Great LIVE: Messi hits his special free kick, Paris goes ahead … Follow live

CHAPTER 39 : Messi just woke people up with a comeback worthy of his peak. He will march on Qatar at this rate.

CHAPTER 37 : Les Aiglons play kick and rush, not quite the Lulu Favre style.

35th: And Neymar strikes! Top!

34th : Very good idea to concede a free kick in the same area as the first one from the Nice defense. Well, it’s still quite far. Messi put himself …

33rd : Niçois had absolutely no reaction to the opener, I concluded that they were satisfied with 1-0.

CHAPTER 30 : I can tell you that Park enjoyed the goal. And celebrated as it should be. Messi’s level of play at the start of the season…


28th: ​​Oh Dante who gets a yellow for badly stopping Messi in a ride where only he has the secret. Full axis free kick at 20m, that’s for Leo, right?

26th : Seen from the stadium, Bernat and Vitinha are the same, it’s very disturbing. Please don’t play the same part, gentlemen.

24th : Not too bad Ekitike for the moment, even if he is still shy. His use of the ball is clean and he is willing to press.

CHAPTER 21 : On the other hand, the people of Nice are not forbidden to take advantage of the laziness of Paris to do something, eh. Can someone tell them that they have the right to be ambitious?

CHAPTER 18 : Very little movement on the part of Paris, we are in a typical pre-Champions League game. Some things never change.

CHAPTER 15 : Lionel Messi has remnants of youth in his legs and wanders between Nice circles. His move for Hakimi, on the other hand, didn’t.

CHAPTER 14 : We are angry, limit the League of Nations better. Nah, I’m kidding.

12TH : Exciting free kick for PSG, shot by Messi. Not strong enough, not framed at all. Next.

CHAPTER 10 : Ugh the sight of Messi to launch Hakimi in depth… Eyes behind. Fortunately for Nice, the Moroccan troubled his centre.

CHAPTER 9 : Vitinha’s first missed pass since his arrival at PSG (yes I’m exaggerating), little activity at the Parc des Princes, so.

CHAPTER 7 : I think Messi’s pedometer has been stuck at 15 steps since the start of the game. Bad surgery for her Weward kitty that.

5TH : Donnarumma’s intervention put a tense center in his face. The Italian was good during the break, let’s see if he delivers tonight.

3RD : The ultras have a message to deliver

2ND : Nice didn’t touch the ball until Atal pressed a little bridge on his first touch. Insulting.


8:55 pm: The two teams appear on the lawn of the Park, the Cup gives the sound. We are just waiting for the kick-off.

8:45 in the evening : Neymar received the UNFP trophy for the best player of the month. The chance to remember how good he is when he doesn’t talk about politics.

8:40 pm: And that’s at OGC Nice. That way everyone is happy.

8:40 pm: The composition of PSG

8:40 pm: Come on, we’re in the Park area! With a little coffee, because you write until 3 in the morning while you sleep or drink.

10 am: Yo footix! It’s the return of real football, real competition, and more. Thanks to all the wooden Nations League, but we are very happy to return to our good old Ligue 1 this weekend. We will meet again tonight for a good paper poster between Paris Saint-Germain and OGC Nice, even if Lucien Favre’s Gym is only a shadow of what we expect from him. Let’s see if the truce is good for the Eagles, although we have some doubts about it: during the truce, Nice would have tried to convince Pochettino to sign, which says a lot about Favre’s status at the club . For PSG, it’s quieter, but not too much either. Paris were leading the championship before the weekend but fell back to 2nd after OM’s success on Friday night. Victory was recommended for Christophe Galtier’s men before moving to Lisbon in the Champions League. >> See you at 8:45 pm for the start of the live

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