what happens to employees and stores

Nothing seems to have changed, in Camaïeu in La Roche-sur-Yon, in the Vendée. Hangers and clothes in hand, the employees collected the customers, who came to enjoy the afternoon at the Flâneries shopping center. About thirty people wandered the hallways, music in the background. Only the words exchanged by the employees suggest that many of them are aware of the liquidation decided yesterday, Wednesday September 28, 2022, by the Commercial Court of Lille. When the employees do not risk any comments, Catherine, an occasional customer, does not hide her anger: “We are talking about 2,600 jobs, this is a scandal. »

The sexagenarian arrived one last time before closing to support the employees. “Unity is important. A woman who works for the brand also came back to support them, I think that’s great. » Camaïeu bag on his arm, another client shared his feelings: “Getting fired like this is not the way to go. » Retired, he himself worked on textiles, mainly for the brand.

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Removals are notified within twenty days

Across France, employees of the brand, born in Roubaix in 1984, were shocked. More than 500 brand stores will close their doors on Saturday at the end of the day. The commercial court thus granted three days of activity to allow the brand to sell part of its stocks. A sudden but logical stop because it aims to stop the bleeding of money losses as soon as possible.

Dismissals will be announced within 21 days of the judgment. “2,600 employees are worried but you have families around, recalled Thierry Siwik, representative of the CGT union in Camaïeu. And let’s not forget that there are also service providers who are at risk today. We can add 1,000 people to the back! »

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“much anger”

The union representative pointed out that there is “a lot of anger towards the shareholder”Michel Ohayon, the head trader of Financière immobilière bordelaise (FIB), who succeeded Camaïeu in 2020.

Faced “continuation plan without financing plan” of this, “We understand that the commercial court ordered a judicial liquidation”, he said. But he regretted not giving the extension. “We are making a project with the general manager to relaunch the brand while going to another market. We want 15 days because we have investors and suppliers who are ready to invest in Camaïeu. What is disgusting is that we were not given this opportunity , when we have concrete and new. »

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The unionist now hopes to recover the assets. “We will challenge the State and the Region because if you recover the brand, the site and a certain number of stores, you can relaunch Camaïeu through a new company. »

But in any case it is impossible to restart the 500 points of sale and the unions are waiting for funds to be mobilized to support the 2,600 employees made redundant. A general meeting is scheduled for next Tuesday at the headquarters in Roubaix. Legal proceedings against the former shareholder and its manager, especially for mismanagement, must be brought by the employee’s lawyer.

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