LIVE – OM: Kolasinac is injured in training this Thursday

OM: Kolasinac is injured in training

According to our information, Bosnian defender Sead Kolasinac was injured in training on Thursday night. The nature of his injury is not yet known exactly.

The former Arsenal player, however, has a good chance to start the match at Angers on Friday (9 pm, day 9 of Ligue 1). This could change Igor Tudor’s plans relying on Kolasinac, especially with Nuno Tavares suspended tomorrow.

The group for Angers-OM is complete, apart from the suspension of the Portuguese and there is some uncertainty about the recovery of Eric Bailly, who seems to be in good condition this Thursday night at the Commanderie but from a leg injury.

Florent Germain, Marseilles

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This is the end of this press conference

Igor Tudor seemed to enjoy a job done during the break. He has already announced that Gerson will start on Friday night in Angers. Otherwise, there is not much to reveal other than a good defense by the French referees, which is rare from a Ligue 1 coach to underline.

About Amine Harit

“It is true that he arrived late, but he is a strong player, who plays the roles where the matches are decided. He is a hard worker, I am very happy that he is here.”

In the game behind closed doors against Sporting

It’s embarrassing and annoying for sure, we’ll give it our all but before the Champions League we have a game tomorrow.

Tudor defended the French referees

“I am really sorry that I will not be here tomorrow (He is suspended). When I arrived here, I was told a lot about the referees and not always in a positive way, so I was very surprised “, I expected a lower level . Overall I found a good referee and not only for my team but for the whole league.”

“Alexis has had a very good start to the season”

“I think he will improve from a tactical and technical point of view.”

About Gerson

“He will start tomorrow. He is an important player for us, and I will always expect more from him. He will have the opportunity to be decisive, starting tomorrow.”

On consecutive matches and the crazy calendar: “Football is more of a business”

“No, I’m not angry, it’s not my job to do this. Every coach in the world has the same opinion of me. I can’t change that myself. it has to be accepted when you’re part of it.”

In the game against Angers and the absence of Nuno Tavares

“Yes, Nuno is not there but someone will replace him”.

Igor Tudor’s turn

And we check the work during the international break. “It was as usual during a stoppage. We were ten and the boys worked hard.”

Harit describes working with Tudor

“The device has changed a little, we play more in the body of the game, with pistons. We begin to understand when we need to get, when we need to wait. These are automatisms that will be made gradually but not I’ll give you the tactic!”

“Set the rhythm”

Amien Harit pointed out the dangers of moving to Angers, in a poorly classified manner.

What are the changes in Tudor compared to Sampaoli

Coach Tudor has a more direct style of play. He asked me to attack, attack but more defensive tasks for the block. We adapt. It’s different but not too much.

Harit, “the new Payet”?

“I was touched by his words last year. He is a very important person in the dressing room. Yes, I feel that I am ready to replace him but he is not gone yet! He is very professional. I am learning from him and if I have a chance in the next years to replace him in OM I will be very happy but he has not left yet!”

Amine Harit arrived and he gave news

“I was very lucky to participate in two international matches and it was very good. I don’t think I’m 100% yet but compared to my feelings on the pitch, I feel very good.

Start of the press conference at 4:15 pm.

A few minutes late.

Why did McCourt resign from the supervisory board of OM, Eyraud on the way out

The information was not available as of Thursday morning. As seen by consulting the legal information of Olympique de Marseille, Frank McCourt has resigned from his position as chairman and member of the supervisory board of the Marseille club. This decision is explained by an internal reorganization that has no consequences on the commitment and the status of the shareholder of the American leader.

Moreover, according to many sources in agreement, it is likely that Jacques-Henri Eyraud left the supervisory board of OM.

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