a collective ransacking the Saint-Cloud golf course in the name of ecology and class struggle

Golf de Saint-Cloud, located in the towns of Garches, Rueil-Malmaison and Vaucresson in the Hauts-de-Seine. Jean-Christophe Marmara / Le Figaro

Activists grouped within the collective “Sangliers syndicalisé.es” turned to the ground and tagged the lawns of the Parisian golf course.

The lawn was pulled out, tagged and put back… In the night from Thursday to Friday, the Saint-Cloud golf course (Hauts-de-Seine) was vandalized. In the middle of the damage, a flag was voluntarily placed on the ground: “Another shot at the union pigs“. Seven of the 18 vegetables were destroyed by this newly formed collective that reflected political and ecological needs.

We admit this sabotage in the name of struggle for ecology and in support of the union movement on September 29“, said the collective in a press release sent to TF1-LCI . When the battlefield was discovered, the golf management contacted the police, who went to make the usual observations, and filed a complaint, according to information from Parisian . The restoration of vegetableswill cost several thousand euros and last several weeks“, explained the director of the area.

“Communitarianism of the Bourgeois class”

Bourgeois = parasites», «rich = thief», «separatism youtagged with black spray paint on the lawn, which was still green the day before. The anarchist symbol (a circular “A”) was also carved into the ground, according to photos viewed by Le Figaro. A revolutionary rhetoric aimed directly at the wealthy classes. “We point to this private golf course, one of the most select in Paris, because it is a shining example of the communitarianism of the bourgeois class that is quietly enjoying itself while destroying our environment and our social achievements. .“, defends the collective. The “Pigs in the union»also attacked the pension reform, which according to them«has no economic meaning“.

These claims, Antoine * who is a regular golf member, did not understand it. “The atmosphere is like family, it is not the kind of place where the new rich cloister itself. On the contrary, it often hosts open competitions“, this thirty year old was angry. Facing the flags where golf is written “it’s not a real sport“, Antoine replied that it was about “one of the most popular sports in the world“. In 2021, the French Golf Federation (FFgolf) recorded a historic record in the number of its licensees, i.e. more than 400,000 members.

Permanent damage

Regarding the ecological footprint criticized by the collective, Antoine assures that golf has stopped “the use of pesticides“and that water”only for watering the grass“. The information confirmed by the Saint-Cloud golf course, which specifies that the water used comes from “on the Seine” and not “drinking water networks“. While the summer of 2022 was one of the driest on record, the state called on the French and communities to restrict their water consumption. However, the golf courses benefited from an exemption and were able to continue of water in their vegetables.However, many structures are taking precautions to reduce their consumption.

Antoine denounces acts of unjustified violence as “destroyed the work of 70 gardeners in two seconds“. “As a golfer, I know the work involved in maintaining the greens. It will take at least three years to restore it“. Golf course management did not want to comment further on these injuries.

collective”Pigs in the union“A similar act of vandalism has already taken place at the golf course of Château d’Humières, in Oise, at the beginning of September. In his press release, he announced the following actions:The pigs decided to attack the entertainments of the rich so that they could not rest. Bourgeois, your peace is over: we will not let you go. Until we have justice, you will not have peace.»

*The name has been changed.

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