we know (finally) the complete characteristics of the A770 and the price of the A750

Getting more information on Intel Arc graphics cards is worth it. After months of waiting, and with their full launch fast approaching, Intel has finally revealed the full specs of the Arc A770 and A750, along with a price for the Arc A750.

The Intel Arc A770 and A750 chips have a little less secret for us // Source: Intel

Expected on October 12, the imminent launch of the Arc A770 and A750 prompted Intel to fully reveal the technical characteristics of the new graphics cards, but also (slightly) more accurate indicators of performance that they can develop. The price of the A750 is also set, with a position of 289 dollars planned across the Atlantic.

This announcement comes a few days after Intel specified the price of its Arc A770, announced from 329 dollars. The company has however determined today that its A770 is actually available in two different versions: the basic model, announced for 329 dollars and equipped with 8 GB of GDDR6, and a “Limited Edition” with 16 GB of GDDR6 and slightly increased memory bandwidth. , for $349.

Fuzzy RTX 3060 comparison… and an overlooked RTX 3060 Ti

However, the Intel Arc A770 and A750 both want to compete with the RTX 3060… a card that is no longer fresh. As ArsTechnica correctly points out, its launch is now 18 months away. So Intel’s chips can easily be left behind in terms of pure performance, since Nvidia should launch an RTX 4060 at the beginning of 2023. The technical characteristics of the two new Intel GPUs are however tin- well as listed in the tables below. – below.

Source: Intel via ArsTechnica

In the meantime, to deal with Nvidia’s new mid-range chip cards, Intel implements a “performance per dollar” measure that is not always convincing. Above all, it seems to allow the brand to avoid a straightforward comparison, with the support of percentages, or directly in a confrontation with frame rate shows its cards against a still alive RTX 3060. In its comparison table between the Arc A750 8 GB and an RTX 3060 12 GB EVGA, the Intel chip thus appears in a somewhat flattering light .

Continuing with this rather vague performance/price ratio rhetoric, Intel assures that its “basic” Arc A770 will make it possible to get 42% more performance per dollar, on average, than the RTX 3060 sold for 418 dollars (in average there too) . The same dynamic according to Intel for the Arc A750, which will provide 53% more performance per dollar than the same RTX 3060.


Source: Intel via ArsTechnica

As reported by ArsTechnica, it seems that Intel has broken this “performance per dollar” system when it comes to comparing its cards with the RTX 3060 Ti – whose prices are much cheaper. As it stands, the company therefore prefers to act without the RTX 3060 Ti. ” The prices for the 3060 Ti are crazy, so we don’t want to include it in our analysis. “, thus specified Tom Petersen, an executive of Intel’s graphics division who was interviewed by the press.

Clearly, and generally, only independent tests can make it possible to determine what the value of the Arc A770 and A750 is compared to their competitors. Intel, on the other hand, half-heartedly admits that its cards are less comfortable with DirectX 11 than Nvidia cards, which should penalize them for older titles that are still based on this version of Microsoft’s API. .

Intel leaves it up to its partners to make their own announcements

Last point, just as important: the question of the availability of Arc A770 and A750. In this respect too, Intel is also a little evasive. The company acknowledges that the volumes of the Arc A770 Limited Edition (equipped with 16 GB of VRAM) will be low… and that the availability of this model will likely be limited. “We don’t know if we have a supply problem or a demand problem. I hope we have a request problemTom Petersen continues about the “classic” Arc A770 and A750 models.

Intel has indicated that it plans to make its GPUs in-house in the future (they are currently in production at TSMC), which will help reduce the risk of shortages during high demand. The company remains smart on the other side of AIB (EVGA, MSI, Zotac, Sapphire, Asus, Gigabyte, Gainward…). So it is not known which partners Intel will rely on for the launch of the models.customon its cards in October. In this regard, Intel is content for now to indicate that AIB manufacturers will make their announcements themselves, later.

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