Without its left corridor, the group of representatives melts in front of the stars

While the meetings of the French team at the National Assembly are often disputed in relative anonymity, the meeting against them this Wednesday with a selection of former players, singers and comedians caught the eye. The left parties decided to boycott the event due to the presence of four members of the RN, politics was invited in the green rectangle. And when the desire to put football before his convictions is on everyone’s lips, it is difficult to keep it.


This Wednesday around 6 pm, the Émile-Antoine stadium, located at the foot of the Eiffel Tower, is crowded. If the matches of the French National Assembly team often go unnoticed and traditionally remain the right of some political observers, this confrontation against the Positive selection of Football, coached by Omar da Fonseca and composed mainly of Sonny Anderson or Matt Pokora, moved people. .

“I have never seen so much media for the branquignoles game. » A deputy

There is no politics in the locker room, but in the warm-up

Full of cameras, smartphones or even microphones, a good forty journalists took over the field when the players warmed up. And as MP points out, not watching good football: “I have never seen so much media for the branquignoles game. » In 48 hours, the charitable aspect of this match for the benefit of the association e-Enfance, which helps young victims of digital violence, was largely overwhelmed by a media storm caused by boycott of left parties. La France insoumise and the Socialist Party each explained their withdrawal to the unprecedented presence of representatives from the National Rally within the team. It was enough to jumpstart some deputies who didn’t hesitate to skip the pre-match warm-up this Wednesday night to swallow the sick microphones. A proof that, even wearing crampons, in a blue dress with a rooster with two stars, a deputy remains a politician.

For about 20 minutes before the meeting began, many of them presented themselves to the press and gave well-rehearsed boycott speeches to their left colleagues in the Assembly. “It’s a media stunt as usual. NUPES has litigious behavior, sure to hide content problemsadvances to RN deputy in Pas-de-Calais Emmanuel Blairy. We don’t talk about politics in the locker room. » “There is no collusion with any political camp todayabundant in his captain of the day and close to President Macron, Karl Olive. We leave convictions in the locker room. » They even passed the word to Matt Pokora, who attacked the singer from the “stars” camp: “I ignore that. When I play football, I don’t care who’s in front, I’m in the association. » A “good cause” according to Karl Olive, where the actors of this meeting raised 35,000 euros.

You say collective?

Fortunately, Omar da Fonseca, coach of the Positive Football selection, was there to lighten the atmosphere a little in this pre-match with his lyrical flights. At this time, Franck Signorino, Vitorino Hilton or Sonny Anderson warmed up by making a “Brazilian”, while on the side of the deputies coached by Luis Fernandes, it was like nothing. Finally, especially not in a close and coordinated group: the group connects cold strikes between the likeness of the chased steps and heels-buttocks. “What position do you play? » launched a journalist to a deputy. “I don’t know… Striker, I think! » , he replied, more cautious in front of the camera than listening to his coach’s instructions. And if the start of the meeting is postponed, the elected officials will quickly lose one of their four RN representatives in the person of Julien Odoul, right side of the night, victim of the destruction of the patellar ligament, according to his coach and his captain. . And when he left the field on a kind of stretcher, comedian Redouane Bougheraba asked what side of politics his teammate was on. Maybe we haven’t explained everything to him yet.

“Matt Pokora and Patrick Bruel are struggling to become the top scorer of the Variété Club de France. » Karl Olive

However, the Assembly team discovered that Matt Pokora is just as good on his feet as his vocal cords, if not more so. His quadruple before half-time, however, did not surprise Karl Olive: “With Patrick Bruel, they struggled to become the top scorer of the Variété Club de France. » The Positive Football team, which also includes Wilfrid Mbappé, Smaïl Bouabdellah, Mathieu Bodmer and Jessica Houara-d’Hommeaux launched, beating their opponents 9-2 on the night. In the end, Christian Karembeu and Redouane Bougheraba, scorers from the political camp (no label and therefore no mandate), best represented their team: the first excelled in recovery, and the second acted as an opportunist in change teams. second stage. “You are a traitor” kindly launched a deputy. “No, no, we call that a politician” , shared the comedian. As it is, jerseys and crampons aren’t fooling anyone.

By Alexandre Le Bris, of Paris
Interview by ALB.

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