The confessions of the French referees chosen for the World Cup!

Qatar. The 11,586 km wide country has been on everyone’s lips in recent weeks. And for good reason. Located on a small peninsula jutting into the Persian Gulf, this Middle Eastern emirate will host the 2022 World Cup from November 20 to December 18. A World Cup as expected by fans of the round ball as discussed in many parts of the citizens of Earth. Beyond human, climate and social considerations, this huge football mass will also give the right to six French referees to officiate on Qatari lands. With the two main referees, Stéphanie Frappart and Clément Turpin – which has not happened since the duo Joël Quiniou and Michel Vautrot in Italy in 1990 – tricolor arbitration thus found colors, at least on the international scene. To the delight of both interested parties, they were joined by assistants Cyril Gringore and Nicolas Danos as well as VARs Benoît Millot and Jérôme Brisard.

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Recognition of French arbitration

Gathered during a press briefing this Thursday at the National Football Center in Clairefontaine, these six officials first revealed their emotions. Starting with Stéphanie Frappart, one of the six female central referees promoted to the 2022 World Cup: “I learned it like others, when the list is sent to the FIFA federations, it should be very touched because it is not necessarily planned. As for the players, coaches or teams, the World Cup is really top of football and of all sports. This is the biggest competition that is inevitably very touching and very honored to participate (…) I started refereeing in 1996 and at the beginning it remained a passion without having to go to the levels. When I made my first matches in Ligue 1, I did not have international competition in my sights. This is something that supports a career as a referee from the beginning.. A pride that is also present in the speech of Clément Turpin, already in Russia during the coronation of the Blues (two refereed matches) and who also distinguished himself by leading the last Champions League final at the Stade de France between of Real Madrid and Liverpool.

“This is a real pride for tricolor refereeing and the result of 15 years of work and investment. This is a great message for the 22,982 referees in France and the 980 in my League (Bourgogne-Franche-Comté, note to editor) where I work every day to show that the referee is cool.especially noticed the 40-year-old referee before returning to the controversies that are currently troubling the French championship. “This is my 14th season in Ligue 1, I have seen greens and unripe ones. There are always highs and lows. I have a lot of height compared to that even though I know it is very messy at the moment. I put things in vision and I focus on my next challenges”. “For us, it is the promotion of French arbitration, we have seen it for several years now, whether it is Clément Turpin, Benoît Bastien, François Letexier, we are on the European scene, that means training in French and French style . The referee is recognized by UEFA and now by FIFA. This is the recognition of the work that France has done abroad and it is really rewarding for refereeing but also for French football in general.defeated Stéphanie Frappart.

A common determination despite the different stories

Relaunched with the presence of six women during this competition, the 38-year-old French referee will officiate alongside the Rwandan Salima Mukansanga and the Japanese Yoshimi Yamashita – as well as three other women designated as assistant – also kept in mind that all this is part of a logical evolution, based – above all and only – on skills: “The women’s referee has entered the panorama of men’s football and now it is no longer a question of gender, but of skills (…) This is also a strong sign from FIFA and the authorities that there are female referees in that country. I’m not a feminist spokesperson, but if that makes things happen…”declared a native of Plessis-Bouchard in the Val d’Oise, who acknowledged the passing “positive pressure” approaching this event. Also present at this meeting planned in the Jules-Rimet space of the INF Clairefontaine, the two usual assistants of Clément Turpin: Cyril Gringore and Nicolas Danos also expressed their impatience.

Voted the best assistant referee in Ligue 1 last season and was on the Stade de France lawn in May during the Champions League final, Cyril Gringore (50), who will retire at the end of the year, hopes first of all “enjoy it”emphasizing especially the importance of “group life outside matches” to maintain “a good understanding and avoidance of possible conflicts” throughout the competition. “We called Nicolas (Danos) right away, it was a highlight, it was the culmination, it was an amazing thing, I never imagined that I would find myself in a World Cup. You get this call. Realize we of 6 referees, the largest contingent of referees called, that the French arbitration is very good.. “I hope he really likes it, you can write it, I hope he really likes it!” (laughter)”trusts his part, in a relaxed tone, Clément Turpin, with Cyril Gringore since 2016. The emotions are the same as in the speech of Nicolas Danos. “I always question myself after a match but when you do a competition like this you are even more pumped up. It was a magical moment.”.

“A successful World Cup is first and foremost a successful first match!”

Called by VAR during this deadline, Benoît Millot and Jérôme Brisard, asked above about the semi-automatic offside that will be tested for the occasion, did not fail to remember the usefulness of this technological development. A tool that is more “wet” for the viewer, allows, moreover, “faster decision making”. A period of latency that has been criticized especially for VAR in recent months. Happy with the idea of ​​participating in Qatar next November – all referees will meet on November 9 for an internship in Doha that will allow everyone to prepare as much as possible and adapt to local conditions – both officers, they too, expressed their respective emotions. gLAD “this personal and collective recognition”Jérôme Brisard also wanted to send a strong message to one of his counterparts: “Clément (Turpin) was our engine and he took us all in his wake”. For his part, Benoît Millot also confessed a pride to find himself in the middle of this refereeing body. Acknowledging a professionalization of the function, the 40-year-old man, despite everything, insists on remembering that the hardest part remains to be done.

“It gives a positive light to the French arbitration. about which a lot is said No gifts, sesames given by FIFA, you have to work hard, you have to be efficient in the hope that in the nails and to recognize. We hope that the French arbitration is the most worthy to represent. We will all try to make our French colors shine. There is a personal, collective but also federal joy, it also emphasizes the all the people who have been with us for many years. Everything may not be perfect but we work, we try to be as efficient as possible and this work pays off (…) We have great joy, joy, joy , it is a privilege to be selected for this competition but be careful everything remains to be done, everything is always dangerous in the world of arbitration”. It is now up to the 36 central referees, 69 assistants and 24 officials in charge of VAR to recite their score with as few wrong notes as possible. “A successful World Cup is first and above all a successful first match. After that, we will allow ourselves to be carried away…”remembers, thus, Clément Turpin.

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