Google Cessation Fees: Stadia Shuts Down January 18, 2023 – News

In a long message posted on the official blog, Phil Harrison, vice president and general manager of Stadia, explained that the solution to streaming no traction expected, despite a strong technology base. “That’s why we’ve made the difficult decision to begin phasing out our Stadia streaming service.“, lamented the person concerned, while determining that the employees of the sector will be transferred to other services.

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Also according to Harrison, Google plans to apply the technological expertise acquired in Stadia to other parts of Google, at least those that have not yet been nipped in the bud. It’s a trend that plans to use the technological expertise gained in Stadia in other parts of Google, at least those that haven’t been nipped in the bud yet. It’s a trend that plans to use the technological expertise acquired by Stadia in other parts of Google, at least the those who have not yet nipped in the bud, including YouTube and Google Play, including augmented reality services. The G of GAFA also did not rule out the placement of the service “available to our industry partners, which aligns with what we envision for the future of gaming“. A future of the cloud that has recently been combined more than a view of bundled offers, as we have recently seen in the presence of games in clouds on the Xbox side and its Game Pass. Perhaps it is no coincidence that Stadia is one of the few gaming services clouds not mentioned on Logitech’s side, when announcing the new game console 100% cloud game last week.

Beyond the individual purchase of games for non-subscribers, like most dematerialized services, Google intends to take inspiration from PlayStation Plus and other Game Passes to promote Stadia Pro subscription, thus provides access to dozens of low-cost games at a flat rate. basis. But these efforts are in vain, because the Stadia catalog does not compete with other platforms. Due to the lack of sufficiently strong and attractive content, Google was even forced to monetize the presence of “loss leaders” with publishers such as Ubisoft and Take-Two Interactive, who should have understood “ten million dollars” instead of simple Stadia ports of games like Red Dead Redemption II.

So this is the end of a journey full of pitfalls for a technology that is considered effective, but unfortunately served by a commercial policy and an economic model that is difficult to understand. Between the difference in different subscriptions and the absence of different games, Stadia has never been able to impose itself, not to mention the number of features included in the latter part of the offer. If the number of subscribers has not been officially announced, it is clearly not enough to recover the investments made. So much so that Google quickly put the brakes on its internal development ambitions.

In February 2021, Google formalized the closure of all Stadia Games & Entertainment development studios, including the one led by Jade Raymond, departments that were supposed to provide the platform. cloud game of exclusives to make its alternative more attractive. At that time, the developers confirmed internally that Google did not have the corporate culture necessary to do this work, and that the management did not count video games among its priorities, to the point of freezing the processes. . Google, however, plans to hire more than 2,000 people over five years to develop games within its own studios.

A few months later, the departure of John Justice, the product director of Stadia, which spread more doubt in people’s minds. Finally, despite a seduction operation launched during the summer of 2021 to make the financial service more attractive for studios and publishers who want to offer their titles there, with better distribution of revenue obtained from the sale of games, we know early in 2022 that Stadia is clearly no longer a priority for Google. Which now aims to make the initial investments profitable by marketing, to other professionals and as a white label, the systems that power the consumer version of Stadia.

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