• A new AAA RPG trilogy (like TW I to III)
• A separate game from this new saga
• A unique multi game with a single player campaign

hyped? \ud83d\ude0d\ud83c\udf81

October 4, 2022


In addition, we also learn:

– 65 million copies of The Witcher saga have been sold
– 20 million copies for #Cyberpunk2077
– CD PROJKET RED intends to support and develop a total of 3 licenses in the future, including a new license

October 4, 2022


The sequels of The Witcher fun we really expect a game where we play Ciri \u2764\ufe0f

October 4, 2022


Large construction site at @CDPROJEKTRED this is what will happen in the coming years:

– New trilogy of Witcher games
-2 Witcher games developed externally (including -an open world single-player RPG)
-The sequel to Cyberpunk 2077
– Phantom Liberty (extended from CP77=)
-New IP “Hadar”.

October 4, 2022


Polala is this roadmap that sells me dreams when we don’t see each other and have 1 date \ ud83d \ ude05
But finally a new The Witcher trilogy, a somewhat unexpected sequel to Cyberpunk and a new IP …

Stop talking, take my money CD Projekt \ud83d\udcb0

October 4, 2022

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